Proceedings and Transactions of the Scientific Association, Meriden, Conn: 1885-1886, Band 2

Meriden Scientific Association, 1887

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Seite 19 - Cambrian and the oldest Silurian strata rest — whether they be significative of ocean abysses never reached by the remains of coeval living beings, or whether they truly indicate the period antecedent to the beginning of life on this planet, are questions of the deepest significance, and demanding much further observation before they can be authoritatively answered
Seite 20 - ... Indeed I have not unfrequently met with one fish lying across another^ without the intervention of a layer of shale, and from these specimens, I can easily conceive how the mistake should have been made, that among the Monte Bolca ichthyolites, one fish was found in the act of swallowing the other. " A thin layer of carbonaceous matter usually marks out the spot where the fish lay, except the head, whose outlines are rendered visible only by irregular ridges and furrows. In some cases, however,...
Seite 19 - He sees before him an enormous pile or series of early subaqeous sediment originally composed of mud, sand, or pebbles, the successive bottoms of a former sea, all of which have been derived from preexisting rocks ; and in these lower beds, even where they are little altered, he can detect no remains of former creatures. But lying upon them, and therefore evolved after, other...
Seite 21 - ... history of fossil fishes becomes of great importance. Descr. Agassiz divides fishes into four orders ; deriving their characters from the scales : 1. The Placoidians, or those whose skin is covered irregularly with plates of enamel (from reXol, a broad plate.) 2.
Seite 20 - ... remains of fish have been found on bituminous shale, and on bituminous marlite, in Middleton, Con., at Sunderland, Mass., and also in West Springfield and Deerfield. Sunderland, however, is the only spot where they can now be procured. The shale there forms the bank of the river several feet high : but the Ichthyolites are most abundant in the lower part of the bed, which corresponds nearly with low- water mark. I have dug out hundreds of specimens at this spot, though perfect ones are very rarely...
Seite 19 - ... grade, we may still expect to trace back the memorials of the great class of fishes to strata of higher antiquity. But when we consider how rich a molluscous fauna — to say nothing of the crustaceans, sea-urchins, stonelilies, and corals — has been met with in Silurian rocks in almost all parts of the world, it seems impossible to account for our not having yet found any accompanying bones of fish, except by supposing that they were not yet in being, or that they only occupied a limited area.
Seite 10 - COFFIN (JHC). — Reports of observations of the total eclipse of the sun, August 7, 1869, made by parties under the general direction of Prof.
Seite 16 - ... Its action to the Council at the earliest possible date. The president appointed on this committee Arthur E. Bostwick, with power to complete the committee. Miss Marvin spoke of plans for library buildings, expressing a hearty desire for cooperation between the new Carnegie Corporation and the ALA Voted, that a committee be appointed by the president to consider the question of library architecture and of co-operation between the ALA and the Carnegie Corporation, and to report to the Coun cil...
Seite 19 - There is an enormous series of subaqueous sediment, originally composed of mud, sand, or pebbles, the successive bottoms of a former sea, derived from pre-existing rocks, which has not undergone any change from heat, and in which no trace of organic life has yet been detected. These nonfossiliferous, non-crystalline, sedimentary beds form, in all countries where they have yet been examined, the base-rocks on which the Cambrian or oldest Silurian strata rest.

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