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the sake of my crucified and exalted Redeemer, to grant, “ That however weak and contemptible this “work may seem in the eyes of the children of the “ world, and however imperfect it really may be, as “ well as the author of it unworthy; it may, never“theless, live before thee, and, through a divine

power, be mighty” to lessen the miseries and to increase the holiness and bliss of multitudes, “in “distant places, and in generations yet to come!

Impute it not, O God, as a culpable ambition, if I “ desire, that, whatever becomes of my name, this “Work may be propagated far abroad ; that it may “reach to those who are yet unborn, and teach them ** thy name and thy praise, when the author has long “ dwelt in the duist; that so, when he shall appear before thee in the great day of final accounts, his "joy may be increased, and his crown brightened,

by numbers before unknown to each other and to “ him! But if this petition be too great to be “granted to one who pretends no claim to hope for being favoured with the least, give him to be, in "thine almighty hand, the blessed instrument of

converting and saving one soul ; and if it be but one, "and that the meanest and weakest of all the buman “race, though it should be amidst a thousand dis

appointments with respect to others, yet it shall be “the subject of immortal songs of praise to thee, O *blessed God, for and by every soul whom, through“the blood of Jesus, and the grace of thy Spirit,

thou hast saved ; and everlasting honours shall be "ascribed to the Father, to the Son, and to the

Holy Spirit, by the innumerable company of angels, « and by the general assembly, and the church of " the first-born in heaven, Amen.'

JOHN RIPPON. No. 17, New Kent Roud,

August 18:28.



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Hymn and Page.

Hymn and Page. ABRA'M, with all the ... 2d p. 185 Ashes to ashes! Dust lo. 4th p. 551 A century, now, las rell’d, 2d.p. 535 Assist, us, Lord! thy name to. 326 A certain man, when... 2d p. 366

Astonish'd and distress'd... Adam, our father and our head 38

At anchor laid, remote .. A debtor to mercy alone

...223 Attend my ear, my heart rejoice 573 Afdicted saint, to Christ draw. 123 | Attend, ye A fulness resides


the sacred A God! a God! the wide, 3d p. 129 Awake, awake, thou

Pos A good laigh priest is comes, 190 Awake, my soul, in joyful lays. Ah; I shall soon be dying, 24 p. 550 | Awake, my soul, stretch every Ah, wretched sculs, who strive. 334 wake our drowsy

souls...... Aid me, O Christ, lliy ... 3d p. 135 Awake,

our souls, and bless his 165 Alas, what hourly dangers rise. 320 | Awake, sweet gratitude, and Al glory, blest Father, to thee. 798

A wake, ye saints, and raise your 586 AN glory to God, the Father and 777 | Away, my unbelieving fear All hajl, incarnate God........ 430 || A while remaind the All hail the power of Jesus' All worship and renown .. 3d p. 135 BACKSLIDERS, who your .. 176 All yesterday is goue ....4ih p. 116 Almighty Father, gracious Lird 37

Before we part, divinely laud. 167

Before thy throne eternal King 424 Almighty Maker God Alinighty Maker of my frame., 543 | Begone; nubelief ::

Begone, my worldly cares, btbp. 345 Am I a soldier of the cross ..i. 228 Amid the splendors of thy, 2d p.

Bebold, long-wish'd for spring is 500 And am I blest with Jesus', 2d p. 587

12 || Behold, th' expected time, 1st p. 419 And art thou with us, gracious 124

Behold the leprous Jew ... is 102 And be it so, that till this hour 230

Behold the sin-aloning Lamb .. 179

Behold the sons, the heirs of God 229 And can my heart aspire so high 278 Beset with snares on.... Ist p. 297 And did the holy and the just.. 485 And have I, Christ, no love to . 252

Beyond the glittering.... 20 p. 146

Bless'd be the tie that binds.254 And is the gospel peace and love 166 Aloud we sing the wondrous ..

Bless'd Comforter, balm..3d p. 212 And must I part with all I have 281

Blessid Jesus, source of grace. 208 And will th: eternal King, Ist p. 298

Bless'd is the man whose heart. 523 And will the Judge descend ... 572

Bless'd men, who stretch
Bless'a father and Son,

inschr. 292

.776 And will th' offended God, 1st p. 299 And will ye go away.... 28 p. 439

Bless'd Uniou iu Eden ... 2d p. 440

Blessed are the Sons of God... 94 Angels and Saints, your anthems 768 Angels roll the rock away

Blessed Redeemer, bow divine, 242

142 Another week for ever .. 4th p. 345 | Brethren, let us freely....2 p. 434

Blow ye the trumpet, blow.... 67 Another six-day's work is done 348 Arise, my tenderest thoughts..

Britons, now your harvest, 3d p. 505 Ascend thy throne, almighty .. 379 As on the cross the Saviour hung 80 CHILDREN of the heavenly.. 240 As showers on meadows newly 209 Christ, our passover, is slaiu 186 Aslam'd of Christ ! my soul .. 282 Christ the Lord is risop to-day. 141




Hymn and Page

Hymn and Page

Come, Abram's sons .... 2d p. 173
Come, Christian brethren, ere

Eternal source of the y.... 508

Eternal Spirit, of, Ist p. 211

Come every pious heart


Eternal Wisdom, thee we praise 29

Come, gracious Spirit ... Ist p. 207 Eternity is just at hand

Come, guilty souls, and flee 376 Europe, speak the mighty name 800

Come, holy Spirit, come, 2d p. 211 Exalted Prince of Life, we own 269

Come, humble sinner, in whose 355 Exert thy power, thy.... 2d p. 418

Come, let me love, or is my

Come, let us join our .... 5th p. 440 FAIN, O my babe, I'd 3d p. 336

Come, Lord, and help us tähr 232 Pair Sion's King, we suppliant. 417

Come, Lord, and warm each 583 Faith adds new charms to 218

Come, needy soul, huwe'er, 3d p. 363 Faith, 'tis a precious grace, 2d p. 217

Come now, ye sioners.. 3d p. 114 | Father, at thy call I come 270

Come, see on bloody Calvary 478 Father divine, thy piercing eye 332

Come, sinners, saith the, Ist p. 114. | Father, God, who seest in me. 76

Come, thou fount of every

Father, how wide thy glory

Come, tlou long-expected Jesus 162 Father, is not thy promise, 2d p. 419
Come, thou soul transforming Father of all, to thee.


Come, weary souls, with sin


Father, Son, and Holy 787, 790, 397

Come, ye sinners, poor and 115 Father, Spirit, and Son 772
Come ye that fear the Lord 437 Father of all, thy care we bless 333
Come ye that love the Saviour's 175 Father of faithful Abram, Ist p. 422
Compar'd with Christ in all 204 Father of glory, to thy name .. 22
Curst be the man, for ever curst 52 Father of mercies, bow thine 426

Father of mercies, in thy house 407

DAY of Judgment, day of ... 577 Father of mercies, in thy word. 46

Dead be my heart to air below

402 Father of mercies, send thy.... 257

Dear friend of friendless sinners 266 Father, Son, and Holy Ist p. 397
Dear Lord and shall thy spirit 213 | Father, whate'er of earthly bliss 319
Dear Lord, and will thy 446 For a season call'd to part .... 515
Dear Lord, though bitter is the 264 For love paternal, rich, and free 767
Dear Lord, we pant for.. 34 p. 100 Forgiveness, 'tis a joyful sound.

Dear Lord, why should I, 2d p. 288 | Frequent the day of God returns 350
Dear refage of my weary soul 316 From Greenland's icy .. 6th p. 418
Dear Saviour, make me wise to 244 From the Mount of 4th p. 114
Dear Saviour, we are thine 81

From whence this fear and... 221

Dear Saviour, when my thoughts 272 From winter's barren clods

Dear Saviour, with

thy .. 4th p. 440

Dear shepherd of thy people 340 GIVEglory to God, ye child. 774,396

Dearest Saviour, help thy 365 Glorious things of thee ... 1st p. 418

Death is an awful word .. 2d p. 580 Glory to God on high ... 387

Death, with his dread


Glory to God, who reigns above 185

Deep are the wounds which sin 188 | Glory to th'eternal King 10

Deluded souls who think to find 400 Glory to God the Father sing .. 792

Depraved minds on ashes feed 158 Glory to the Father's name .. 782

Descend, celestial dove 468 Glory to thee, my God, this .. 496

Descend, holy Spirit, the dove 214 Go, favoura Britons ... 4th p. 418

Did Christ o'er sinners weep 367 Go forth ye saints, behold, 4th p. 421

Dismiss us with thy blessing 388 | Go, said the voice of 5th p. 418

Divine Redeemer! God of, 2dp, 336 Go, teach the nations, and ... 454

Do not I love thee, O my Lord. 425 || God look'd down from .. 3d p. 318

Does God, the ever good, 3d p. 322

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'Hymn and Page.

Hymn and Page.

Great Author of th' immortal.. 24 How gracious and how 2d p. 542

Great Comforter, we cry, 4th p. 215 How great, how solemn is the

Great Father of mankind.

How great, how terrible that

.. 570

Great former of this various

How happy are we ...... 62

Great God, amid the darksome. 199 How happy is the pilgrim's lot. 3051
Great God, my Maker, and my. How hast thou, Lord, from year 5t2
Great God, now condescendo. 336 How keen the tempter's malice 155
Great God of providence, thy. 35 How long, O God, has....28 p. 42
Great God of wonders, all tlly 85 How long shall Death, the .... 569
Great God, opprest with grief.. 330 How long shall earth's alluring 546
Great God, the nations .. 1st p. 420 How long, thou faithful Godo... 364
Great God, thy watchful care 339 How lovely, how divinely sweet 343
Great God, 'tis from thy, 1st p. 111 How many of thy children, 3d p. 551
Great God, to thee I'll....20 p. 231 How many years has man, Ist p. 421
Great God, to-day thy : .2d p. 360 How oft we joyful meet.. Ist p. 393
Great God, to thee

How oft, alas, this wretched 86
a thy courts 452 How precious is the book divine 48
Great God, we sing that mighty 510 How sad on the keen edge, 3d p. 540
Great God, what hosts of angels 307 How shall I my Saviour set..
Great God, where'er we pitch , 333

How shall the sous of men ..

Great leader of thine Israel's .. 317 How soft the words my Saviour 51%
Great ruler of the earth and

531 How sweet thy invitations, 4th p.115
Great Spirit of immortal love.. 256 How various and how new
Guide me, O thou great Jehovah 567 How vast the blessings ...2d p 284

Humble souls, who seek

HAIL! Father, Son, and Spirit 762

Hail! holy, holy, holy, Lord... 791 I ASK'D the Lord, that I might 321

Hail! Sovereign love ... 2d p. 172 I come, the great Redeemer 193

Hail! mighty Jesus, how divine 77 I hear the counsel of a ... 3d p. 121

Hail ! thou once despised Jesus

I'm in a world of hopes 3d



Happy beyond description he.. 227 Immanuel sunk with .... 2d

p. 135

Happy soul, thy days are ended 397 I my Ebenezer raise


Happy the man who finds the.. 291 I would but cannot sing. 309

Happy the man whose cautious 261 If all the sins that meil 2d p. 224

Hark, for 'tis God's own Son 93 || If daty calls and suffering, 20 p. 293

Hurk, the glad sound, the

If God is mine, then

Hark, the berald angels sing 130 || If, Lord, in thy fair book, 20 p. 382

Hark, the voice of love and 71 If seeret fraud should dwell.... 283

Hark, 'tis our heavenly leader's 328 | If thou hast drawn (continued) 216

Has God the Father lov'd us so. 767 || In age and feebleness..0.2d p. 52 4

Haste, traveller, haste. 20 p. 581 | Indulgeut God, to thee 1..3d p. 299

Hasten, O sinner, to be 2d p. 116 Infinite excellence is thine 164

Have I that faith which.. 3d p. In hope to join the angelic Host 76

He comes, he comes, to judge.. 578 In Jordan's tide the Baptist...

He dies, the friend of sinners .. 474 In songs of sublime adoration. 110

He lives, the great Redeemer.. 152 In sweet exalted strains


Hear, gracious God, my humble 308 In the floods of tribulation, 1st p. 541

Hear, gracious Sovereign, from 210 In thee, thou all-sufficient God. 441

Heaven has confirm'd the great 565 In vain Apollos' silver tongue

Help and salvation, Lord, 2d p. 296 In vain the giddy world inquires 399

Here at thy table, Lord, we 483 In what confusion carth appears 582

Here, Lord, my soul convicted Is Jesus mine? I'm now


Holy and reverend is the name 17 Is there in heaven or earth, 2d p. 294

Holy, holy, holy Lord..

Israel in ancient days


Holy wonder, heavenly grace.. 347 It is the Lord enthron'd in light 279

How are thy servants bless'd 36

How bright is the prospect, 2dp. 587 JEHOVAH speaks, seek..20 p. 114

How charming is the place

Jesus, and shall it ever be 451

How did the powers of darkness 314 Jesus, at thy command 304

How excellent tby...... 4th p. 216 Jesus, commission'd from .. $ 184

How firm a fondation, ye saints 128 Jesus, fall of all compassio... 4355

How free and boundless is the. 362 Jesus, I love thy charming nat. 401

How gentle God's ... 3d p. 384 Jesus, how precious is thy

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