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L.M. Addison's, Tune I.

A Song of Praise to God. I TO God, the universal King,

Let all mankind their tribute bring; All that have breath, your voices raise,

In songs of never ceasing praise.
2 The spacious earth on which we troad,

And wider heavens stretch'd o'er our head,
A large and solemn temple frame

To celebrate its builder's fame.
3 Here the bright sun, that rules the day,
As thro' the sky he makes his

way, To all the world proclaims aloud

The boundless sov'reignty of God.
4 When from his courts the sun retires,

And with the day his voice expires,
The moon and stars adopt the song,

And thro' the night the praise prolong. 5 The list’ning earth with rapture bears

Th' harmonious music of the spheres :
And all her tribes the notes repeat,

That God is wise, and good, and great. 6 But man, endow'd with nobler powers,

His God in nobler strains adores :
His is the gift to know the song,
As well as sing with tuneful tongue.




L. M. Old Hundred 100.

The Unity of God, Deut. iv. 4. 1 ETERNAL God! almighty cause

Of earth, and seas, and worlds unknown; All things are subject to thy laws,

All things depend on thee alone. 2 Thy glorious Being singly stands,

Of all within itself possest, Controllid by none are thy commands;

Thou from thyself alone art blest. 3 To thee alone ourselves we owe;

Let heaven and earth due homage pay; All other Gods we disavow,

Deny their claims, renounce their sway. 4 Spread thy great name thro? heathen lands;

Their idol deities detlirone; Reduce the world to thy command;

And reign, as thou art, God alone,

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3 L.M. Paul's 246. Fawcett 184.

The Spirituality of God, John iv, 24.
I THOU art, O God! a Spirit pure,

Invisible to mortal eyes;
Th' immortal, and th' eternal King,

The great, the good, the only wise. 2 Whilst nature changes, and her works

Corrupt, decay, dissolve, and die, Thy Essence pure no change shall see,

Secure of immortality. :: 3 Thou great Invisible ! what hand

Can draw thy image spotless fair ? ! To what in heaven, to what on earth,

Can men th' immortal king compare ? : 4 Let stupid heathens frame their gods

Of gold and silver, wood and stone;
Ours is the God that made the heavens ;

Jehovah he, and God alone.

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5 My soul, thy purest homage pay,

In truth and spirit him adore ; More shall this please than sacrifice,

Than outward forms delight him more.

4 L. M. . Angel's Hymn 60. Gould's 272,

The Eternity of God, and Man's Mortality, Psalm xc. 1 LORD, thou hast

been thy children's God, All-powerful, wise, and good, and just, In every age their safe abode,

Their hope, their refuge, and their trust. 2 Before thy word gave nature birth,

Or spread the starry heavens abroad, Or form’d the varied face of earth,

From everlasting thou art God. 3 Great Father of eternity,

How short are ages in thy sight!
A thousand years how swift they fly;

Like one short silent watch of night! 4 Uncertain life, how soon it flies !.

Dream of an hour, how short our bloom ; Like Spring's gay verdure now we rise,

Cut down ere night to fill the tomb. 6 Teach us to count our short’ning days,

And, with true diligence, apply Our hearts to wisdom's sacred ways,

That we may learn to live and die. 6 O make our sacred pleasures rise

In sweet proportion to our pains, Till e'en the sad remembrance dies,

Nor one uneasy thought complains. 7 [Let thy almighty work appear With power

and evidence divine; And may

the bliss thy servants share Continued to thy children shine. 8 Thy glorious image, fair imprest,

Let all our hearts and lives declare ;

Beneath thy kind protection blest, ' 1????

May all our labours own thy care !] STEELE. 5 L. M. Angel's Hymn 60. Paul's 246. The Immutability of God, and the Mutability of the

Creation, Psalm cii. 25-28.
I GREAT Former of this various frame,

Our souls adore thine awful name;
And bow and tremble while they praise

The Ancient of eternal days.
2 Thou, Lord, with unsurpris'd survey,

Saw'st nature rising yesterday;
And, as to-morrow, shall thine eye

See earth and stars in rúin lie.
3 Beyond an angel's vision bright,

Thou dwell'st in self-existent light;
Which shines, with undiminish'd ray,

While sụns and worlds in smoke decay. 4 Our days a transient period run,

And change with every circling sun;
And, in the firmest state we boast,

A moth can crush us into dust.
5 But let the creatures fall around;

Let death consign us to the ground;
Let the last general flame arise,

And melt the arches of the skies; 6 Calm as the summer's ocean, we

Can all the wreck of nature see,
While grace secures us an abode,

Unshaken as the throne of God. DODDŘIDGE, 6 C. M. Bedford 91. Abridge 201. &

The Infinite.

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I THY names, how infinite they be! **

Great Everlasting One!
Boundless thy might and majesty,

And unconfin'd thy throne.
2 Thy glories shine of wond'rous size,

And wond'rous large thy grace :

Immortal day breaks from thine eyes,
:: And Gabriel veils his face.
3 Thine Essence is a vast abyss

Which angels cannot sound,
An ocean of infinities

Where all our thoughts are drown'd. 4 The mysteries of creation lie

Beneath enlightend minds;
Thoughts can ascend above the sky,

And fly before the winds;
5 Reason may grasp the massy hills,

And stretch from pole to pole;
But half thy name our spirit fills,

And overloads our soul.
6 In vain our haughty reason swells,

For nothing's found in thee
But boundless inconceivables,

And vast eternity. WATTS'S LYRIC POEMS. 7 L.M.“ Wareham 117. Ailie Street 241. Omnipotence; or, the Power and Providence of God, 1 YE servants of your God, his

fame In songs of highest praise proclaim ; Ye who, on his commands intent,

The courts of Israel's Lord frequent. 2 Him praise--the everlasting King,

And mercy's unexhausted spring :
Haste, to his name your voices rear;

What' name like his the heart can cheer ? 3 Thy greatness, Lord, my thoughts attest,

With awful gratitude impress’d,
Nor know, among the seats divine,

A power that shall contend with thine : 4 O thou, whose all-disposing sway

The heavens, the earth, and seas obey;
Whose might through all extent extends,

Sinks thro' all depth, all height transcends;

Psalm cxxxy.

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