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3 Father, I see thy sun arise :

!! To cheer thy friends and enemies;. And, when thy rain from heaven descends,

Thy bounty both alike befriends. 4 Enlarge my soul with love like thine; IT

My moral powers by grace refine:
So shall I feel another's woe,

And cheerful feed an hungry foe. $ I hope for pardon, thro' thy Son,

For all the crimes which I have done;
0, may the grace that pardons me

Constrain me to forgive like thee! 25 L. M.

L. M. Gloucester 12. Bromley 104. The Divine Perfections celebrated, Ps. lxxxix. cxlv, 1 MY grateful tongue, immortal King!!

Thy mercy shall for ever sing;
Thy verse, to time's remotest day,

My truth in saered notes display. 2.O say, what strength shall vie with thine ?

What name among the saints divine,
Of equal excellence possess'd,

Thy sov'reignty, great God, contest? 3 Thee, Lord, heaven's host their leader own;

Thee, might unbounded, Thee alone,
With endless majesty has crown'd;

And faith unsully'd vests thee round! 4 The heaven above and earth below,

Thee, Lord, their great possessor know:
By thee, this orb to being rose,

And all that nature's bounds inclose. 5 From thee, amid the aërial space,

The north and south assume their place;
"Tis thine the ocean's rage to guide,

And calm at will its swelling tide..
6 O bless'd the tribes, whose willing ear

Awakes the festal shout to hear;

Who thankful see, where'er they trend,

Thy favouring beams around them spread. 7 How shall they joy, from day to day,

Thy boundless mercy to display,
Thy righteousness, indulgent Lord, ? !
With holy confidence record!
8 O wise in all thy works! thy name

Let man's whole race aloud proclaim :
And, grateful, thro' the length of days,
In ceaseless songs repeat thy praise


26 LM. Rothwell 174. Chard 175.

God exalted above all Praise. «isni di | ETERNAL Power! whose high abode !

Becomes the grandeur of a God;
Infinite lengths, beyond the bounds

Where stars revolve their little rounds. 2 The lowest step around thy seat

Rises too high for Gabriel's feet;
In vain the tall arch-angel tries

To reach thine height with wond'ring eyes, 3 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do ? We would adoré our Maker too;

and dust to thee we cry, The Great, the Holy, and the High'! 4 Earth from afar has heard thy fame,

And worms have learnt to lisp thy name;
But 0, the glories of thy mind

Leave all our soaring thoughts behind. 5 God is in heaven, but man below;

Be short our tunes; our words be few;
A sạcred reverence checks our songs,
And praise sits silent on our tongues.


From sinan

1 L


CREATION AND PROVIDENCE 27 L.M. Rochford 22. Wells 102.

A Summary View of the Creation, Gen. i.
OOK up, ye saints, direct your eyes

To him who dwells above the skies
With your glad notes his praise rehearse

Who form’d the mighty universe.
2 He spoke, and from the womb of night,

At once sprang up the cheering light :
Him discord heard ; and, at his nod,

Beauty awoke, and spoke the God.
3 The word he gavė, th' obedient sun

Began his glorious race to run :
Nor silver moon, nor stars delay

To glide along th'ethereal way.
4 Teeming with life,-air, earth, and sea,

Obey th' Almighty's high decree !
To every tribe

he gives

their food,
Then speaks the whole divinely good.
5 But, to complete the wondrous plan,

From earth and dust he fashions man:
In man the last, in him the best,

The Maker's image stands confest.
6 Lord, while thy glorious works I view,
Form thou

00 heart and soul anew ;

'Here bid thy purest light to shine,
And beauty glow with charms divine !


28 C. M. Crowle 3. New York 33. The Creation of Man; or, God the Searcher of the Heart,

Psalm cxxxix.
LORD! thy pervading knowledge strikes

Through nature's inmost gloom,
And in thy circling arms I lay

A slumberer in the womb.

2 Thee will I honour, for I stand

of thy skill; Stupendous are thy works, and they TO

My contemplations fill!
3 Thine eye beheld me when the speck

Of entity began;
And o'er my form, in darkness fram'd,

Thy rich embroid'ry ran:
4 Th' unfashion'd mäss by thee was seon;

My structure, in thy book,
Was plann'd before thy curious mould

The future embryo took.
6 How precious are the streaming joys

That from thy love descend !
Would I rehearse their numbers o'er,

Where would their numbers end ? 6 Not ocean's countless sands exceed

The blessings of the skies;
With night's descending shades they fall;

With morning splendours rise.
7 Thine awful glories round me shine,

My flesh proclaims thy praise :
• Lord! to thy works of nature join

• Thy miracles of gracę.?

29 C. M, Devizes 14. Tiverton 109. A Song to Creating Wisdom. ;!

il | ETERNAL Wisdom, thee we praise !

Thee the creation sings!
With thy lov'd name, rocks, hills, and seas,

And heaven's high palace rings.')
2 Thy hand how wide it spreads the sky!

How glorious to behold!
Ting'd with the blue of heavenly dye,

And starr'd with sparkling gold. 3 Thy glories blaze all nature round,

And strike the gazing sight,

Thro' skies, and seas, and solid ground,
With terror and delight.

10 4 Infinite strength, and equal skill, 901

Shine thro' the worlds abroad,
Our souls with vast amazement fill,

And speak the builder God.
6 But still the wonders of thy grace

Our softer passions move;
Pity divine in Jesus' face

We see, adore, and love. WATTS's 'LYRICS.

30 L. M. Martin's Lane 67. - Langdon 217,

God's Goodness to the Children of Men, Ps. cvii. 31.
1 YE sons of men, with joy record

The various wonders of the Lord ;
And let his power and goodness sound

Thro' all your tribes the earth around,
2 Let the high heavens your songs invite,

Those spacious fields of brilliant light;
Where sun, and moon, and planets roll;

And stars that glow from pole to pole.
3 Sing, earth, in verdant robes array’d-

Its herbs and flowers, its fruit and shade;
Peopled with life of various forms,

Of fish, and fowl, and beasts, and worms.
4 View the broad sea's majestic plains,

And think how wide its Maker reigns;
That band remotest nations joins,

And on each wave his goodness shines. A.
5 But oh! that brighter world above,

Where lives and reigns incarnate love!
God's only Son, in flesh array'd,

For man a bleeding victim made.
6 Thither, my soul, with rapture soar! , ?

There, in the land of praise, adore :
The theme demands an angel's lay:
Demands an everlasting day, DODDRIDGE.


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