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404 (1st P.) L. M. Derby 169. Wells Row 98.

The Presence of CHRIST the joy of bis People.
THE wond'ring nations have beheld

The sacred prophecy fulfill'd ;
And Angels hail the glorious morn,

That show'd the great Messiah born ;

Whom ince! the Saviour! long desir'd,
Whom men foretold, by heaven inspir’d,
And raptur'd saw the blissful day

Rise o'er the world with healing ray.
3 Oft, in the temples of his grace,

His saints behold his smiling face;
And oft have seen his glories shine

With power and majesty divine :
4 But soon, alas ! his absence

And pray and wish his kind return;
Without his life-inspiring light,

'Tis all å scene of gloomy night.
5 Come, dearest LORD! thy children cry,

Our graces droop, our comforts die ;
Return, and let thy glories rise

Again to our admiring eyes :
6 Till, fill'd with light, and joy, and love,

Thy courts below, like those above,
Triumphant hallelujahs raise,
And heaven and earth resound thy praise.




404 (24 P.) L. M. Claybury 310. Lewton 30. The perpetual Presence of God with bis Church desired,

Jer, xiv, 8. 1 O THOU, the Hope of Israel's host,

Theirstrength, their helper, and their boast; How oft their Saviour bast thou been,

In times of trouble and of sin!
2 And have not we beheld thy face?

Thy visits crown'd the means of grace ;
O come again, indulgent Lord,
With all the joy thy smiles afford.

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Run 3 « Enter our hearts, Redeemer bless'd, 1%,

Enter, thou ever honour'd guest;
Enter, and make our hearts thine own,"

Thy house, thy temple, and thy throne. - 4 And stay, not only for a night,

To bless us with a transient eight;
But with us dwell, through time, and then

In heaven for evermore. Amen.
405 (1st P.) C. M. Great Milton 212. Exeter 4

Asking the Way to Sion, Jer. 1. 5.'
I ENQUIRE, ye pilgrims, for the way

That leads to Sion's hill,
And thither set your steady face,

With a determin’d will.
2 Invite the strangers all around

Your pious march to join: -
And spread the sentiments you feel it

Of faith and love divine.
3 0 come, and to his temple haste,

And seek his favour there;
Before his footstool humbly bow,

And pour your fervent prayer!
4 O come, and join yourself to God

In everlasting bands ;!.
Accept the blessings he bestows,
With thankful hearts and hands.

DR. DODDRIDGE. 405 (20P.) C. M. Braintree 25. Great Milton 212.

The High Way to Zion, Isaiah xxxv. 8, 8, 10:
I SING, ye redeemed of the LORD,

Your great Deliv'rer sing :
Pilgrims for Zion's city bound,

Be joyful in your Kinga
2 See the fair way his hand hath rais'd ;

How holy and how plain !
Nor shall the simplest travellers err, "?

Nor ask the track in vain.

3 No ravening lion shall destroy,

Nor lurking serpent wound;
Pleasure and safety, peace and praise,

Thro' all the path are found.
4 A hand divine shall lead you on

Thro? all the blissful road;
Till to the sacred mount you rise,

And see your smiling God.
5 There garlands of immortal joy
10.Shall bloom on every head;
While sorrow, sighing, and distress,
Like shadows, all are fled.

! 6 March, then, in your Redeemer's strength;

Pursue his footsteps still ;
And let the prospect cheer your hearts,

While lab'ring up the hill,
406 148th, Swithin's 44. Darwell's 82.

At the forming of a Church.
Isai. Ivi. 6,7. Matt. xxi, 13, and Eph. ii. 18, 19.
1 GREAT: Father of mankind !

We bless that wond'rous grace
Which could for Gentiles find
Within thy courts a place;

How kind the care
Our God displays,
For us to raise

A house of prayer! 2 Tho' once estrang'd afar, We

e now approach the throne :
For Jesus brings us near,
And makes our cause his own :

Strangers no more,
To thee we come,
And find our home,

And ręst secure
3 To theo gur souls wo join,

And love thy sacred names

No more our own, but thine,
We triumph in thy claim ;

Our Father-King,
Thy cov'nant grace
Our souls embrace,

Thy titles sing
4 Here in thy house we feast

On dainties all divine;
And, while such sweets we taste,
With joy our faces shine;

Incense shall rise.
From flames of love,

The sacrifice.
5 May all the nations throng

To worship in thy house ;
And thou attend the song,
And smile upon their vows;

Indulgent still,
Till earth conspire
To join the choir
On Zion's hill.



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407 L. M. Portugal 97. Derby 169.
The Institution of a Gospel Ministry from Christ,

Epb. iv. 8, 11, 12.
"ATHER of mercies! in thy liousę

Smile on our homage and our vows
While with a grateful heart we share

These pledges of our Saviour's care. 2 The Saviour, when to heaven he rose

In splendid triumph o'er his foes,
Scatter'd his gifts on men below,

And wide his royal bounties flow
3 Hence sprung th’ Apostles' honour'd' name

Sacred beyond heroic fame:*
In lowlier forms to bless our eyes,

237 Pastors from hence, and teachers rise

4 From Christ their varied gifts derive,

And fed by Christ their graces live :
While, guarded by his potent hand,

'Midst all the rage of hell they stand, 8 So shall the bright succession run

Thro' the last courses of the sun ;
While unborn churches by their care

Shall rise and flourish large and fair,
6 Jesus our LORD, their hearts shall know

The spring whence all these blessings flow
Pastors and people shout his praise
Thro' the long round of endless days.

DR. DODDRIDGE. 408 L. M. Wareham 117. On sending a Member into the Work of the Ministry..

Isaiah's Obedience to the heavenly Vision, Isa, vi. 8. 1 OUR

UR God ascends his lofty throne,

Array’d in majesty unknown;
His lustre all the temple fills,

And spreads o'er all th' ethereal hills: 2 The holy, holy, holy LORD,

By all the Seraphim ador'd,
And, while they stand beneath his seat,

They veil their faces and their feet, 3 Lord! how can sinful lips proclaim

The honour of so great a name!
O for thine altar's glowing coal

To touch his lips, to fire his soul! 4 Then if a messenger thou ask,

A labourer for the hardest task,
Thro’ all his weakness and his fear,

Love shall reply, Thy servant's here."
5 Nor let his willing soul complain,

effort seem in vain ; It ample recompense shall be But to have wrought, o God, for thee.

• If sung on any other occasion, his, in the three last Verses, may be exchanged for 'py.'

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