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3 Eternal life thy words impart,

On these my fainting spirit lives;
Here sweeter comforts cheer


Than all the round of nature gives.
4 Let earth's alluring joys combine,

While thou art near, in vain they call !
One smile, one blissful smile of thine,

My dearest LORD, outweighs them all. 5 Thy name my inmost powers adore, ,

Thou art my life, my joy, my care ;
Depart from thee !—'tis death—'tis more,

"Tis endless ruin, deep despair !
6 Low at thy feet my soul would lie,

Here safety dwells, and peace divine;
Still let me live beneath thine eye,
For life, eternal life, is thine.



(20 P.) 8s. Limefield 94.

Christian Union.

1 BLESS'D union! in Eden ne'er found,

No, not in a Paradise lost!
It grows on Immanuel's ground,

And Christ all his suff'rings it cost.
2 Why then so unwilling to part,

Since we shall ere long meet again?
Engravid on his hands and his heart,

How can we at distance remain ?
3 With Jesus we ever shall reign,

Transported his glories shall see,
And sing, Hallelujah! Amen!
Amen! even so let it be !

440 (3d P.) S. M. Ryland's 48. Finsbury 155.

For Fellowship Meetings.
UNITING hearts and hands,

Let each provoke his friend
To run the way of God's commands,

And keep it to the end.

2 May we our course pursue

With vigorr till we die,
Rejoicing in the pleasing view

Of fellowship on high. 3 It is a sweet employ

To join in worship here;
But how divine will be the joy

To meet and worship there!
440 (4th P.) S.M. Hopkins 157. Rutland 118.
DEAR Saviour, with thy flock

May we in love abide,
Protected from the noon-day beams,

And resting near thy side. 2 How precious is thy föld

To all the saints below;
Beneath thy tender watchful care,

They feed, and thrive, and grow.
3 Thy cause is dear to us;
Thy people are our choice;

i With them afresh we take our lot,

And with them will rejoice.


440 (5th P.) C.M. Hammond 226. Sprague 166. Believers, in the Church below, holding Communion with

the Saints in Glory.
I COME, let us join our friends above

That have obtain’d the prize,
And on the eagle wings of love

To joy celestial rise.
2 Let saints below in concert sing

With those to glory gone;
For all the servants of our King

In heaven and earth are one. 3 One family we dwell in him;

One church above, beneath ;
Though now divided by the stream-

The narrow stream of death,

4 One army of the living God,

To his command we bow;
Part of the höst have cross'd the flood,

And part is crossing now. 5 Ten thousand to their

endless home This solemn moment fly; And we are to the margin come,

And soon expect to die !
6 But now by faith we join our hands

With those that went before,
And greet the blood-besprinkled band

On the eternal shore,
7 But what a blessed hope is ours !

While here on earth we stay,
Do we not taste the heavenly powers,

And antedate that day?
8 Yet we would wait near Jordan's side

Until the signal's given;
Then, Lord of Hosts, the waves divide,

And land us safe in heaven. 441 L. M. Green's Hundred 89. Mark's 65.

Prayer for the whole Church.
N thee, thou all-sufficient God,

The springs of happiness arise,
That cheer this howling waste below,

And bless the mansions of the skies. 2 We, the productions of thy power,

And pensioners upon thy love,
Look to thy throne with longing eyes,

And wait thy blessings from above.
3 Protect the



every snare, And let thy staff support the old ; Relieve the poor, nor let the rich

Have all their heritage in gold. 4 Let joyful saints still taste

thy grace,
Give to the mourners heavenly day,
Sustain the strong, and quick revive
The withering plants from their decay.

1 IN


442 112. Carey's 11. Uffculm 53.

CHRIST baptized in Jordan,
N Jordan's tide the Baptist stands,

Immersing the repentant Jews;
The Son of God the rite demands,

Nor dares the holy man refuse; Jesus descends beneath the wave,

The emblem of his future grave. 2 Wonder, ye heavens! your Maker lies

In deeps conceal'd from human view; Ye saints, behold him sink and rise,

A fit example thus for you:
The sacred record, while you read,

to imitate the deed.
3 But, lo! from yonder opening skies

What beams of dazzling glory spread! Dove-like th' Eternal SPIRIT flies,

And lights on the Redeemer's bead; Amaz'd they see the pow'r divine

Around the Saviour's temples shine. 4 But, hark! my soul, hark and adore !

What sounds are those that roll along ? Not like loud Sinai's awful roar,

But soft and sweet as Gabriel's song ? This is my well-beloved Son,

I see well pleas'd what he hath done. 5 Thus the Eternal FATHER spoke,

Who shakes creation with a nod;
Thro' parting skies the accents broke,

And bid us hear the Son of God:
O hear the awful word to-day,
Hear, all ye nations, and obey.

443 L. M. Bramcoate 8. Portugal 97.

A Baptismal Hymn. 1 THE great Redeemer we adore,

Who came the lost to seek and save, Went humbly down from Jordan's shore,

To find a tomb beneath its wave, 2 Thus it becomes us to fulfil

All righteousness, he meekly said;
Why should we then to do his will

Or be asham'd, or be afraid ?
3 With thee into thy watery tomb,

LORD, 'tis our glory to descend, 'Tis wond'rous

grace that gives us room
To lie interr'd by such a friend.
4 Yet as the yielding waves give way,

To let us see the light again,
So, on the resurrection-day,

The bands of death prov'd weak and vain. 5 Thus, when thou shalt again appear,

The gates of death shall open wide,
Our dust thy mighty voice shall hear,
And rise and triumph at thy side.


444 8. 8, 6. Chatham 59. Broadmead 150.

Thus it becometh us, &c. Matt. iii. 15.
HUS it became the Prince of Grace,

And thus should all the favour'd race
High heaven's command fulfil;
For that the condescending God
Should lead his followers thro' the flood,

Was heaven's eternal will.
2 'Tis not as led by custom's voice
We make these

ways our favour'd choice,
And thus with zeal pursue ;
No, heaven's eternal sovereign Lord
Has, in the precepts of his word,
Enjoin'd us thus to do.


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