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4 So shall our thankful lips repeat pos

Thy praises with a tuneful voice,
While, humbly prostrate at thy feet, }
We wonder, tremble, and rejoice.

DR, S: STENNETT. 114 (2d P.) L. M. Rippon's 188. Lebanon 79.

t" Seek yo my face, Psalm xxvii.78. 1 JEHOVAH speaks ; Seek ye my face!

as My soul admires the wond'rous grace: ? I'll seek thy face-thy Spirit give!

O let me see thy face and live.
2 I'll wait; perhaps my Lord may come;

(If I turn back," how sad my doom !)
And, begging, in his way I'll lie

Till the sweet hour he passeth by.
3 Daily I'll seek with cries and tears,

With secret sighs, and fervent'prayʻrs ;
And, if not heard --I'll weeping sit,

And perish at the Saviour's feet.
4 But canst thou, Lord I see all my pain,

And bid me seek thy face in vain ?..,
Thou wilt not, canst not, me deceive,

The soul that seeks thy face shall live. 114 (34 P.) L. M. Islington 40. New Sab

bath 122.
Sinners invited to Holiness and Heaver, Isa. 1. 18.
1 COME now, ye sinners, saith the Lord,

And hear my kind inviting word;
Come, reason with me, and embrace

The plenitade of gospel grace. 19 I give the new, the feeling heart, I

The godly grief, the pleasing smart, 1. The faith that tells your sips forgiven,

The sighs that waft your souls to heaven, 3 The guiltless shame, the sweet distress,

The conscience clad with tenderness,
The genuine meek humility,

The wonder, Why such love to me?

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4 I give, with every saving grace, , vel Super-angelic righteousness ; The pardon ratified with blood, .sliding

The right to heaven, enthroned with God. .*Oh rich bequests ! and are they free? .: Lord, grant, O grant them all to me; III

The inviting Come has won my heart:

I might have heard the sound DEPART. I 114" (4th P.) 7s. 6 lines. Aldwinkle 312.

Cone and welcome, John xix, 80, Matt. xi. 28,
1 FROM the Maunt of Calvary

Where the Saviour deign'd to die,
What melodious sounds I hear,
Bursting on my ravish'd ear!
“Love's redeeming work is done!

2 Sprinkled now with blood the throne,

Why, beneath thy burdens groan? A
All the curse on me was laid ;
Justice owós the ransom paid: a
Bow the knee, and kiss the Son, ans. }'

3 Now behold the festal board,

With its richest dainties stored hé: TTI
To thy Father's bosom press'd,

Once again a child confést, From his house no more to roam ;

DR. HAWEIS. 115 (1st Pt.) 8.7.4. Helmsley 223, Jordan 81.

Come and welcome to Jesus Christ, Isaiah lui !!
1 COME, ye sinners poor and wretclied,

Weak and wounded, sick and sore !
Jesus ready stands to save you, ; 'T' E

Full of pity join'd with power: il
He is able,

He is willing · doubt no more,

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SUI 2. Come, ye thirsty, come and welcome!

.:) God's free bounty glorify
J. True belief, and true repentance, I

Every grace that brings us nigh
Without money,

Come to Jesus Christ, and buy.
3 Let not conscience make you linger;

Nor of fitness fondly dream :
All the fitness he requireth,

Is to feel your need of him;!
This he gives you;

'Tis his Spirit’s rising beam.",
4 Come, ye weary, heavy laden,

Lost and ruin’d by the fall!
If you tarry till you're better,

You will never come at all :
Not the righteous,

Sinners, Jesus came to call. ?
5 View him prostrate in the garden;

On the ground your Maker lies !
On the bloody tree behold him ;

Hear him cry, before he dies, y
It is finish'd!

Sinner, will not this suffice ? 7
6 Lo, th' incarnate God ascended,

Pleads the merit of his blood:
Venture on him, venture wholly,

Let no other trust intrude;
None but Jesús
Can do helpless sinners good.

7 Saints and angels, join'd in concert,

Sing the praises of the Lamb;
While the blissful seats of heaven

Sweetly echo with his name!

Sinners here may sing the same.

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115 (24 P.) 8.7A. Helmsley 223. Painswick 162.

The Gospel Message; or, Reconciliation to God.
1 SINNERS, you are now addressed

In the pame of Christ our Lord;
He hath sent a message to you,

Pay attention to his word;
He hath sent it,

Pay attention to bis word.
2 Think what you have all been doing,

Think what rebels you have been;
You have spent your lives in nothing

But in adding sin to sin :

One continued scene of sin. :*
3 Yet your long abused Sovereign

Sends to you a message mild,
Loth to execute his vengeance,

Prays you to be reconcild!
Hear ħin woo you,-

Sinners, now be reconciled.
4 Pardon now is freely publish'd

Thra’ the Mediator's blood; ii'
Who hath died to make atonement

And appease the wrath of God!
Wond'rous mercy! !"

See, it flows through Jesu's blood!
5 In his name, you are entreated

To accept this act of grace;
This the day of your acceptance,

Listen to the terms of peace :
O delay not,
Listen to the terms of

Having thus, then, heard the message,

All with heavenly mercy fraught;
Go and tell the gracious Jesus */

If you will be sav'd or not:
Say, poor sinner,

Will you now be sav'd or not?

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115 (3d P.) LIM. Gould's 12. Liewtón 30.

"Why will ge die ? Ezek. xxxllj. 10.', 1 WHY, thoughtless sinner, wilt thou die ?

Can the infernal regions charm?
Or wilt thou yet believe the lie,

That sin can do thy soul no harm ? ;.! 2 God has pronounc'd the sinner's doom;

In ruin soon his course must ends of
Wilt thou on peace in sin presume ? 11

Or on what confidence depend ?..,
3 Hast thou an arm like God most high,

In equal war with him to meet ? :D is
Canst thou his thunderbolts defy ?

Or quench his flames beneath thy feet?
4 Deluded worm !-beware in time;
Now let the fatal contest ce

cease ; Confess thy guilt, abhor thy crime,

And humbly sue for terms of peace..
5 Peace is proclaim’d! oh, bless the sound

Of pardon bought with blood divine:
God has himself the ransom found,

Which could atone for sins like thine. 6 Embrace him with ecstatic joy; 17., cu " His praise proclaim with every breath: ?

Who him reject their souls destroy;
Who hate him are in love with death.

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115 (4th P.) L. M. New Sabbath 122. Ulverston 179.

The unwortbynot unwelcome, but made willing.
1 HOW sweet thy invitations be! in

But are they, Lord, for such as
We, we?

And most unworthy of thy smile's 2 Unworthy of the ground we tread, 2

The liquid drop, the crumb of bread;
Of sight, of hearing, feeling, taste,
Then much more of thy saving grace.


E 12

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