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95 L. M. Portugal 97. New Sabbath 124 C

Christians the Sons of God, John i. 12. 1 John iii. 1. 1 NOT all the nobles of the earth,

Who boast the honours of their birth, Sych real dignity can claim

As those who bear the Christian name. 2 To them the privilege is givin lisad

To be the sons and heirs of heav'ngi?
Sons of the God who reigns on high,

And heirs of joys beyond the sky. 3 [On them, a happy chosen 'race, Their Father pours

bis richest grace : To them his coursels he imparts, And stamps his image on their hearts. 4 Their infant cries, their tender age, 7.:

His pity and his love engage
He clasps them in his arms, and there l'a

Secures them with parental care.] .. 5 His will he makes them early know,

And teaches their young feet to go;
Whispers instruction to their minds,

And on their hearts his precepts binds. 6 When thro' temptation they rebel,

His chastning rod he makes them feel;r ;
Then with a father's tender heart,
He soothes the pain and heals the smart.
Their daily wants his hands supply,
Their steps he guards with watchful eye,
Leads them from earth to heaven above, 3

And crowns them with eternal love,
8 If I've the honour, Lord, to be
One of this num'rous family,
On me the gracious gift bestow, !,

To call thee Abba, Father! too. 9 So

may my conduct ever prove My filial piety, and love !

Whilst all my brethren clearly tracę; *71. Their father's likeness in my face. r ; 97


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96* ' S. M. Harborough 143. Simon's 250.

Communion with the Futher and the Son, 1 John i. 5 ; And the Communion of the Holy Ghost, 2 Cor. xiii. 14.

OUR heavenly Father calls,

And Christ invites us near!
The Spirit makes our friendship sweet,
And our communion dear. I

[Gov pities all our griefs; E
He pardons every day;

Ko je
Almighty to protect our souls,
pir And wise to guide our way.)
3 [How large his bounties are !

What various stores of good,
... Diffas'd from our Redeemer's hand,

And purchas’d withi his blood !) '13 4 Jesus, our living Head,

care ;
Our Advocate before the tirone,

And our Forerunner there.
The Spirit gives new life, la

And pray’r and praise inspires;
"Tis he who plucks the worthless brands
From the devouring fires.

his work

out. I') EC
Of grace where'er begun;
He sheds abroad the Father's love, I

And glorifies the Son.)
7 This love and grace shall make

Our grateful incense burn;
Our hearts, our lives are borne away;

For love we love return'; '17 • This Hymn of the excellent Dr. Doddridge, on Coma small alteration' in verse the first, and by the internation by verses five, six, saven, and eight, to celebrate also the equally gloriqus, blessing of. Communion with the Holy Spirrr





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8 Blest fellowship how sweet,

With God the sacred Three
But if imperfect grace is bliss,

What then must glory be!
9. Here fix, my roving heart!

Here wait, my warmest love!
Till the communion be complete

In nobler scenes above. DR. DODDRIDGE. 97 L. M. Ulverston 179. Rippon's 188.

Desiring Communion with God.! 1 MY rising

soul, with strong dosires,
To perfect happiyess aspires,
With steady steps would tread the road

That leads to heaven-that leads to God. 2 I thirst to drink unmingled love

From the pure fountain-head above : :
My dearest Lord, I long to be

Emptied of sin, and full of thee
3 For thee I pant, for theoI burn;

Art thou withdrawn ?.again return,
Nor let me be the first to say,
Thou wilt not hear when sinners pray.


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98 C. M. Ludlow 84. Condescension 116.

Walking with God, Gen, v. 24,
1 FOR a closer walk with God,

A calm and heavenly frame;
leads me to the Lamb !

2 Where is the blessedness I knew

When first I saw the Lord?
Where is the soul-refreshing view

Of Jesus, and his word? ***!!!
3 What peaceful hours I then enjoy'd !
How sweet their


still ! :-) But now I find an aching voiding

The world can never fill.

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4 Return, O holy Dove ! return;

Sweet messenger of rest !
I hate the sins that made thee mourn,

And drove thee from ny breast.
5 The dearest idol I have known,

Whate'er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from thy throne,

And worship only thee. Visi!
6 So shall my walk be close with God,"
Calm and serene my frame;

6 Só purer light shall mark the road

That leads me to the Lamb.

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99 C. M. Worksop 31. Wantage 204.

Sins and Sorrows taid before God, Job xxiii. 3, 4.
1 O THAT I knew the secret place,
I'd spread my wants before his face,

And pour my woes abroad.
* 2 I'd tell him how my sins arise,

What sorrows L sustain;
How grace decays, and comfort dies,
And leaves my heart in pain.)

5 3 He knows what arguments I'd take )

To wrestle with
I'd plead for his own mercy's sake

"And for my Saviour's blood.
4 My God will pity my complaints,

And heal my broken bones ;
He takes the meaning of his saints,

The language of their groans.
5 Arise,

my soul, from deep distress,
And banish every fear;
He calls thee to his throne of grace

To spread thy sorrows there.


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my God; ?

100 C. M. Abridge 201., Elenborough 170.

Sanctification and Pardon. 1 WHERE shall we sinners hide our heads ?

Can rocks or mountains save?
Or shall we wrap us in the shades

Of midnight and the grave? 2 Is there po shelter from the eye

Of a revenging God?
Jesus, thy dear wounds we fly;

Basis with thy blood.'
3 Those guardian drops our souls secure,

And wash away our sin;
Eternal justice frowns no more,

And conscience smiles within.
4 We bless that wond'rous purple stream

That cleanses every stain ;
Yet are our souls but half redeem'd,

If sin, the tyrant, reign,
5 Lord, blast his empire with thy breath!

That cursed throne must fall;
Ye flattering plagues, that work our death,
Fly, for we hate you all.

DR. WATTS'S LYRICS. 101 (1st P.)) L. M. Mark's 65. Bowden 78.

Abundant Life by Christ our Shepherd, Jøbn x. ID. 1 PRAISE to our Shepherd's

gracious name, Who on so kind an errand cane; Came, that by him his flock might live,

And more abundant life receive.
2 Hail, great Immanuel! from above,

High seated on thy throne of love,

the vital torrent down,
Thy people’s joy, their Lord's renown.
3 Scarce half alive we sigh and cry,

Scarce raise to thee our languid eye;
Kind Saviour, let our dying state

Compassion in thy heart create.

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