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Bid us praise thee," derisi in

And rejoice with holy fear.
5 Free election, known by calling

Is a privilege divine :
Saints are kept from final falling ; is

All the glory, Lord, be thine ;
All the glory,

All the glory, Lord, is thine. 109 c. M. Ashley 152. Great Milton 212.

Complete Salvation. 1

SALVATION, thro' our dying God,
lle paid whate'er his people ow'd,

And canoell d'all their debt. 1
2 He sends his Spirit from above;

Our nature to renew;
Displays his power, reveals his love, ! 21

Gives life and comfort too.
3 He heals our wounds, subdues our foes,

And shows our sips forgiv'; :3!
Conducts us through the wilderness

And brings us safe to heaven. 4 Salvation now shall be my stay;

A siuner sav'd, I'll crys!
Then gladly quit this mortal clay,

For better joys on high.
110 11.'8. Cale 69. Pithay 191.

Distinguishing Grace, Jer. xxxi. 3. 1 IN N songs of sublime adoration and praise,

Ye pilgrims ! for Sion who press, Break forth, and extol the great Ancient of days,

His rich and distinguisling grace. • Christ has made a complete. atonement for the sins of his people, in that sense His work is finished: -The work of the Spirit, which, at present, in some of the saints, is only begun, in due time shall be completed also.; and THEN salvation will be finished, but not before, tie !

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2 His love, from eternity fix'd upon you, il voll

Broke forth and discover'de its flame, [drew, When each with the cords of his kindness ho

And brought you to love his great name) 3 0 bad he not pitied the state you were in,

Your bosoms his love bad ne'er felt: [in sin, You all would have liv’d, would have died too, And sunk with the load of your guilt,

war the 'Twas even so, Father! you ever must sing,

Because it seein'd good in thy sight. 5 'Twas all of thy grace we were brought to obey !

While others were suffer'd to go
The road which by nature we chose as our way,

Which leads to the regions of woe.
6 Then give all the glory to his holy name,

To him all the glory belongs to Be yours the high joy still to sound forth his fame,

And crown him in each of your songs.

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111 (1st P.) C.M. Irish 171. Cambridge New 74.

By the Grace of God, I am what I am, 1 Cup, xv. 10. 1 GREAT God, 'tis from thy sovereign grace

That all my blessings flow; Whate'er I am, or do possess,

I to thy mercy owe. 2 'Tis this my powerful lusts controls,

And pardons all my sin ; Spreads life and comfort thro' my soul,': Si

And makes my nature clean.
3 'Tis this upholds me whilst I live,

Supports me when I die; I.
And hence ten thousand saints receire in

Their All, as well as I. 1; aut,

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4 How full must be the springs from whence it?

Such various streams proceed Oriol 0.51
The pasture cannot but be rich; . ::?

On which so many feed.:');
111 (22 P.) S. M. Mount Ephr. 185. Lowell 260.
Salvation by Grace from the first to the last, Eph. ii. 5:
GRACE ! ''tis a charming sound !!

Harmonious to the ear!
Heaven with the echo shall resound,
lih shall hear.

44 am
Grace first contriy'd the way, I

To save rebellious man;
Anil all the steps that grace display 7'?'

Which drew the wond'roưs plan.
[Grace first inscrib'd my name

În God's eternal book :
'Twas Grace that gave me to the Lamb, "Ta

Who all my sorrows took.] !., Hill 4: Grace led my roving feet

To tread the heavenly road:in
And new supplies, each hour, I meet

While pressing on to God.
5 [Grace taught my soul to pray,
:!! And make my eyes o’erflow:
Twas grace which kept me to this day

not let
Grace all the work shall crown,

Thro' everlasting days,
It lays in heaven the topmost stone, I'-

And well deserves the praise.
112 c. M. Weybridge 92. Sprague 166.

God glorious, and Sininers saved, Isaiah xliv. 23. 1 FATHER, how wide thy glory shines!

How high thy wonders rise !
Known through the earth by thousand signs,

By thousands through the skies."



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2 [Part of thy name divinely stands

On all thy creatures writ;
They show the labour of thine hands,i 'T

Or impress of thy feet.], 3 But when we view thy strange design #! ☺

To save rebellious worms,
Where vengeance and compassion joini

In their divinest forms? 4 Our thoughts are lost in reverend awe, -' 1.

We love, and we adore ;
The first archangel never saw *, fins iosta

So much of God before.
5 Here the whole Deity is known;

Nor dares a creature guess
Which of the glories brightest shone,

The justice or the grace.
6 [When sinners broke the Father's laws,

The dying Son atones :
Oh, the dear mysteries of his cross !

The triumph of his groans !)
7 Now the full glories of the Lamb

Adorn the heavenly plains ;
Sweet cherubs learn Immanuel's name,

And try their choicest strains.
8 Oh, may I bear some humble part

In that immortal song ! ! Wonder and joy shall tune my heart, om And love command my tongue.


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113 C. M. Grove House 143. Hammond 226O Lord, say unto my soul, I am thy Salvation, Psalm xxxv. 3. I SALVATION -Oh, melodious sound

To wretched dying men !
Salvation that from God proceeds, it

And leads to God again. jorit. ci sono 117



2 Rescu'd from hell's eternal gloom,

From fiends, and fires, and chains
Rais'd to a paradise of bliss,

Where love triumphant reigns! 1.9
3 But may à poor bewilder'd soul,

Sinful and weak as mine,
Presume to raise a trembling eye 7

To blessings so divine ?
4 The lustre of so bright a bliss ist es

My feeble heart o'erbears;
And unbelief almost perverts

The promise into tears., 1
5 My Saviour God, no voice but thine

These dying hopes can raise :
Speak thy salvation to my soul,

And turn my prayer to praise.



114 (1st P.) L. M, Paul's 246.

Ulverston 149. Gould's 272.
God reasoning


Men, Isaiah i. 18.,-
1 COME, sinners, saith the mighty God,

Heinous as all your crimes have been,
Lo! I descend from mine abode

To reason with the sons of men. 2 No clouds of darkness veil my face,

No vengeful lightnings flash around;

I come with terms of life and peace; •2"): "Where sin hath reign'd let grace

abound. 3. Yes, Lord, we will obey thy call,

And to thy gracious sceptre bow; .:, y Oh make our crimson sins like wool,

Our scarlet crimes as white as snow. • As the few Hymns in the former editions of this volume, entitled Scripture Invitations and Promises, bare been found peculiarly acceptable and encouraging, the Section is now considerably enlarged.

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