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226 (1st P.) c. M. Bedford 91.". Brighthelm

stone 208.

107 Being in the fear of God all the Day long, Prov. xxiii. 17. 1 THRICE happy souls, who born from heav'n,

While yet they sojourn here,
Humbly begin their days with Godn '

: And spend them in his fear. Biz 2 So may our eyes with holy zeal,

Prevent the dawning day, is! And tarn the sacred pages

And praise thy name, and pray.
3 'Midst hourly cares, may love present

Its incense to thy throne-
And, while the world our hands employs,

Our hearts be thine alone!
4 As sanctified to noblest, ends :

Be each refreshment sought ; . And, by each various providence, .. .46. Sonie wise instruction brought! 5 When to laboribus duties calla,

Or by temptations tried ! 12') We'll seck the shelter of thy wings,

And in thy strength confide. 6 As different scenes of life arise,

Our grateful hearts would be
With thee, amidst the social band,
In solitude with thee.

7 At night, we lean our weary heads

On thy paternal breast;...
And, safely folded in thine arms,

Resign our pow'rs to rest.
8 In solid pure delights like these,

Let all my days be past; i 1!
Nor shall I then impatient wish, :;' "

Nor shall I fear, the last.



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226 (20 P.) $. M. Mount Ephtaim 185.

Eagle Street New 55.
Practical Religion, or a day well spent,
: LET pray’r and praise ascend;

When morning gives the light;
And pray'r and praise like incense rise,

And hallow ev'ry night.
2 Peruse the heav'nly page
Of truth and


divine :
And mark the footsteps of your Lord,

Through which the Gospel shine. Il
3 Assist your fellow men,

And most your fellow saints
Redress their wrongs, relieve their wants,

And pity their complaints.
4." Maintain a constant guard, ".0

es And wakeful be your eyes, Quick to discover every sin,

In ev'ry fair disguise.
5 Let all terrene concerns

With rigour be pursu'd ;
Nor let devotion on the hours

Of industry intrude.."
6 Let thoughts of God and hear'n 11

Your labours sanctify,
And oft your sacred wishes breathe E

In whispers to the sky. 7 A life thus well improv'd

- i With blessings shall abound 1 With balmy gales and smiling rays's la

Its ev'ning shall be crown'd. 7. 227 C. M. Stamford 9. Hammond 226.

Bath Chapel 26,
Fear of God united with love, Prov, xiv, 26.
HAPPY beyond'description, he

Who fears the Lord his God;

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Who hears his threats with holy awe,

And trembles at his rod.
2 Fear, sacred passion, ever dwells

With its fair partner, love;
Blending their beauties, both proclaim

Their source is from above,
3 Let terrors fright th' unwilling slave,

The child with joy appears;
Cheerful he does his father's will,

And loves as much as fears.
4 Let fear and love, most holy God!

Possess this soul of mine ;
Then shall I worship thee'aright,

And taste thy joys divine. NEEDHAM.

his cause,

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228 C. M. Michael's 119. Follett 181.

Holy Fortitude, 1 Cor. xvi. 13. 1 AN

MI a soldier of the cross,

A follower of the Lamb ?
And shall I fear to

Or blush to speak his name?
2 Must I be carried to the skies
On flowery beds of

ease ;
While others fought to win the prize,

And sail'd thro' bloody seas !
3 Are there no foes for me to face?

Must I not stem the flood ?
Is this vile world a friend to grace, ,,

To help me on to God?
4 Sure I must fight, if I would reign;

Increase my courage, Lord !
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain,

Supported by thy word.
5 Thy saints, in all this glorious war,

Shall conquer tho’ they die :
They see the triumph from afar, it

And seize it with their eye. 17

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6 When that illustrious day shall rise

And all thy armies shine i? 'y'a
In robes of victory thro' the skies, 13
The glory shall be thine.

DR, WATTS'S SEKMONS. 229 'L. M. . Chard 175. Ailie Street 241,

Gravity and Decency.
1 BEHOLD the Sons, the heirs of God,

So dearly bought with Jesus, blood !
Are they not born to heavenly joys ?

And shall they stoop to earthly toys? 2 Can laughter feed th' immortal mind ?

Were spirits of celestial kind
Made for a jest, for sport, and play

To wear out time, and waste the day? 3 Doth vain discourse, or empty mirth,

Well suit the honours of their birth ?
Shall they be fond of gay attire,

Which children love, and fools, admire ? 4 What if we wear the richest vest, Peacocks and flies are better drest;

This flesh, with all its gaudy forms,
Must drop to dust, and feed the worms,
5 Lord, raise our hearts and passions higher !

Touch our vain souls with sacred fire ;
Then, with a heav'n-directed eye,

We'll pass these glittering trifles by. 6 We'll look on all the toys below

With such disdain as angels do ;
And wait the call that bids us rise
To mansions promis'd in the skies.


230 L. M. Kingsbridge 88. Gould's' 272.

! Hope set beforo us.
ND be it so that, till this hour,

We never knew what faith has meant ;

1 A

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And, slaves to sin and Satan's power,

Have never felt these hearts relent. A
2 What shall we do?-shall we lie down,

Sink in despair, and groan, and die ?
Evo And, sunk beneath the Almighty's frown,

Not glance one cheerful hope on high ? 3 Forbid it, Saviour ! to thy grace

ec As sinners, strangers, we will come ;

Among thy saints we ask a place,
! For in thy mercy there is room.
4 Lord, we believe! Oh, chase

The gloomy clouds of unbelief : 512
Lord, we repent ! Oh, let thy rays

Dissolve our hearts in sacred grief!
5 Now spread the banner of thy love, it

And let us know that we are thine ;
Cheer us with blessings from above, &

With all the joys of hope divine ! Ils 231 (Ist P.) L.M. Chard 175. New Court 173. Parti politiche

Hope in Darkness. 1 O GOD, my sun, thy blissful rays un

Can warm, rejoice, and guide my heart! How dark, how mournful are my days, ! 19 If thy enlivening beams depart! Il tota 2 Scarce thro' the shades a glimpse of day

Appears to these desiring eyes!
But shall my drooping spirit say,
The cheerful morn will never saye l'ova

Tambew 3 Oh, let me not despairing mourn! A

Tho' gloomy darkness spreads the sky, azo My glorious sun will yet return, And

night with all its horrors fly. 4. O, for the bright, the joyful day, I O&S

When hope shall in fruition die !
So tapers lose their feeble ray d I

Beneath the sun's refulgent eye 1 282

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