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257 C. M. Ludlow 84. Charmouth 08.
Love to our Neighbour ; or, the good Samaritan, Luke X.

| FATHER of mercies

! send thy grace,
All-powerfut rom above,
. To-form, in our obedient souls,

The image of thy love.
2 Oh, may our sympathizing breasts

That generous pleasure know,
Kindly to share in others' joy, 07.

And weep for others' woe!

In low distress are layons of grief
Soft be our hearts their pains to feel,

And swift our hands to aid,
4 So Jesus look'd on dying man, TO

And me thron'd above the skies;
And 'midst th' embraces of his God

He felt compassion rise:
5 On wings of love the Saviour flew,

To raise us from the ground,
And shed the richest of his blood,
A balm for

258 C. M. Worksop 31. Ann’s 58.
Love to our Enemies from the Example of CHRIST, Luke

xxiii. 34. Matt. v. 44. 1 A LOUD we sing the

wond'rous grace CHRIST to his murderers bare; Which made the tort'ring cross its throne,

And hung its trophies there."
2 Father, forgive ! his merey cried, -7%

With his expiring breath,
And drew eternal blessings down

On those who wrought his death,
3 Jesus, this wond'rous love we sing!!

And, whilst we sing admire :
Breathe on our souls, and kindle there!!

The same celestial fired,

every wound.


Perfect Love.

4 Sway'd by thy dear example, we

For enemies will pray; Powe
With love, their hatred-and their curse,

With blessings--will repay.7: 258 (20 P.) C. M. Providence College 10.

New York 33.
THAT perfect love is perfect bliss,

Proof rises all around;
Nor shall felicity but this,

In earth or heaven be found.
2 This is the joy of joy I know,

That can delight impart:
Warm as the ruby tides that flow
Incessant from


3 This is the joy that angels feel,

Where harps celestial move ;
And the fierce anguish known in hell,

Is perfect want of love!
4 Say-is not this the dazzling light

That decks the Seraph's crown?
What is perdition's tenfold night,

But love's eternal frown? 259 C. M. Providence College 10. New York 33, *. All attainments vain without Love, 1 Cor. xiii. 1—3. 1 SHOULD bounteous Nature kindly pour,

Her richest gifts on me,

, O my God! I should be poor, ,

If void of love to thee. :
2 Not shining wit, nor manly sense,

Could make me truly good :
Not zeal itself could recompense

The want of love to God.,
3 Did I possess the gift of tongues,

But were deny'd thy grace ;
My loudest words, my loftiest songs,

Would be but sounding brass. ;


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4. Tho’ thou shouldst give-me heavenly skill

Each mystry to explain ; ,"
If I'd no heart to do thy will,

My knowledge would be vain.
5 Had I so strong a faith, my God! IN

As mountains to remove;
No faith could do me real good, .

That did not work by love..'s
6 (What tho’to gratify my pride.",".

And make heaven secure, 3**All my possessions I divide

Among the hungry poor; 7 What tho my body I consign

To the devouring flame, * In hope the glorious deed will shine

In rolls of endless fame!
8 These splendid acts of vanity,

Tho all the world applaud, ??,
If destitute of charity,

Can never please my God,]:
9 Oh, grant me, then, this one request,

And I'll be satisfy’d,
That love divine may rule my breast, ,
And all my actions guide.

STENNETT. 260 s. M. Mansfield 154. Mount Ephraim 185. The Meek beantified with Salvation, Psalm cxlix. 4. L. VE humble souls, rejoice, IT


And cheerful praises sing!.. Wake all your harmony of voice ; ? J

For Jesus is your King. 2 That meek and lowly LORD,

Whom here your souls have known, Pledges the bonour of his word wa

T'avow you for his 3 He brings salvation near, and I

For which his blood was paid!

DR: S.,


Ti How beauteous shall your souls appear, .

Thus sumptuously array'd 4 Sing, for the day is nigh, When, near


Saviour's seat,
The tallest sons of pride shall lie da si
The footstool of

your feet 5 Salvation, Lord, is thine,

And all thy saints confess
The royal robes, in which they shine,
Were wrought by sovereign grace.

DR, DODDRIDGE 261 C. M. Crowle 3. Miali 240. Moderation ; lor,

on ; or

, the Saint Inđeed, "Phil. iv. 6. " 1 HAPPY APPY the man, whose cautious steps

Still keep the golden mean :
Whose life, by wisdom's rules well form'd,

Declares a conscience clean. 2 Not of himself he highly thinks,

Nor acts the boaster's part;
His modest tongue the language speaks

Of his still humbler heart.
3 Not in base scandal's arts he deals,

For truth dwells in his breast; With grief he sees his neighbour's faults, 1:47. And thinks and hopes the best. 4 What blessings bounteous heaven bestows,

He takes with thankful heart:
With temp’ránce he both eats and drinks,

And gives the poor a part.
5 To sect or party 'his large soul is

Disdains to be confind i wil
The good he loves of ev'ry name,

And prays for all mankind. tuo
6 Pure is his zeal, the offspring fair 4.1.1

Of truth and heavenly love;
The bigot's rage can never dwell -

Where reste the peaceful dove, :01

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His business is to keep his heart,

Each passion to controul;
Nobly ambitious well to rule

The empire of his soul.
8 Not on the world his heart is set, mire

His treasure is above ;
Nothing beneath the sovereign good
Can claim his highest love.

migungen 262 L.M. Portugal 97. Magdalene 214.

Agur’s Wisk, Proverbis ***.7, 8, 9, 1T E
THUS Agur breath'd bis warm desire

My God, two favours I require ; 1.
In neither my request deny,

Vouchsafe them both before I die
2 Far from my heart and tents exchudai

Those enemies to all that's good }_''
Folly, whose pleasurés end in death, ia

And Falsehood's pestilential breatha,!!
3 Be neither wealth nor want my lot:

Below the dome, above the cot,
Let me my life unanxious lead;

And know nor luxury nor need.
4 Those wishes, Lord, we make our own;
Oh, shed in moderation can be our own;
Thy bounties, till this mortal breath,

Expiring, tunes thy praise in death!
5 But, shouldst thou large possessions gives

May we with, thankfulness receive it
Thi exub'rance-still our God adore,

And bless the needy from our storek, 1
6 Or, should we feel the pains of want -

Submission, resignation grant; }

Till thou shalt send the wish'd supply, , 3 Or call us to the bliks on high. **

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