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What other happy souls have found 12

I'll seek, nor shall I seek in vain.90/17 4 I own my guilt, my sins confessscod in

Can men or devils make them more? iH
Of crimes, already numberlessziasg al

Vain the attempt to swell the scorea o'T 5 Were the black list before my sight;0 02

While I remember Thou hast died,
"Twould only urge my speedief Hight

To seek salvation at thy side. Se bA
6 Low at thy feet I'll cast me down a90
To thee reveal my guilt and fear;
And, if thou spurn me from lliy tkrone,

I'll be the first who perish'd there. 21631 bis OT 29220 10 29.20 CIMGV? 287 (24 P.) C. M. Grove House 143. Bedford 94. Trust encouraged by the Promise, I will be their. Ged.

IF God is mine, then present things, IA et And things to come, are mine smo Yea, CHRIST, his Word, and Spirit tooo

And glory all divine, tolimit tol time I E 2 If he is mine, then, from his love,qod

He every trouble sends site9 Jabilis All things are working for my goodia 917

And bliss his rod attends. eigt If he is mine, I need not fear (1) fés

The rage of earth and hell;oldu
He will support my feeble frame, 10. I

Their utmost force repel. 11 NA
4 if he is mine, lét friends forsakelias

Let wealth ana Konours fleestg bra Sure he, who giveth me Himself, VS

Is more than these to me, 3918 (or'! 5 If he is mine, I'll boldly pass asal od VT

Thro® death's tremendous valet br
He is a solid comfort, when oudereen &

All other comforts fail, tbm til oT




.1 Ev Oliy tell pie, Lord! that thou art mine ;685

What can I wish, beside ? 'My sonhall at the toplotn live 73 When all the streams are drted!

De till milo {}
7 Yes, thou art mine, thro grące rart mine,
The height of all my bliss

What boon çan equal this?

ALL 8000!,

ili but 12 288 C. M. Oxford 177.

Tear notii: 1.1 Bond II & 1 YE tremhling souls! dismiss yout Fears ;

Be mercy all your tlieme
Mercy, which, like a river, flowvs * 10

In ond continued stream. Tudi troul 1 2 Fear not the powers of earth and hell;, 10

God will these powers restrain !
His mighty arm their rage repel, ,! :rum, o
And make their efforts pain.

3 Fear not the want of outward good; it'I

He will for his provide, at jo buh
Grant them supplies of daily food,

And all they need beside. 3.2.8 039 4 Fear not that he will e'er forsake,

Or leave his work undone
He's faithful to his promises, --**
And faithful to his Son."

2009 2008 Hin) 5 Fear not the terrors of the gravey I hat

Or death's tremendous sting
He will from endless wrath, preserve

77 s
To endless glory bring your
6 You, in his wisdom, power, and graée,

May confidently trasts guoli?
His wisdeny grides, his power protects;

His grace rewards, the justi 2017

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meundo, Y ES

288 (20 P.) c. M. Worksop 31. Ludlow 84.

Trust in God promoted by grateful Recollection. 1 DEAR Lord! why should I doubt thy love,

Or disbelieve thy grace ?
Sure thy compassions ne'er remove,

Altho thou hide thy face. de vol 97.1 2 Thy smiles have freed my heart from pain,

My drooping spirits cheer doom par And wilt thou not appear again

and dedit Where thou hast once appear'd ?

888 3 Hast thou not form’d my soul anew,

told And will me, I am thine ?

undo, Or break thy word divine


qiw li 4 Dost thou repent? wilt thou deny no să

The gifts thou hast bestow'd ?

are those streams of mercy diy, tusit

Which once so freely flow'd ? x 105 5 LORD! let not groundless fears destroy iH

The mercies now possess a combat S I'll praise for blessings I enjoy loss s'I & And trust for all the rest. so I SH

Doutor train 289 8.8. 6. Chatham 59. Hinton 276.

Fears removed-It is I; be not afraid, John vi. 20. 1 UNCLEAN! unclean

! and full of sin, From first to last, O Lord, I've been!

Tist 2 911
Deceitful is my heart :
Guilt presses down my burden”d soul;
But Jésus can the waves control,

And bid my fears depart. Itnah 70
2 When first I heard his word of grace,
Ungratefully i hid my face, as IT

Ungratefully delay'di iw.eid ni DOT 5
At length his voice more powerful came,
Tis I, he cried, I still the same vr it
Thou need'st not be afraidorg aih



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"My heart was chang'd; in that same hour

My soul confess'd his mighty power;
250 Out flowd the briny teard it'sonia

I listen'd still to hear his voice i 191d oil anol Again he said, In me rejoice ; iluisa ost Paroa 2'Tis Iuthou need’st not fear, sodi bah •*°4 Unworthy of the love ! -I cry'd; TID Freely I love, he soon replyd, 1 1 res

On me thy faith be staid :
On me for every thing depend : TAFT !
I'm Jesus, still the sinner's friend,
Thou need’st not be afraid, mobetu JESSE.

of Hundred and Fourth 148.
Sussex 70. Portugal New 2637945
I will trust and not be afraid, Isaiah dit, 2011
EGONE, unbelief! my Saviour is near,

And, for my relief, will surely appear;
By prayer let me wrestle, and he will perform's

With CHRIST in the vessel, I smile at the storm 2 Though

dark be my way, since he is my guide,
'Tis mine to obey, tis his to. provide :
Tho' cisterns be broken, and creatures all fail,
The word he has spoken shall surely prevail

His love, in time past, forbids to think
He'll leave me at last in trouble to sink;
Each sweet Ebenezer I have in review, q&H

Confirms his good pleasure to help me quite thro'. 4 Determind to save, he watch'd o'er my path

When, Satan's blind slave, I sported with death;

And can he have taught me to trust in his name, To And thus far have brought me to put me to shame? 5 Why should

I complain of want or distress,
The heirs of salvation, , I know from his

word, Thro' much tribulation must follow their Lord. 6 How bitter that cup no heart can conceivers Which he drank quite up, that sig

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might live,

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His way was much rougher and darker than mine;

Did Christ, my Lord, suffer, and shall I repine ? 7 Since all that I meet shall work for my good,

The bitter is sweet; the medicine is food,
Tho' painful at present, 'twill cease before long,
And then, O how pleasant the conqueror's song!

plicousin 291 L. M. New Sabbath 22. Langdon 217,

True Wisdon, Prov, til, 13-19.30 1 HAPPY the man who finds the grade

The blessing of God's chosen race; The wisdom coming from above, te sosT' & B.And faith that sweetly works by love.

Voi 005 » Happy beyond description, he

Who knows, the Saviour dy'd for me
The gift unspeakable obtained MODAL

And heavenly understanding gains.baé
3. Her ways, are ways of pleasantness,
And all her flow'ry paths are peace : 5 di
Wisdom to silver we prefer,

20 Sirine ait 4 He finds, who wisdom apprehendsosiais odt

A life begun that never ends id od brow adt
The tree of life divine she is,
Set in the midst of Paradise. ai ai coxdl zil
5 Happy the man who wisdom gains, we dosa

SSL 97591 obedient He owns, and will for ever own, Wisdom, and Chrtsr, and heaven are one. To 292 L. M. Lewton 30. Rowles 73. bu Zeal for Christ; or, Peter and Johñ following their Master,

John xxi. 18-20. 1 BLEST men, who stretch their willing hands,

Submissive to their Lakp's commands, And yield their liberty and breath ariston I To him that lov’d their souls in death. Wordt eau me to suffer and to die telt ntlid woda

my gracious LORD! 352


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