The Fallen

The Fallen by Joshua Dagon, 2006 - 315 Seiten
The Fallen is Joshua Dagon's first novel. The setting is the Los Angeles club/circuit scene and the plot involves a fallen angel and his struggle to protect those he loves. The story is told in two consecutive books; it is completed in Mr. Dagon's second book, Demon Tears, which is already complete and is scheduled for release in February 2007.Various themes explored in the novels include physical beauty, personal spirituality, definitions of good and evil, the "dual faces" of the Church throughout history, the experience of using the so-called "party" drugs, and even the secret to true happiness (which turns out to be quite simple).Back-of-Book Summary:Nicholas Reynolds had messed up: he?d taken two party drugs that didn?t get along with each other. Now, his glamorous Saturday night plans had been reduced to throwing up in a thin, lightless alley.Up until tonight, Nick had been getting along well enough, even by Los Angeles standards. A model-slash-actor of respectable success, he was young, healthy, very attractive, and the hub of his requisite clique. He was generally popular and appreciated?although perhaps not enough by the guy he was dating who, interestingly, insisted they were not dating.Though, what made this particular evening truly remarkable for Nick was not his life-threatening overdose.No, it was the enormous demon who also thought Nick?s lightless, Hollywood alley might be a good place to hide...Back Quote:?Joshua Dagon is a huge and monumental talent in the field of literature of our day. Expect to turn the pages with surprise, mystery and excitement. Look out, Stephen King, Joshua Dagon is here!? ? Jill Grande Goodsell, President, Grande-Goodsell Institute for the Arts & Humanities

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In Dagon's break out novel the reader is introduced to Scott, an ancient powerful fallen demon on the run from the Legions of Hell and the Catholic church. Scott runs into Nick one night after Nick ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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