Documents of the English Reformation

Gerald Bray
ISD LLC, 01.01.2019 - 676 Seiten
The Reformation era has long been seen as crucial in developing the institutions and society of the English-speaking peoples, and study of the Tudor and Stuart era is at the heart of most courses in English history. The influence of the Book of Common Prayer and the King James version of the Bible created the modern English language, but until the publication of Gerald Bray's Documents of the English Reformation there had been no collection of contemporary documents available to show how these momentous social and political changes took place. This comprehensive collection covers the period from 1526 to 1700 and contains many texts previously relatively inaccessible, along with others more widely known. The book also provides informative appendixes, including comparative tables of the different articles and confessions, showing their mutual relationships and dependence. With fifty-eight documents covering all the main Statutes, Injunctions and Orders, Prefaces to prayer books, Biblical translations and other relevant texts, this third edition of Documents of the English R

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Act for the Pardon of Clergy 1531 22 Henry VIII c
The Preface to the Ordinal 1549
The Preface to the Authorized King James Version 1611
The Kings Declaration 1628
The Solemn League and Covenant 1643
The Westminster Confession of Faith 1647
The Declaration of Breda 1660
The Act of Uniformity 1662 14 Charles II c
The Preface to the Book of Common Prayer 1662

Act to take away all Positive Laws against the Marriage of Priests 1549 23
The Act of Uniformity 1552 56 Edward VI c
The Fortytwo Articles 1553
Reaction and Recovery 15531559
The Marian Injunctions 1554
The Act of Supremacy 1559 1 Elizabeth I c
The Act of Uniformity 1559 1 Elizabeth I c
The Elizabethan Injunctions 1559
The Progress of Protestantism 15601625
The Preface to the Geneva Bible 1560
The Preface to the Rheims New Testament 1582
Archbishop Whitgifts Articles 1583 The Lambeth Articles 1595
The Toleration Act 1689 1 William III and Mary II c
The Second London Baptist Confession of Faith 1689
The Act of Settlement 1701 1213 William III c
Supplementary Texts
The First and Second Statutes of Provisors 1351 and 1390 25 Edward III s 5
The First Statute of Praemunire 1353 27 Edward III s
The Augsburg Confession 1530
A Comparative Table

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Reverend Dr Gerald Bray has a PhD from Paris-Sorbonne. He worked as Professor of Anglican Studies at Beeson Divinity School, and is now a Research Professor for the same institution. He is also Director of Research at the Latimer Trust. He has published with James Clarke and Co Ltd The Books of Homilies: A Critical Edition (2016), and The Institution of a Christian Man (2018).

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