Annual report of the trustees. [1st]-44th, 46th


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Seite 11 - A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon and Others, on the Mode of editing the Writings of Washington.
Seite 9 - Index to the Catalogue of Books in the Upper Hall of the Public Library of the City of Boston.
Seite 15 - ROBINSON (Conway) An account of discoveries in the west until 1519, and of voyages to and along the Atlantic coast of North America, from 1520 to 1573. Prepared for " The Virginia historical and philosophical society," and published by the society : 8vo large — Richmond, printed by Shepherd & Colin, 1848 ; deposited by William Maxwell.
Seite 15 - Library" by which name, they, and their successors, may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, contract and be contracted with...
Seite 10 - Statistical Report of the Sickness and Mortality in the Army of the United States, 1839, 1855, by RH Coolidge.
Seite 8 - It shows the number of volumes in the library, at the close of the year 1869, as being 139,106.
Seite 11 - First and Second Report on the Noxious, Beneficial, and other Insects of the State of New York.
Seite 15 - That the direction and management of the affairs of the corporation and the control and disposal of its property and funds shall be vested in a board of trustees, twenty-two in number, to be composed of the following individuals: Alexander Agassiz, John S.
Seite 1 - Government, the Register of Officers and Agents in the Service of the United States...
Seite 54 - I have the honor to transmit herewith the report of the board of commissioners on the irrigation of the San Joaquin, Tulare, and Sacramento valleys, of the State of California, and also the original maps accompanying said report.

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