Bulletin, Ausgaben 9-12

North Carolina Geological Survey, 1895

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Seite 140 - The full charge consists of 120 gallons of water (to make an easily flowing pulp), from 8 to 11 pounds of bleaching powder, then the ore, and finally 12 to 15 pounds of sulphuric acid. The barrel is hermetically closed and revolves for about 3 hours at the rate of 15 to 18 revolutions per minute. (A 5 horse-power engine performs this work and also the elevating of the ore.) The barrel is then inverted, opened and discharged through a lead-lined semicircle in the floor to a filter on the floor below....
Seite 31 - N. C., the bottom is 300 to 400 feet wide, and has been partially worked for a distance of one-fourth of a mile along the creek. The overlay is from 3 to 4 feet, and the gravel bed from 1 to 3 feet thick.
Seite 47 - Concord on the west, and a corner of Rowan and of Randolph. In almost any part of this region, gold may be found, in greater or less abundance, at or near the surface of the ground. Its true bed, however, is a thin stratum of gravel enclosed in a dense mud, usually of a pale blue, but sometimes of a yellow colour.
Seite 52 - On the nortwest side of the Uharie mountains is a series of gravel mines situated in a line between the mountains and the Uharie river. Among others may be mentioned the Bright, Ophir * (Davis), Spanish Oak Gap, Dry Hollow, Island Creek, Deep Flat, Pear Tree Hill, Toms Creek, Bunnell Mountain, Dutchmans Creek, and the Worth. The available portions of these placers have been exhausted so far as the present supply of water will answer. The Beaver Dam placer is located about 5 miles west of Eldorado.
Seite 47 - ... exposed to be washed by rains, this stratum frequently appears at the surface ; and in low grounds, where the alluvial earth has been accumulated by the same agent, it is found to the depth of eight feet : where no cause operates to alter its original depth, it lies about three feet below the surface- Rocky river and its small tributaries which cut through this stratum, have hitherto proved the most fruitful localities of the precious metal.

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