Pathological Inquiries and Observations in Surgery,: From the Dissections of Morbid Bodies. With an Appendix Containing Twelve Cases on Different Subjects

R. Raikes; and sold by T. Becket and P.A. De Hondt in the Strand, and L. Hawes, W. Clarke, and R. Collins, in Pater-Noster Row, London., 1766 - 144 Seiten

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Seite 116 - Where did my wife get her necklace, brother?" " She knows best, Jasper. I hope . . . . " " Come, no hoping ! She got it from her grandmother, who died at the age of a hundred and three, and sleeps in Coggeshall churchyard. She got it from her mother, who also died very old, and who could give no other account of it than that it had been in the family time out of mind.
Seite 74 - Foot, inftead of its natural, has an oblique Motion. If the Patient attempts to walk but a little, the Pain is increafed, as well as very frequently by the Warmth of the Bed.
Seite 33 - ... is impaired, and cannot support that discharge of matter, so necessary to complete the design of nature in healing a large wound ; but, under such circumstances, there is very little, if any, appearance of an inflammation, and the matter is...
Seite 74 - Pain, which feems to lie deep, or as is ufually exprefled, in the Middle of the Bone *. The Joint becomes tightened and confined, fo that its Flexion is confiderably injured, and a Stiffnefs in its Motion enfues, that renders walking quite troublefome.
Seite 92 - Notice, and of the former we will here mention fome Particulars, fo far as they may afford us proper Notions of difeafed Joints in general.
Seite 74 - Tendons ftiffen and grow rigid, the Knee is bent forward, and the Heel with much Pain brought to the Ground ; this Contraction is rather confirmed by the Patient's Endeavour to cafe himfelf by bearing only on the fore Part of the Foot.
Seite 27 - Tranflation of Matter from the Head to the Liver ; by others, to a...
Seite 85 - N its its Contents are included in one Cavity, and the contained Fluid may for the moft part be difchargcd by one Incifion.
Seite 84 - Extravafations may be formed, not only in one, but in many different Places, and may extend themfelves, 'till burfting, they become one common Tumor...

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