The Missionary's Daughter: A Memoir of Lucy Goodale Thurston, of the Sandwich Island

American Tract Society, 1842 - 219 Seiten

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Seite 182 - So shall my walk be close with God, Calm and serene my frame; So purer light shall mark the road That leads me to the Lamb.
Seite 230 - ... of the descending stream, it would often fall into some fissure, and forcing itself into apertures and under massive rocks, and even hillocks and extended plats of ground, and lifting them from their ancient beds, bear them, with all their superincumbent mass of soil and trees, on its viscous and livid bosom, like a raft on the water.
Seite 226 - The atmosphere in all directions was filled with ashes, spray, gases, etc.; while the burning lava, as it fell into the water, was shivered into millions of minute particles, and, being thrown back into the air, fell in showers of sand on all the surrounding country. The coast was extended into the sea for a quarter of a mile, and a pretty sand beach and a new cape were formed. Three hills of scoria and sand were also formed in the sea, the lowest about two hundred and the highest about three hundred...
Seite 219 - All sacrifices do but speed forward that great day, when the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.
Seite 227 - For three weeks this terrific river disgorged itself into the sea with little abatement Multitudes of fishes were killed, and the waters of the ocean were heated for twenty miles along the coast The breadth of the stream, where it fell into the sea, is about half a mile, but inland it varies from one to four or five miles in width, conforming itself, like a river , to the face of the country over which it flowed. Indeed, if you can imagine the Mississippi, converted into liquid fire, of the consistency...
Seite 227 - Hilo station. The ground over which it flowed descends at the rate of one hundred feet to the mile. The crust is now cooled, and may be traversed with care, though scalding steam, pungent gases and smoke are still emitted in many places.
Seite 225 - Sabbath, when the meetings in the- different villages were thrown into confusion by sudden and grand exhibitions of fire, on a scale so large and fearful as to leave them no room to doubt the cause of the phenomenon. The fire augmented during the day and night, but it did not seem to flow off rapidly in any direction.
Seite 228 - ... disappeared like a feather in the flames. In some places the molten stream parted and flowed in separate channels for a considerable distance, and then re-uniting formed islands of various sizes, from one to fifty acres, with trees still standing, but seared and blighted by the intense heat. On the outer edges of the lava, where the stream was more shallow and the heat less vehement, and where of course the liquid mass cooled soonest, the trees were mowed down like grass beforo the scythe, and...
Seite 67 - Once only hath that appeared which is glorious, It is wonderful, it is altogether holy} It is a blooming glory; its nature is unwithering, Rare is its stock, most singular, unrivaled, One only true vine. It is the Lord, &c.
Seite 226 - Again it passes underground for two or three miles, when it reappears in another old wooded crater, consuming the forest and partly filling up the basin. Once more it disappears, and flowing in a subterranean channel, cracks and breaks the earth, opening fissures from six inches to ten or twelve feet in width, and sometimes splitting the trunk of a tree so exactly that its legs stand astride at the fissure. At some places it is impossible to trace the subterranean stream on account of the impenetrable...

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