The carboniferous limestone and Cefn-y-Fedw sandstone of the country between Llanymynech and Minera, North Wales

David Bogue, 1879 - 140 Seiten

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Seite 103 - ... Llangollen. This lower subdivision rises into three conspicuous hills, is extensively quarried in many places, and is the most important economically considered. There are several large quarries about Treflach Wood, which is about a mile to the south of Trefonen, where the Upper Grey Limestone again occur.-, cropping out from under the soft red beds of the Lower Cefn-y-Fedw Sandstone, the Sandy Limestone not being exposed. The following is a section of the strata forming the subdivision as exposed...
Seite 104 - The fault is supposed to have cut off both subdivisions across the strike of the strata. The following is a list of the fossils collected in the quarries in Treflach Wood, but principally in those at the southern part of the area, one-third of a mile north of the word Camp. LIST OF FOSSILS FOUND IN THE UPPER GREY LIMESTONE AT TREFLACH WOOD. 1 Orthoceras giganteum, Sow.* 2 Euomphalus, sp. 3 Loxonema, sp. 4 Athyris Koyssii, Leveille.
Seite 4 - Vol. iv., p. 251, and Jour. Geol. Soc., Vol. i., p. 5. SHARP, D., FGS— "Contributions to the Geology of North Wales." (Read 1844.)— Jour. Geol. Soc., Vol. ii., p. 283. 1853. HAUGHTON, Rev. Prof. S., AM, FGS— "On the Newer Palaeozoic Rocks which border the Menai Straits in Carnarvonshire." (Read 1853.) Jour. Geol. Soc. of Dublin, Vol. vi., p. 1. 1857. MOISSENIT, ML, Ingenieur des Mines. — "Memoir sur le Gisement du Minerai de Plomb, dans le Calcaire Carbonifere du Flintshire." 1862. DUCKWORTH,...
Seite 13 - Mag. for 1865, vol. 2, p. 110 — "On the Fossiliferous character of the Millstone Grit at Sweeney, near Oswestry," by Mr. Wm. Prosser. It contains a list of the fossils, including " Orthoceras giganteum (?) Sweeney; very rare." The author remarks that " Savin's Quarry has yielded a splendid specimen of Orthoceras. In length it was 4 feet 6 inches, and its diameter at the ends 10 and 5 inches respectively.
Seite 64 - They occupy a rocky mound about half a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide, having an elevation of 50 or 60 feet above the adjacent valley.
Seite 13 - South-east of the Vale of Clwyd, between the Bala beds of Cyrn-y-brain and the Berwyns, the Wenlock Shale fills a space about six miles broad, consisting of steep-sided round-topped hills, intersected from east to west by the river Dee. Numerous subsidary valleys branch north and south from the river into the heart of the hills. On the east, between Craig Arthur and Ty-uchaf,* the Old Eed Sandstone rests unconformably upon it. From thence to...
Seite 26 - The fragments of red sandstone and sand of the same colour which occur along the outcrop indicate the probable thickness to be about fifty feet, though the downward extension of the beds is evident over the surface of the adjoining fields. The juncture of the strata with the overlying Carboniferous Limestone is not exposed; but it is certain that the Old Red Sandstone rests unconformably on the Wenlock Shale. According to the sections of the Geological Survey, the thickness of the formation approaches...
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