Alciphron: or, The minute philosopher, in seven dialogues. [With] An essay towards a new theory of vision


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Seite 235 - Now, from sect, ii., it is plain that distance is in its own nature imperceptible, and yet it is perceived by sight. It remains, therefore, that it be brought into view by means of some other idea, that is itself immediately perceived in the act of vision.
Seite 25 - What shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?
Seite 255 - No sooner do we hear the words of a familiar language pronounced in our ears, but the ideas corresponding thereto present themselves to our minds; in the very same instant the sound and the meaning enter the understanding: so closely are they united, that it is not in our power to keep out the one, except we exclude the other also. We even act in all respects as if we heard the very thoughts themselves.
Seite 176 - ... the algebraic mark, which denotes the root of a negative square, hath its use in logistic operations, although it be impossible to form an idea of any such quantity.
Seite 39 - The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat ? saith the Lord.
Seite 237 - And, first, it is certain by experience, that when we look at a near object with both eyes, according as it approaches or recedes from us, we alter the disposition of our eyes, by lessening or widening the interval between the pupils. This disposition or turn of the eyes is attended with a sensation, which seems to me to be that which in this case brings the idea of greater or lesser distance into the mind.
Seite 341 - ... an universal language of the Author of nature, whereby we are instructed how to regulate our actions in order to attain those things that are necessary to the preservation and wellbeing of our bodies, as also to avoid whatever may be hurtful and destructive of them. It is by their information that we are principally guided in all the transactions and concerns of life. And the manner wherein they signify and mark...
Seite 231 - MY design is to show the manner wherein we perceive by sight, the distance, magnitude, and situation of objects. Also to consider the difference there is betwixt the ideas of sight and touch, and whether there be any idea common to both senses.
Seite 160 - A: during the second part of time he retains one half of his old ideas, and loseth the other half, in place of which he acquires as many new ones: so that in B his ideas are half old and half new. And in the third part we...
Seite 203 - Christian may be true. The more doubt the more room there is for faith a sceptic of all men having the least right to demand evidence. But whatever uncertainty there may be in other points thus much is certain either there is or is not a God there is or is not a revelation man cither is or is not an agent the soul is or is not immortal.

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