The Geological Record for ..., Band 3

William Whitaker, William Herbert Dalton, William Topley, Charles Davies Sherborn
Taylor & Francis, 1878

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Seite 41 - The Geology of England and Wales ; a Concise Account of the Lithological Characters, Leading Fossils, and Economic Products of the Rocks. By HB WOODWARD, FGS Crown Svo.
Seite 252 - In this paper the author described a thin bed composed chiefly of remains of fishes, which rests immediately upon the " Better-bed Coal " of the Lower Coal-measures in Yorkshire.
Seite 142 - Catalogue of a collection of the Economic Minerals of Canada, and notes on a stratigraphical collection of rocks.
Seite 199 - Alfred and Ernest Theophron Chapman. Water Analysis: A Practical Treatise on the Examination of Potable Water.
Seite 5 - On the Geological Age of the Deposits containing Flint Implements at Hoxne, in Sussex, and the relation that Palaeolithic Man bore to the Glacial Period.
Seite 29 - The author wished it to be understood that his remarks were intended to form a sketch, rather than a detailed account, of the subject to which they relate. He intended to explain the origin of the so-called " middle glacial" gravels and sands, to account for their occurrence...
Seite 339 - Paragenetic formations of carbonate of lime and oxide of iron, and of quartz and oxide of iron, at the Mwyndy iron mines, Glamorganshire (Illustrated) FOSTER.
Seite 31 - On the Geological Conditions affecting the Water Supply to houses and towns, with special reference to the modes of supplying Oxford : being a lecture, <tc.
Seite xv - Mineralogical Magazine and Journal of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.
Seite 133 - Note upon the Geological position of the Serpentine Limestone of Northern New York and an Inquiry regarding the relations of this Limestone to the Eozoon Limestone of Canada.