Science, Band 5

American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1885
Since Jan. 1901 the official proceedings and most of the papers of the American Association for the Advancement of Science have been included in Science.

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Seite 277 - See also the report of 1884 of a royal commission "to inquire into the instruction of the industrial classes of certain foreign countries in technical and other subjects, for the purpose of comparison with that of the corresponding classes in this country; and into the influence of such instruction on manufacturing and other industries at home and abroad.
Seite 519 - The arch in the rocks must be one of considerable magnitude: (b) A coarse or porous sandstone of considerable thickness, or, if a fine grained rock, one that would have extensive fissures, and thus in either case rendered capable of acting as a reservoir for the gas, must underlie the surface at a depth of several hundred feet...
Seite 519 - The reason why natural gas should collect under the arches of the rocks is sufficiently plain, from a consideration of its volatile nature. Then, too, the extensive fissuring of the rock, which appears necessary to form a capacious reservoir for a large gas well, would take place most readily along the anticlinals where the tension in bending would be greatest.
Seite 57 - Institution, to be composed of the Vice-President, the Chief Justice of the United States, and three members of the Senate and three members of the House of Representatives...
Seite 519 - Zambra, and checked by a special air thermometer devised by Mr. Coleman. The experiments consisted in exposing for hours to low temperatures putrescible substances in hermetically sealed tins or bottles, or in flasks plugged with cotton wool. The tins or flasks were then allowed to thaw, and were kept in a warm room, the mean temperature of which was about 80° F.
Seite 445 - A (in the deepest red), or from near 40 (the ray of forty one hundredth thousandths of a millimetre in wave-length) to near 80. All below 80, to the right, is the invisible infra-red spectrum. Now, the shaded curve above the spectrum represents the amount of energy in the sun's rays at the foot of the mountain, and was obtained in this way : — Fix your attention for a moment on any single part of the spectrum, for instance, that whose wave-length is 60. If the heat in this ray, as represented by...
Seite 444 - ... three weeks in almost intolerable heat, the instruments having to be constantly swept clear of the red desert dust which the hot wind brought. Close by these tents a thermometer covered by a single sheet of glass, and surrounded by wool, rose to 237° in the sun, and sometimes in the tent, which was darkened for the study of separate rays, the heat was absolutely beyond human endurance. Finally, our apparatus was taken apart and packed in small pieces on the backs of mules, who were to carry...
Seite 520 - Ola- ••••.••, v...i , i. 4, 1885. abandoned; for the microbes, which are the agents of putrefaction, survive the exposure. Some of the experiments on which this conclusion rests are briefly described. Meat in tins, exposed to —63° C. for six hours, underwent (after thawing) putrefaction with generation of gases. Trials with fresh urine showed that freezing at very low temperatures delayed the appearance of the alkaline fermentation, but a temperature of — (!3° C.
Seite 518 - Pennsylvania, an oil operator of many years' experience, who had noticed that the principal gas wells then known in western Pennsylvania were situated close to where anticlinal axes were drawn on the geological maps. From this he inferred there must be some connection between the gas wells and the anticlines. After visiting all the great gas wells that had been struck in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and carefully examining the geological surroundings of each, I found that every one of...

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