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Seite viii - Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay regions, Alaska, in 1900,
Seite viii - POST, WS Cook Inlet, region from head of, to Kuskokwim River and down the Kuskokwim to Bering Sea, Bristol Bay, and a part of Alaska Peninsula; scale, 1:625000. Published in sections in "A reconnaissance in Southwestern Alaska, in 1898.
Seite iii - Correspondence should be addressed to The DIRECTOR. UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, WASHINGTON, DC MAY, 1904.
Seite i - Water-Supply and Irrigation Papers, (7) Topographic Atlas of United States — folios and separate sheets thereof, (8) Geologic Atlas of United States — folios thereof. The classes numbered 2, 7, and 8 are sold at cost of publication; the others are distributed free. A circular giving complete lists may be had on application.
Seite 22 - Those which are best known are situated about 4 miles east of Katalla. The flow of oil here is very large, and good-sized pools have collected on the surface. Another group of seepages is on the headwaters of Burls Creek, where the petroleum may be seen oozing from the Joints and bedding planes of the carbonaceous shales and volcanic ash beds which are exposed in the deep ravines. The quantity of petroleum here showing is not so large as at the seepages east of Katalla. but it is more widespread....
Seite vi - Rept., pt. 1, 1901, pp. 35, 95-99, 144, 166-170. 1902. BROOKS, AH Preliminary report on the Ketchikan mining district, Alaska, with an introductory sketch of the geology of southeastern Alaska.
Seite vi - FC A reconnaissance of a part of Prince William Sound and the Copper River district, Alaska, in 1898. In Twentieth Ann. Rept., pt.
Seite vi - Rept., pt. 1, 1900, pp. 17-18, 86, 145-149. 1901. BROOKS, AH An occurrence of stream tin in the York region, Alaska. In Mineral Resources of the US for 1900, 1901, pp. 267-271. Published also as a separate. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1901, cover and pp. 1-5.
Seite 34 - ... more volatile matter in proportion to the amount of fixed carbon. In the ratio of fixed carbon to volatile matter it is nearer to the Bernice Basin coal than to any other coal that reaches the general market. In heating power as well as in the low amount of impurities it is almost identical with the Pocahontas steam coal of West Virginia, but excels this coal by having a higher proportion of fixed carbon. There is no other coal with which it is likely to come into general competition with which...

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