Journal of the Society of Arts, Band 13

The Society, 1865

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Seite 333 - E'en in the stifling bosom of the town A garden, in which nothing thrives, has charms That soothe the rich possessor ; much consoled, That here and there some sprigs of mournful mint, Of nightshade, or valerian, grace the wall He cultivates.
Seite 124 - The blossoms, though separated from the parent stem, do not die for some time, but live and exhale odour, which is absorbed by the fat. To remove the odour from the fat, the fat must be scraped off the plates and put into alcohol ; the odour then leaves the grease and enters into the spirit, which thus becomes "scent," and the grease again becomes odourless.
Seite 124 - The chasse en verre is, in fact, a frame with a glass in it as near as possible like a window-sash, only that the frame is two inches thicker, so that when one...
Seite 15 - The reading of books, what is it but conversing with the wisest men of all ages and all countries, who thereby communicate to us their most deliberate thoughts, choicest notions, and best inventions, couched in good expression, and digested in exact method ? And as to the particular matters or objects of study, all have their use and pleasure.
Seite 235 - Edinburgh to 215 tons per acre in Glasgow. An English acre consists of 6,272,640 square inches ; and an inch deep of rain on an acre yields 6,272,640 cubic inches of water, which at...
Seite 122 - Worsaae, and others, have succeeded in establishing a chronological succession of periods, which they have called the ages of stone, of bronze, and of iron, named from the materials which have each in their turn served for the fabrication of implements.
Seite 301 - He . . . was forty years in the service of the State Department, serving with sixteen Secretaries of State, under twelve Presidents, and dying as he had lived, a most honest, faithful, and capable public servant, enjoying under all administrations the confidence of his superiors and the respect and esteem of all with whom he was brought into...
Seite 88 - Of high art in this country there is abundance ; of mechanical industry and invention an unparalleled profusion. The thing still remaining to be done is to effect the combination of the two, to wed high art with mechanical skill.
Seite 235 - Bbs are a ton, and consequently an inch deep of rain weighs 100-993 tons, or nearly 101 tons per acre. For every 100th of an inch a ton of water falls per acre.

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