The Story of La Roche

Press of T.R. Marvin, 1852 - 24 Seiten

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Seite 16 - ... see it have on others, you are sure must be highly delightful. Why should not the same thing be said of religion ? Trust me, I feel it in the same way ; an energy, an inspiration, which I would not lose for all the blessings of sense, or enjoyments of the world ; yet, so far from lessening my relish of the pleasures of life, methinks I feel it heighten them all.
Seite 13 - On his part, he was charmed with the society of the good clergyman and his lovely daughter. He found in them the guileless manner of the earliest times, with the culture and accomplishment of the most refined ones. Every better feeling, warm and vivid; every ungentle one, repressed or overcome. He was not addicted to love; but he felt himself happy in being the friend of Mademoiselle La Roche, and sometimes envied her father the possession of such a child. After a journey of eleven days they arrived...
Seite 13 - Mr. enjoyed the beauty of the scene; but to his companions it recalled the memory of a wife and parent they had lost. The old man's sorrow was silent; his daughter sobbed and wept. Her father took her hand, kissed it twice, pressed it to his bosom, threw up his eyes to heaven ; and, having wiped off a tear that was...
Seite 7 - More than forty years ago, an English philosopher, whose works have since been read and admired by all Europe, resided at a little town in France. Some disappointments in his native country had first driven him abroad, and he was afterwards induced to remain there, from having found, in this retreat, where the connections even of nation and language were avoided, a perfect seclusion and retirement highly favourable to the development of abstract subjects, in which he excelled all the writers of his...
Seite 14 - Tis an additional inducement," replied the other ; and they walked into the room together. At the end stood the organ mentioned by La Roche ; before it was a curtain which his daughter drew aside, and placing herself on a seat within, and drawing the curtain close so as to save her the awkwardness of an exhibition, began a voluntary, solemn and beautiful in the highest degree.
Seite 14 - ... began to point out to his guest some of the most striking objects which the prospect afforded. The philosopher interpreted all this ; and he could but slightly censure the creed from which it arose. They...
Seite 12 - They traveled by short stages : for the philosopher was as good as his word, in taking care that the old man should not be fatigued. The party had time to be well acquainted with one another ; and their friendship was increased by acquaintance. La Roche found a degree of simplicity and gentleness in his companion, which is not always annexed to the character of a learned or a wise man. His daughter, who was prepared to be afraid of him, was equally undeceived.
Seite 8 - One morning, while he sat busied in those speculations which afterwards astonished the world, an old female domestic, who served him for a housekeeper, brought him word that an elderly gentleman and his daughter had arrived in the village the preceding evening on their way to some distant country, and that the father had been suddenly seized in the night with a dangerous disorder, which the people of the inn where they lodged feared would prove mortal; that...
Seite 15 - Saviour were so congenial to his mind, that every emotion of it naturally awaked them. A philosopher might have called him an enthusiast ; but if he possessed the fervour of enthusiasts, he was guiltless of their bigotry. 'Our Father, which art in Heaven !' might the good man say, for he felt it ; and all mankind were his brethren. ' You regret, my friend,
Seite 11 - She was interrupted by the arrival of their landlord. He took her hand with an air of kindness : she drew it away from him in silence, threw down her eyes to the ground, and left the room. " I have been thanking God," said the good La Roche,

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