The Statistical Account of Scotland: Drawn Up from the Communications of the Ministers of the Different Parishes, Band 18


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Seite 580 - The town is fortified with an entrenchment, salient angles, and redoubts, which inclose about half a mile in length, and a quarter of a mile in width.
Seite 90 - ... or limit on the one hand : that of the bachelors was to drown it, or dip it three times in a deep place in the river, the limit on the other : the party who could effect either of these objects won the game ; if neither won, the ball was cut into equal parts at sun-set.
Seite 90 - ... on; if not, he threw the ball from him, unless it was wrested from him by the other party, but no person was allowed to kick it. The object of the...
Seite 125 - ... amendment. From the death to the interment, the house is thronged by night and day, and the conversation is often very unsuitable to the occasion. The whole parish is invited at ten o'clock in the forenoon of the day of the funeral, but it is soon enough to attend at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Seite 91 - Scone, which beat the foreigner; and in commemoration of this gallant action the game was instituted. Whilst the custom continued, every man in the parish, the gentry not excepted, was obliged to turn out and support the side to which he belonged; and the person who neglected to do his part on that occasion was fined...
Seite 633 - To show their gratitude to the saint, and that he might be propitious to continue the virtues of the waters, they put into the well presents, not indeed of any great value, or such as would have been of the least service to him if he had stood in need of money, but such as they conceived the good and merciful apostle, who did not delight in costly oblations, could not fail to accept. The presents generally given were pins, needles...
Seite 63 - Author of the Inquiry into the Nature and Caufes of the Wealth of Nations...
Seite 252 - I could look to that God who has the hearts of all men in His hands...
Seite 215 - As for this Cardinal, I grant He was the man we might well want ; God will forgive it soon : But of a truth, the sooth to say, Although the loon be well away, The fact was foully done.
Seite 125 - The dregs of superstition are still to be found. The less informed suspect something like witchcraft about poor old women, and are afraid of their evil eye among the cattle. If a cow is suddenly taken ill, it is ascribed to some extraordinary cause. If a person when called to see one does not say ' I wish, her luck,' there would be a suspicion he had some bad design.

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