Catalogue and Index of the Publications of the United States Geological Survey 1901 to 1903

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903 - 234 Seiten

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Seite 179 - Observations on the flow of rivers in the vicinity of New York City, by H. A.
Seite 3 - Papers treat of a variety of subjects, and the total number issued is large. They have therefore been classified into the following series: A, Economic geology; B, Descriptive geology; C, Systematic geology and paleontology...
Seite 63 - A marble post 36 by 6 by 6 inches, set 32 inches in the ground, in the center of top of which is countersunk and cemented a bronze triangulation tablet. Reference mark: The lone locust signal tree 4 feet north of station mark. (Latitude, 40° 17
Seite 13 - The origin of certain place names in the United States, by Henry Gannett.
Seite 63 - The pictures whieh geology holds up to our view of North America during the tertiary ages are in all respects, but one, more attractive and interesting than could be drawn from its present aspects. Then a warm and genial climate prevailed from the Gulf to the Arctic Sea ; the Canadian highlands were higher, but the Rocky Mountains lower and less broad. Most of the continent exhibited an undulating surface, rounded hills and broad valleys covered with forests grander than any of the present day, or...
Seite 30 - Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay Regions, Alaska, in 1900.
Seite 56 - A sandstone post 30 by 12 by 12 inches, set 28 inches in the ground, in the center of top of which is cemented a bronze tablet marked "US Geological Survey — Pennsylvania . ' ' [Latitude 40° 20
Seite 64 - ... fauna retains but a few dwarfed representatives. Noble rivers flowed through plains and valleys, and sea-like lakes broader and more numerous than those the continent now bears diversified the scenery. Through unnumbered ages the seasons ran their ceaseless course, the sun rose and set, moons waxed and waned over this fair land, but no human eye was there to mark its beauty or human intellect to control and use its exuberant fertility.

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