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his holy temple,-which temple He is, we have a new nourishment of life, hidden and unrevealed, a communion with God, a life of God, an inworking of God, pertaining only to the ransomed of the Lord, who have taken up his battle and conquered therein. This hidden life hath a hidden food, and that food is manna, which is the humanity of Christ; yet not the manna corruptible, but incorruptible,-that is, the glorified body of Christ, whose capacity of spiritual communion is such, that it is able to drink up and to contain the whole fulness of the Godhead. And we, drinking from that full river of God, do enter into the same divine communion, and have a life like to that which Christ now possesseth, "our life which is hid with Christ in God." And when He who is our life shall appear, we shall be like him, and shall appear with him in glory. Very flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone, one with him of his substance, his very wife, we shall surely be made partakers of that heavenly life which circulates through all the members of his body, but beyond the precincts of his body shall not flow out, save in words of command, influences of blessing, and acts of good government to all other beings whatever, who shall wait upon the queen, though they be daughters of kings, and live upon the smiles of her countenance, and do all her good pleasure. Oh, what a peerless dignity is this! the bride of Christ, who ever reserveth unto herself the very substance of her living and loving Lord, being made of a rib taken from his side, and builded up unto him for a wife most dear, for whom he will leave his Father, and with whom he will dwell for ever and ever. The same secret love, and life, and communion of being, with which no other creature intermeddleth, are revealed to my mind under the symbol of the white stone with the inscribed name, inscrutable by all others but the receivers thereof. This is his name, his bounds of habitation, his definition of being which he knoweth, and no one besides, which he knoweth in the act of receiving it, and which can in no other way than by impartation be conveyed. While it is as the pure and spotless God, clear as the light of God, wherein is no darkness at all. It comes by bequest, and not by right; it is an act of grace and acquittal, of conferred honour, a boon, a blessing, which the Spirit

gives, whereby we arise from the cell and the prison house of death into that most glorious life and fellowship with the Almighty God, through the glorious body of his mediatorial Son. This is life of God, this is name of God realized, is the substance conveyed in that word, “son of God;" the first promise is the substance of that word, "son of man." Ah me, what a mystery of love is expressed in that word "sons of God!" It is an unrivalled dignity, to which only the Epiоnois, the peculiar people, the people for a possession, the "peculiar treasure," the "jewels" of God are admitted. This same honour we are all by the baptism of Christ admitted to, and we do in the Spirit enjoy, "for as many as have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ.' Why is it not found, why is it not preached, why do not our divines strain after this subject, instead of doling out the dregs of Dutch and Genevan theology? Ah me! surely we have forsaken a royal banquet to feed on garbage.

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4. Next comes the outward manifestation of this inward right and property of being. For every dignity in God's creation is for use, and this the superlative prerogative of his creatures is for the greatest use. And the occupation is revealed to us in the next promise to consist in the beating down of all adverse rule and government upon the earth, and exalting over the whole bounds of it the blessed ascendancy of the Morning Star that cometh out of Jacob. "The vanquisher, and the observer of my works unto the end, I will give to him liberty upon the nations; and he shall rule them with an iron rod; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken in pieces, as I also received from my Father, and I will give to him that morning star." This containeth the excellent service which we shall do for God and for man, against those nations who have gathered themselves against him and his Christ, and so long corrupted the earth with their abominable deeds. God useth us for his judges of the wicked, for his men of might to crush the seven-headed monster, and put him and his crew under iron government. Not only to dash their structures of wickedness to pieces, but also to put down the powers of wickedness themselves, and keep them under iron rule during all the millenial period; which is indeed one of blessedness to the whole earth, but that a blessedness wrought out by violent outpourings upon

the wicked rulers, and continual suppression of them throughout the long age of time which precedeth their utter rejection into the lake of fire; after which they shall cease to need suppression of any rod, being held impotent in the lake of fire. As the same Spirit of Christ doth reduce this nature of mine into obedience and blessedness, by first putting down with an iron rod, and keeping down the potentates of sin who are encamped there, and over their prostrate heads, doth send forth the sweet authority of the Holy Ghost; as Christ in person now doth exercise this double rule of the iron rod and olive branch, in his saints; even so Christ by his saints shall at his coming, and throughout the Millennium, smite with the iron rod, until he have smitten down the evil principalities, and with the same iron rod, shall keep them down, extending the while over all nature, the holy and beneficent sway of that morning star which is the dawning of a day of light and sunshine never again to decline into the shades of night. There is in this both an act and the continuance of an act. The act is the host of heaven encountering the host of earth; the continuance of the act is their keeping Satan in prison, and death in subjection, and all evil in the dust; so proving that it is not any new nature of creation, but the new government of the sons of God, which so keepeth all things in their places, and blesseth all things with their proper purpose and enjoyment. This is the regeneration, not the alteration of the created materials, but the shoot, ing through them of that baptism of fire, which shall purge out of them the unclean spirits which now divert them from God, and the ends of their being. Those flaming ministers who heretofore shewed themselves on the top of Sinai, angels and ministers of every name, under the mastery of the heirs of salvation, whom they serve, shall take the place of the evil angels whom they have bound in fetters of iron, and being ever obedient to the men of power, shall bring nature back into the observance of all those good ends, and the possession of all those enjoyments for which things were created at first. All this will be seen by that vehement outbursting of evil which takes place at the end of the Millennium, and prepares the way for the final catastrophe, and eternal condition of the wicked. This power of bringing order out of

1277* disorder, obedience out of contradiction, and good out of evil, is after the nature of that creative power which did at first bring creatures out of nothing; and so we are proved to be sons of God, as Christ is proved to be Son of God. And if any one ask, why it should be that the counterpart of creation, and what in some respects is more than creation, (for contradiction is more than mere negation of being,) should be done by means of man the answer is to be found in the fact, that creation was all done not by the absolute God, but by God subsisting in the Christ; that is, in the form of the risen man ; and therefore it is in harmony with and demonstrative of the work of creating all things by the Christ, that the work of redeeming all things should likewise be by the Christ, the man-child who is to rule the world with a rod of iron. I cannot tell how often it hath been impressed upon my mind, in following out the train of these cogita-> tions, that all redemption wrought out in and by the man Christ, and his members, is but the doing in time by an intelligent will, of that very thing which was done by God, under the form of an intelligent will: so that redemption is but creation discovered; the form of the Creator, the worthlessness of the materials, and the perfect accomplishment of the end. And lest we might think that the Son of God was after all but a creature, some more refined humanity, behold creatures of that form make shipwreck of themselves, and find their bed for ever in the lake of fire, which is the second death. To this high work we are called as the members of Christ, having in us the one Spirit, over us the one Head, and inwrought by the one God, even to the work of asserting for God, God's supremacy over his own creation, and binding up the enemies of God in their several quarters, and making them do unwilling homage, and so getting God glory in the face of all his enemies. This work of mighty power we shall be endowed with in virtue of our being the sons of God; and in the hope of this, God requireth of us to stand up against his enemies even now, and put forth an earnest of the gift in doing miracles, healing the sick, speaking with tongues, and otherwise triumphing over all the power of the enemy. This is a first-fruits of that power in the Spirit which we shall then receive for the ridding of this world of all the enemies of God; and when that is done, for the presenta

tion of it to the Father. And as no one ever receiveth the earnest but he who has fairly engaged for the whole, and no one engageth for that which he doth not know, I do entreat the church to be conversant with this noble inheritance, and to buy it with the price of all which they have; and then they shall receive this spiritual earnest of the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, faith, miracles, healing, tongues, and the interpretation of tongues. These first fruits of our redeemed dignity we can have only upon closing the bargain with God for the whole inheritance, and engaging heartily to the whole service by which, and by which alone, it is to be purchased.

5. Next after the action of valour and power and service rendered unto God by the church, and in behalf of all creatures, cometh the rank and estimation in which they shall be held by God, in God's own presence: "The vanquisher, the same shall be robed in white garments. And I will not blot out his name from the book of life; and I will confess openly his name in presence of my Father, and in presence of his angels." This now I take to be our open avowal of God, our being clothed upon with honour and with glory. It is the outward shew of that inward life which is set forth in the third voice. The white raiment is outward, the inscription of the name in the book of life is also outward and ostensible; and so also is the avowal thereof in the face of God and of his holy angels. In thisrespect the blessing here vouchsafed to us standeth in contrast with the hiddenness of the third; and it stand eth in contrast with that which follows, in respect that it is personal, whereas the following one is common. Raiment is proper to a person; and so is a name, whether enrolled in a book or confessed in the face of others. These symbols, therefore, I regard as delineating the personal condition of those whom the Lord delighteth to honour. The white robe being their perfect righteousness and thorough clearness in the sight of God; in virtue of which we may ever stand in his holy presence, and enjoy the indwelling of him who cannot dwell with unholiness, nor take up his habitation with the workers of iniquity. "The white raiment is the righteousness of saints." Besides this, I see promised therein all comeliness of person, and gracefulness of appearance, such as becometh the presence chamber of God, and the court of the whole creation. In

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