Annual Report, Ausgabe 9

Includes abstract of the Proceedings of the county agricultural societies.

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Seite 24 - The amendment was agreed to, and the resolution as amended was adopted.
Seite 267 - That the sum of two hundred dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated from the treasury for the use of the Board...
Seite 196 - We must all agree in the old adage, " that what is worth doing at all is worth doing well," and there is nothing this more aptly applies to than the handling of fruit.
Seite 265 - That whenever thirty or more persons, residents of any county or district embracing two counties of this State, shall organize themselves into a society for the improvement of agriculture within said county...
Seite 269 - An act to regulate public shows," passed February 28, 1831. SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, That so much of the first section of the act to which this is an amendment, as provides that it shall not be necessary for any...
Seite 271 - State; and it shall also be their duty so to regulate the amount of premiums and the different grades of the same...
Seite 271 - Agriculture, for the purpose of deliberation and consultation as to the wants, prospects and condition of the agricultural interest throughout the State; and at such annual meeting, the several reports from the county societies shall be delivered to the president of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture; and the said president and delegates shall, at this meeting, elect suitable persons...
Seite 271 - And it shall be the duty of said board to make an annual report to the General Assembly of the State, embracing the proceedings of the board for the past year, and an abstract of the proceedings of the several county agricultural societies, as well as a general view of the condition of agriculture throughout the state, accompanied by such recommendations as they may deem interesting and useful.
Seite 223 - It may not be out of place for me to give a brief description of this fort for the benefit of those who visit Marietta for the first time.
Seite 265 - ... that it shall be competent for small as well as large farmers to have an opportunity to compete therefor. And in making their awards, special reference shall be had * to the profits which may accrue or be likely to accrue from the improved mode of raising the crop, or of improving the soil or stock, or of the fabrication of the articles thus offered, with the intention that the premiums shall be given for the most economical mode of improvement.

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