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Enter THURIO, and Musicians.

Thu. How


Sir Protheus ? are you crept be. fore us? Pro. Ay, gentle Thurio ; for, you know, that

Will creep in service where it cannot go.

Thu. Ay, but, I hope, sir, that you love not here.
Pro. Sir, but I do; or else I would be hence.
Thu. Whom? Silvia ?
Pro. Ay, Silvia-for your sake.
Thu. I thank

your own.

Now, gentlemen, Let's tune, and to it lustily a while.


Enter Host, at a Distance ; and JULIA in Boy's


Host. Now, 'my young guest! methinks you're allycholly; I pray you, why is it?

Jul. Marry, mine host, because I cannot be merry.

Host. Come, we'll have you merry: I'll bring you where you shall hear musick, and see the gentleman that you ask'd for.

Jul. But shall I hear him speak ?
Host. Ay, that you

Jul. That will be musick.
Host. Hark I hark !
Jul. Is he among these ?
Host. Ay: but peace, let's hear 'em.



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Who is Silvia? what is she,

That all our swains commend her ?
Holy, fair, and wise is she;

The heavens such grace did lend her,
That she might admired be.

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Is she kind, as she is fair?

For beauty lives with kindness :
Love doth to her eyes repair,

To help him of his blindness;
And, being help’d, inhabits there,

Then to Silvia let us sing,

That Silvia is excelling ;
She excels each mortal thing,

Upon the dull earth dwelling :
To her let us garlands bring.


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Host. How now? are you sadder than you were
How do you, man ? the musick likes you not.

Jul. You mistake; the musician likes me not.
Host. Why, my pretty youth i
Jul. He plays false, father.
Host. How? out of tune on the strings ?

Jul. Not so; but yet so false, that he grieves my
very heart-strings.
Host. You have a quick ear.

140 Ful

Ful. Ay, I would I were deaf! it makes me have a slow heart.

Host. I perceive, you delight not in musick.
Jul. Not a whit, when it jars so.
Host. Hark, what fine change is in the musick i
Jul. Ay; that change is the spite.

Host. You would have them always play but one thing

ful. I would always have one play but one thing. But, host, doth this Sir Protheus, that we talk on; Often resort unto this gentlewoman?

151 Host. I tell you what Launce, his

man, told


he lov'd her out of all nick.

Jul. Where is Launce ?

Host. Gone to seek his dog ; which, to-morrow, by his master's command, he must carry for a present to his lady.

Jul. Peacel stand aside, the company parts.

Pro. Sir Thurio, fear not you ! I will so plead,
That you shall say, my cunning drift excels.

Thu. 'Where meet we?
Pro. At Saint Gregory's well.
Thu. Farewel: [Exeunt Thurib, and Musick.


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SILVIA appears abovent at her Window.
Pro. Madam, good even to your ladyship.

Sil. I thank you for your musick, gentleinen:
Who is that," that spake?
Pro. One, lady, if you knew his pure heart's



You'd quickly learn to know him by his voice.

Sil. Sir Protheus, as I take it.'
Pro. Sir Protheus, gentle lady, and your servant.
Sil. What is


171 Pro. That I may compass your's.

Şil. You have youv wish ; my will is even this.
That presently you hie you home to bed.
Thou subtle, perjur'd, false, disloyal man!
Think'st thou, I am so shallow, so conceitless,
To be seduc'd by thy flattery,
That hast deceived so many with thy vows ?
Return, return, and make thy love amends.
For me-by this pale queen of night, I swear, 18a
I am so far from granting thy request,
That I despise thee før thy wrongful suit i
And by and bye intend to chide myself,
Even for this time I spend in talking to thee.

Pro. I grant, sweet love, that I did love a lady;
But she is dead.

Jul. [ Aside.] 'Twere false, if I should speak it ;
For, I am sure, she is not buried.

Sil. Say, that she be, yet Valentine, thy friend,
Survives ; to whom, thyself art witness, 190
I am betroth'd And art thou not asham'd
To wrong him with thy importunacy?

Pro. I likewise hear, that Valentine is dead.

Șil. And so, suppose, 'ain l; for in his grave,
Assure thyself, my love is buried.
Pro. Sweet lady, let me rake it from the earth.


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Sil. Go to thy lady's grave, and call her's thence ; Or, at the least, in her's sepulchre thine.

Jul. [ Aside.] He heard not that.

Pro. Madam, if that your heart be so obdurate, Vouchsafe me yet your picture for my love, 201 The picture that is hanging in your chamber; To that I'll speak, to that I'll sigh and weep : For, since the substance of your perfect self Is else devoted, I am but a shadow; And to your shadow will I make true love. Jul. [ Aside.] If 'twere a substance, you would,

sure, deceive it, And make it but a shadow, as I am.

Sil. I am very loath to be your idol, sir; But, since your falsehood, shall become you well 210 To worship shadows, and adore false shapes, Send to me in the morning, and I'll send it: And so, good rest.

Pro. As wretches have o'er night, That wait for execution in the morn.

[Exeunt PROTHEUS, and SILVIA. Jul. Host, will you go? Host. By my hallidom, I was fast asleep. Jul. Pray you, where lies Sir Protheus ?

Host. Marry, at my house: Trust me, I think, 'tis almost day.

Jul. Not so; but it hath been the longest night That e'er I watch'd, and the most heaviest. . [Exeunt,



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