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Sanc ti mo ny, s. saintliness Tem pe ra ment, s. constitution
Sanc tu a ry, s. a holy place Tem pe ra ture, s. constitution of
Scan da lous ly, ad. shamefully

nature Se mi qua ver, s. a note in musick Tem po ra ry, a. lasting only for a Se mi vow el, s. a consonant which time

makes an imperfect sound Ten ant a ble, a. fit to be held by a Sen su al ist, s. a carnal person tenant Sen su al ly, ad. in a sensual man- Trac ta ble ness, s. compliance per

U Se pa ra ble, a. that may be sepa. Ul ti mate ly, ad. in the last conses rated

quence Ser vice a ble, a. useful

U ri na ry, a. relating to urine
Shat ter brain ed, a. inattentive U su al ly, ad. commonly
Sher if fal ty, s. office of a sheriff Ut ter a ble, a. expressible
Shoul der clap per, s. who affects


Va ri a ble, a.' changeable Shoulder shot ten, a. strained in Ve geta ble, s. all sorts of plants the shoulder

Ve ne ra ble, a, to be regarded with Singu lar ly, ad. particularly Slan der ous ly, ad. calumniously Ver si fi er, s. a maker of verses, So li ta ry, a. living alone, s. one Vi gorous ly, ad. forcibly living alone

Vir tu ally, ad. in effect
Spat ter dash es, s. covering for Vir tù ous ly, ad. in a virtuous man-

the legs
Spec u la tive, a. theoretical Vi sion a ry, a. imaginary
Spec u la tor, s, an observer Vo lun ta ry, a. willing
Spi ri tu ous, a. vived

Sta tion a ry, a, fixed

War an ta ble, a justifiable Stu (i ous ly, ad. attentively, Wa ter colours, s. colours made use Sub se quent ly, ad. afterwards of by painters, Sump tu ous ly, ad. expensively Wa ter mel on, s. a plant T

Wea ther beat en, a. seasoned by Tá ber na cle, s. a tent [face the weather Ta bu lat ed, a. having a flat sur- Won der ful ly, ad. in a wonderful Te di ous ly, ad. irksomely




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Words of four sillables accented upon the second.

Ab bre vi ate, v a. to shorten A'c cliv i ty, s. steepness.
Ab do mi nal, 1 a. relating to the Ac com pa ny, v a. to join with
Ab do mi pous, S abdomen Ac com plish ment, s. completion
A bo mi nate, v a. to abhor

Accordingly, ad. agreeably
A bor tive ly, ad. immaturely Ac cos ta ble, a. easy of access
A bor tive ness, s. state of abortion Ac coun ta ble, a. responsible for
Ab ste mi ous, a. temperate

Accu mu late, v a. to pile up Accen tu al, a. relating to the ac- Ac cu sa ble, a. blameable cent3

Aç cu sa tive, a. a term of grammar Ac ces si ble. a. which may be ap- Ac cu sa tive, a. of the fourth case proached

of aneun Ac ci pi ent, S. a receiver

A ci du late, v 2. to tinge with acids.

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Acknowl edge ment, s. confession As sur ed ly, ad. certainly of the truth

As tro lo ger, s. one skilled in the Ad di cion al, a, which is added

stars Ad ja cen cy, s. the state of lying As tro lo gy, s. the science concern

ing the stars
A do ra ble, a. that ought to be a. A to mi cal, a. relating to ators

A tro cious ly, ad. in a wicked mans
Ad ven tur er, s. one who ventures ner,
Ad ver tise ment, s. information A tro ci ty, s. horrible wickedness
A dul ter ate, v a. to corrupt by At tain a ble, a, that may be obtain-

A dul te ry, s. violation of the bed At tor ney ship, s. the office of an
of a married person

Af fec tion ate, a. full of affection A vail a ble, a. profitable
Af fi ni ty, s. relation oy marriage su da ci ty, s. boldness
Af fir ma tive, a. that which af. A vi di ty, s. greediness

Aus te ri ty, s. severity
A gra rian, a. relating to fields Au then ti cate, v a, to establish
Ai chy mi cal, 4. relating to alchy- authority

Au to ma ton, 8. a machine having
Ain bas sa dor, s. one sent upon pub-

power of motion within itself lick business

B Am mo ni ac, s. a gum

Bar ba ri ty, s. savageness Am phi bi ous, a. that can live in Be at i tude, s. blessedness two elements

Be nef i cent, a, kind
An ni hi late, va, to destroy Be ne vo lence, s. kindness
An nu me rate, v a. to add to a for- Be nig ni ty, s. graciousness
mer number

Bru ta li ty, s. savageness
An nun ci ate, y a. to bring tidings Buf foon e ry, s. low jests
An ti po des, s. they who live on the Ca la mi tous, a. miserable
other side of the globe,

Ca lam i tk, s. misfortune A po cry pha, s. books added to the Cal los i ty, s. a swelling without sacred scriptures

pain A pos tro phe, s. a figure in, rheto- Ca lum ni ate, v a. to slander

rick, a mark in writing Ca ni cu lar, a. belonging to the dog Ap pro pri ate, v a. to sign to a par- star ticular use

Ca non i cal, a. according to the color Ap prov å ble, a. worthy of apprcbation

Ca pit u late, v n. to surrender on A rid i ty, s. dryness

certain stipulations A rith me tick, 3. the science of Car na li ty, s. lust numbers

Ca tho li can, s. an universal media
Ar ti cu late, v a. to form words cine
Artificer, s. an artist

Ce le bri ous, a. famous
Ar til le ry, s, cannon &c.

Ce le bri ty, s. fame A scris a ble, a. which may be as- Ce le ri ty, s. swiftness cribed

Chi ca ne'ry, s. sophistry As saj si nate, v a. to murder

Chi rur gi cal, a. belonging to strAs şi du ous, a: constant in applica- gery tion

Chro nom e ter, s. an instrument for As sign a ble, a. which may be as- measuring time sigue:

Co ag u late, y a, to force into cons As si mi late, v a. to counterfeit



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Co in ci dent, a. happening at the Con ven ti cle, s. a secret assemble same time

Con ver sa ble, a. qualified for cono. Col le gi ate, a. containing a college versation Com e di an, s. a player

Con ver vi ble, as susceptible of Com men su rate, a. equal to

change Com mem o rate, v a. to preserve Cor rob o rate, v a. to strengthen the memory,

Cor rud ti ble, a. that may be cor." Com mit ta ble, a. liable to be com- rupted mitted

Cos mop o lite, s. a citizen of the Com mo dious, a. convenient

world Com mod i ty, s, interest

D Com mu ni cant, s. one who com- De bi li ty, s, weakness municates

De ca den cy, s. decay Com mu ni cate, v a, to impart De cap i tate, v a, to behead Com mu ni ty, s. the body politick De cep ti ble. a. liable to be deceived Com par a tive, a. relative De ci sive ly, ad. conclusiyely Com pa ri son, s. a simile

De cla ra ble, a. capable of proof Com pa ti ble, a. suitable

De cre pi tude, s. last stage of decay Com pa tri'ot, s. one of the same De cum ben cy, s. act of lying down country

De du cible, a. collectible Com pen di ous, a. short

De for mi tý, s. ugliness Com port a ble, a. consistent De ject ed iy, ad. in a dejected mart Com pos i tor, s. he who adjusts the types in printing

De is ti cal, a. belonging to deists Com pul so ry, a. having the power De lec ta ble, a. pleasing of compelling

De li be rate, a. circumspect te nate, v a. to link together. De li cious nes3,5. delighi...
Con ca vi ty, s. inside of a hollow De li ri ous, a. raving

De li ver ance, s. surrender, rescue Con ceal a ble, a. that may be con- De mo ni ac, s. one possessed by the cealed

Devil Con dem na ble, a. blameable De mon stra tive, a. power of deCon fa bu late, v n. to chat together monstration Con fec tion er, s. one who makes De ni a ble, ą. that may be denied sweet meats

(sion De pra vi ty, s. corruption Con fes sion al, a. relating to confes- De pre ci ate, v a. to undervalue Confirm ed ness, s. a confirmed De sir a ble; a. worthv of desire state

Dic ta tor ship, s. the office of droCon for ma ble, a, agreeable to

tator Con for mi ty, s. resemblance Di la ce rate, v a. to tear, to rend Con ge ni al, a. partaking of the Di lu ci date, v a. to make clear same genius

Dis cer ni ble, a. perceptible Con nec tive ly, ad. in conjunction Dis con so late, a, without comfort Con sid er ate, a. prudent

Dis cov e ry, s. the act of finding Con spi ra cy, s. a plot

what was hidden Con spi ra tor, s. one who plots Dis cri mi nate, v a. to mark Con sum a ble, a. that may be çon. Dis fi gure ment, s. defacement sumed

Dis ho nes ty, s. want of probity Con tam i náte, v a. to defile Dis or der ly, ad. confusedly Con tempt i ble, a. worthy of con- Dis par age ment, s. injurious comtempt

parison Con ti nu ance, s. permanence sion ate, a. calm Con trol a ble, a. subject to control Dis pen sa ry, s. a place where mg: Con ve ni ence, s. fitness,

dicines are dispensed

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Dis qual i fy, v a. to unfit

Even ti late, v a. to winnow Dis qui e tude, s. uneasiness Exag ge rate, v a. to heighten by Dis quis i tion, s.gexamination

representation Dis sol va ble, a. capable of dissolu- Ex clu sive ly, ad. without partici; tion

pation Dis tract ed ly, ad. madly

Ex en pli fy, v a. to illustrate Di ver si ty, s. difference

Ex on er ate, v a. to unburden Di yi si ble, a. capable of being di- Ex or bi tance, s. enormity vided

Ex pe di ence, s. fitness
Do ci li ty, s. aptness to be taught Ex pe ri ment, s. trial of any kind
Dupli ci ty, 3. deceit.

Ex pli cit ly, ad, plainly

Ex po si tor, s. an expounder
E con o my, s. frugality

Ex tem pore, ad. without premed. Ef fec tu al, a. powerful

itation *Ef flu vium; s. particles flying off Exten u ate, v a. to lessen from bodies

Ex ter mi nate, v a. lo root oat E gre gi ous, a. eminent

Ex tra va gance, s. wildness E la bo rate, a. requiring tabour Ex tra va gant, a. wasteful E ma ci ate, von. to lose flesh Ex u be rance, s. luxuriance Eman ci pate, v a. to set free Ex u be rate, v n. to abound greatly Em bas sa dor, ene sent on publick

F business

Fa ci li ty, s. easiness
Em broi de ry, s. yariegated needle Fasti di cus a. disdainful

Fa tu i ty, s. foolishness
E mer gen cy, 5. sudden occasion Feli ci tate, v a, to make happy
E mo lu ment, s. profit

Fe ro ci ty, s. savageness
Em pha ti cal, a. forcible

Fer men ta tive, a. causing fermenEn cour age ment, s. support

tation En thu si asm, s. heat of imagina. Fer til i wy, s. fruitfulness tion

Fic ti tious ly, ad. falsely En thu si ast, s. one of warm ideas Fi de lity, s. faithfulness En tic ing ly, ad. in a winning man- Forget ful ness, s. oblivion

Fra gi li ty, s. brittleness E phe me ral, a. lasting only for Fu tu ri ty, s. time to come one day,

G E phe me ris, s. a journal Geo gra phy, s. knowledge of the E pi to mise, v a. to abstract

earth E ques tri an, a. skilled in horsman- Geom e ter, s. one skilled in geomeship

try E qui ya lent, a. equal in value Geome try, s. the science of quanE quiv o cate, v n. to use words of

tity double meaning

Gram i ne ous, a. grassy E ra di cate, v a. to pull up by the Gram ma ri an, s. one who knows roots

grammar E ru gi nous, a. of the nature of Gram ma ti cal, a belonging to copper

E stab lish ment, s. settlement Gran niv o rous, a.' eating grain
É ter ni ty, s. duration without end Gra tu i tous a. voluntary
E van ge list, s. a writer of the Gra tu i ty, s. a recompence
Christian laws

Grega ri 'ous, a. going in ficcks
E van ge lize, v a. to instruct in the

Christian law

Ha bil i ment, s, dress
va po rate, v n, to fly away in Har mo ni ous, a. musical

Heb dom a dal, a. weekly


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In cre di ble, a, not to be credited

High spir it ed, a, bold, forward Im


ba ble, a. unlikely Hi la ri ty, s. merriment

Im pro per ly, ad. not fitly His tor i cal, a. pertaining to history Im prov' a ble, a, capable of being Nu ma ni ty, s. tenderness

advanced Hu mi di ty, s. moisture

Im pu ni ty, s. freedom from punHumility, s. modesty

ishment Hy dro gra pher, s. one who draws Im pu ta ble, a. accusable maps of the sea

In ac cu rate, a. notexact Hy dro gra phy, s. description of the In ad e quate, a. not equal to waters of the globe

In animate, a. void of life Hy drom e ter, s. an instrument to In ar a ble a. to be tilled measure moisture of the air

In ca pa ble, a. unable
Hy po cri sy, s. dissimulation In cer ti tude, s. uncertainty
Hyste rical, a. troubled with the fits In ces tu ous, a. guilty of incest

In clin a ble, a. disposed to
I con o clast, s. a breaker of images In com pe tent, a. not adequate
I den ti cal, a. the same

In con gru ous, a. inconsistent I den ti ty, s. the same thing In cor po ral, a. immaterial I dol a trous, a. tending to idolatry In cor po rate, v a. to mix together I dol a try, s. the worship of idols In cor po rate, v n. to unite i do ne ous, a. proper, fit Ull fa vour ed, a. deformed

a. hopeless Il lite rate, a. unlettered

In de fi nite, a. not limited Ill na tur ed, a. cross, peevish In del i ble, a. not to be effaced Il lu mi nate, v a. to enlighten In dem ni fy, v a. to secure Im mis ci ble, a. not to be mingled In di ge nous, a. native of a country Im mo de rate, a. excessive In dig ni ty, s. contumely Im modes ty, s. want of modesty In dus tri ous, a. diligent Im mo la tion, s the act of sacrific- In ef fi ble, a. unspeakable ing

In ele gance, s. want of elegance Im move a ble, a. not to be shaken In err a bly, ad. infallibly Im mu ni ty, s. privilege

In fa tu ate, v a, to strike with folIm mu si cal, a. inharmonious

ly Im mu ta ble, a. unchangeable In fin i tude, s. immensity Im pal pa ble, a. net perceived by In fir ma ry, s. lodging for the sick the touch

In fir mi ty, s. weakness Im pa ri ty, s. inequality

In Aam ma ble, a. easy to be set on Im pa 'tient ly, ad. eagerly

Im peach a ble, a. accusable In fiex i ble, a. not to be bent
Im pe di ment, s. hindrance In fran ge ble, a. not to be broken
Im pe ni tent, a, obdurate

In fu'si ble, a, not to be melted
Im pe ri al, a. of an Emperor In ge ni ous, a, inventive
Im pe ri ous, a. haughty

In ge nu ous, a. open, generous Im per so nal, a. not varied accor- In glo ri ous, a. void of honour ding to persons

In gra ti ate, v a. to put in favour Im per' ti nent, a, untimely

In gra ti tude, s. untbankfulness Im pe tu ous, a. violent

In ha bi tant, sa dweller Im pla ca ble, a. with malice

In he ri tance, s. patrimony Im pli cit ly, ad. with unreserved In i mi cal, a. hostile obedience

In i qui ty, s. wickedness Im po li tick, a. imprudent

In ju ri ous, a, unjust Im pos si ble, a. not to be done In oc u late, v a. to propigate by In preg na ble, a. not to be moved insertion Im* pri son ment, s. confinement In o do rous, a, wanting scent

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