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In op i nate, a. not expected Mis ma nage ment, s. ill conduct In or di nate, a. irregular

Mo nar chi cal, a. having the power In qui e tude, s. want of quiet

vested in a single person In san i ble, a. incurable

Mo nop o lize, v a. to engross the In si di ous, a, treacherous

sale of any commodity In si nu ate, v a. to advance into no. Mo not o nous, a. haying the same tice, tu hint

sound In si pi ence, s. folly

Mora li ty, s. the doctrine of the In so lu ble, a. not to be dissolved duties of life In te gri ty, s. honesty

Mor da city, s. a biting quality In tel li gent, a. knowing

Mu ni ci pal, a. belonging to a con In tem pe rate, a. immoderate

poration In ten tion al, a. designed

Mu nif i cence, s. liberality In tol er ant; a. not enduring

Mu nifi cent, a. generous In trac ta ble, a. ungovernable Mys te ri ous, a. beyond reason In va li date, v a. to weaken. My tho logy, s. system of fables In vet er ate, a. long established

In vi go rate, v a. to strengthen Na ti vi ty, s. birth
In vin ci ble, a. unconquerable Neces si tous, a. pressed with want
In vi si ble, a. not to be seen Neces si ty, s. want

I ras ci ble, a, disposed to anger Ne fa ri ous, a, wicked
-I ron i cal, a. expressing one thing Neu fra li ty, s. indifference
and meaning another

Noc ti fe rous, a. bringing night
Ir ra tion al, a. void of reason No to ri ous, a. publickly known
Ir rev er ence, s. want of veneration No vi ci ate, a. the state of a novice
I tin e rant, a. wandering

Nu me ri cal, a. denoting number

Tu cun di ty, s. pleasantness o be di ent, a, submissive
Ju di cious ly, ad. wisely

Ob li te rate, v a. to efface
Ju rid i cal, a. according to law Ob scu ri ty, s. darkness

Ob se qui ous, a. obedient
La bo ri ous, a. diligent in work Ob tain a ble, a. that may be pro-
Le gi ti mate, a. born in marriage cured
Le gu mi nous, a, belonging to pulse Oe co no mist, s. a good manager
Li bi di nous, a. lustful

Om ni po tent, a. almighty Libra ri an, s. who has the care of a Omnici ence, s, infinite wisdom library

[liberty Op pro bri ous, a. disgraceful Li cen tious ly, ad. with too much Or bi cu lar, a. spherical Lieu ten an cy, s. the office of a lieu-. O ri gi nal, a. primitive tenant

Ortho gra phy, s. the art of spelling Long suf fer ing, a. patient

P -Lux u ri ous, a. voluptuous Pa ra ly sis, s. a palsy

Pa ren the sis, s. a mark in writing Mag nif i cence, s. grandeur Partici pate, v a. to partake of Ma le vo lence, s. ill will

Par ti cu lar, a. not general Ma lig ni ty, s, malice

Pa ter ni ty, s. fathership [served Me lo di ous, a, musical

Per cep ti ble, a. that may be obo Me trop o lis, s. the chief city of a Pe ren ni al, a. perpetual country

Per pe tu al, a. never ceasing Min or i ty, s. the state of being un- Per plex i ty, s. anxiety

Per son i fy, va. to change from a Mira cu lous, a. done by miracles

a Mis an thro py, s. hatred of man- Phi lo so phy, s. natural or morat

knowledge K



der age

Philbo to my, s. blood letting Sim pli city, s. plainness
Pira ti cal, a.consisting in robbery Sin ce ri ty, s. frankness
Politi cal, a. relating to politicks So li ci tor, s. one who pelitions
Polig a my, s. plurality of wives So li di ty, s. firmness
Po mi fe rous, a. bearing apples So phis ti cal, a. fallacious
Pon ti ti cate, s. Papavy

Stu pi di ty, s. dulness
Pos te ri ty, s, offspring [art Sub or di nate, a inferiour in order
"rac ti tion er, s. one exercising an Sub stan ti al, a. real, solid
Pre ca ri ous, a. dependant Su.per fu ous, a. exuberant
Pre ci pi tance,'s. haste

Sup port a ble, a. tolerable Pre ci pi tate, a. headlong

Su pre ma cy, s. highest authority Pre do mi nance, s. superiority Sus cep ti ble, a. capable of admitPre do mi nate, vn. to prevail

ting Pre no mi nate, v a. to forename Sym bo li cal, a. typical Pre rog a tive, 5. peculiar advantage Symphoni ous, a. harmonious Pre ser va tive, s. that preserves Sy no ny mous, a. of the same import Profession al, a. relating to a calling

T Pro fes sor ship, s. the office of a Te me ri ty, s. rashness publick teacher

Te nu i ty, s. thinness Pro fun di ty, s. depth

Te pi di ty, s. lukewarmness Pro gres sion al, a. advancing The olo gist, s. a divine Pro lix i ty, s, a tiresome length Trans fer a ble, a. that may be transPro pen si ty, s. inclination

ferred Pro pin qui ty, s. nearness Ty pog ra phy, s. the art of printing Pro pi ti ate, v a. to conciliate Ty ran ni eal, a. cruel

Pro pi tious ly, ad. favourably

Pro por tion ate, a. properly adjusted Un blam a ble, a. not culpable
Pro pri e ty, s. juştness

Un brother ly, a. not suiting a bro.. Pro vi sion al, a. providing for


Un cour te ous, a, uncivil
Re an i mate, v a. to revive Un cul pa ble, a. not blamable
Re'ci pro cal, a. alternate

Un go vern ed, a. not governed
Re frac to ry, a. obstinate

Un na tu ral, a. contrary to nature Re ge ne rate, v a. to renew Un peace a 3le, a. quarrelsome Re mark a ble, a. worthy of notice Un plau si ble, a. not plausible Re mov a ble, a. that may be re- Un po pu lar, a. not popular moved

Un stead i ly, ad. unconstantly Re mu ne rate, v a. to reward Un u su al, a, not common Re peat ed ly, ad. over and over Un wit ting ly, ad. ignorantly Re pub li can, s. one who wishes to Up hols ter er, s. who furnishes.

have a republican government houses Re spect a ble, a, deserving respect Uxo ri ous, a. over fond of a wife Retriev a ble, a. that may be re


Va li di ty, s. efficacy
Re turn a ble, a. allowed to be re- Ve na-li ty, s. prostitution

Ve lo ci ty, s. speed
Rever be rate, v n. tobound back Vene re ous, a. lustful
· Ri di cu lous, a. worthy of laughter Vicinity, s. neighborhood

Vir gi ni ty, s. the purity of a virSa lu brious, a. wholesome

gin Sep (en trion, s. the north

Vi ri li ty, s. manhood Se re ni ty, s. calmness

Vo lup tu ous, a. luxurious Se ri ous ness, s, gravity

Vora ci trasgreediness For yil i ty, s. meanness

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Words of fona Syllables accented upon the third.

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Að o li tion, s. act of abolishing Con ju ga tion, si act of uniting å ca de mick, a. relating to a uni- Con se quen tial, a, conclusive versity

Con stel la tion, s. a cluster of stars Ac ci den tal, a. happening by Con'stèr na tion, s. amazement chance

Con ten pla tion, s. study Aç quisi tion, s the thing acquired Con ver sa tion, s. familiar 'disAd a man tine, a. häving the quali- Course ties of adamant

Con vo ca tion, so an assembly of Ad mi ra tion, s. wonder

< A do les cence, s. youthfulness Cor res pon dent;'a. suitable

Ad van tage ous, a. profitable Coun ter bal lance, s. opposite
A'du la tor", s. a flatterer (ing weight
Af fir ma tion, so the act of affirm- Coun ter te nor, 8. a middle part content
Ali men tal, a. that nourishes

musick Alliga tor, s. the crocodite of A. Cul'ti va tion, s. improvemeut in Dierica

general An no ta tion, s. explication

D An no ta tor, s. a writer of notes De can ta tion, s. act of decanting A pas tol ick, a. taught by the A- De ci ma tion, s. tithing postles

De cla ma tion, s. an harangue At para tus, s. tools, furniture De cli na tion, s. obliguity Ap po si tion, s. the putting two De di ca tion, s. act of dedicating nouns in the same case

De di ca tor, s

one who inscribes Ar bi tra tor, s. a judge chosen by his work to a patron with com

both parties to determine be- pliment
tween thein

De gra da tion, s. degeneracy, baseArti'ficial, a. not natural

[ing At tes ta tion, s. evidence

De le ga tion, s. commission, a sendAug men ta tion, s. an increase De

po si tion, 3. testimony C

De ie lic tion, s. an utter försaking Cå la min co, s, a kind of stuff Des pe ra tion, s. despair Ca te na tion s. link after link De tes ta tion, s. abhorrence Cir eum spec tion, s. caution De tri men tal, s. mischievous Cir cum stan tial, a. accidental. De vas ta tion, s. waste, havock Coex is tence, s. existence at the Dia bolick, a. devilish same time

Di mi nu-tion, s. act of lessening Có gì ta tion, S. thought

Dis ad yan tage, s. loss, injnry Com pen sa tion, s. recompense

Dis af fect ed, a. ill disposed Com pe tition, s. rivalry

Dis af fec tion, s. want of zeal for Con pli ca tion, S. a mixture

the reigning Prince Com pli men tal, a. expressive of Dis a greement, S. difference respect

Dis com posure, s. disorder Com pre hen sion, s. capacity Dis in her it, v a. to deprive of inCon pre hen sive, a. having the

heritance power of comprehending Dis pen så tion, s. exemption Cop do na tion, s. pardoning Dis pro por tion, s. unsuitableness Con fir ma tion, s. proof

Dis pu ta tion, s. controversy Con for ma tion, s. the act of pro- Dis til la tion, s. act of falling in ducing suitableness




Dis tri bu tion, s. act of distributing. In for ma tion, s. intelligence
Di u ret ick, a. provoking urine In ju di cial, a. not according to law.

In qui na tion, s. pollution
E du ca tion, s. knowledge

In spi ra tion, s. drawing of the E le giack, a. mournful

breath E le ya tion, s. dignity

In sti ga tion, s, incitement y lo cui tion, s. eloquence

In sti tụ tion, s. establishmentE mu la tion, s. contest

In ter min gle, v a. to mix one thing E qui noc tial, s. the great line en- with another

compassing the earth at equal In un da tion, s. overflowing of wa

distance from each pole Ir ri ta tion, s. provocation E qui noc tial, a. pertaining to the

J equinox

Ju bi la tion, s. the act of declaring E. ruc ta tion, s. belching

triumph E ver las ting, a. perpetual Ja cu la tion, s. throwing Ex cla ma tion, s. outcry

Ju ris diction, s. extent of power Exhor tå tio:1, s. incitement to good Ju' ris pru dence, s, the science of Ex pec ta tion, s. act of expecting law Ex pe di tion, s. haste

L Ex pla na tion, s. the sense given Le gis la ture, s. the power of maEx pli ca tion, s. ifterpretation

king laws

[lines F

Li ne a tion, s. draught of a line or Fall ing sick ness, s. epilepsy

Fas ci na tion, s, enchantinent Ma chi na tion, s, artifice
Fir ma men tal, a. celestial

Ma cu la tion, s. a stain For ni ca tion, s. commerce with an Ma the ma ticks, s. the science that unmarried person

comprehends whatever can be. G

numbered or measured Gene

ra tion, s. act of begetting, Me di a tion, s. interposition family

Me di a toy, S. an intercessor Gra du a tion, s. regular progres- Me di a trix, s. a female mediator. sion

Me mo ran dom, s. a note to help Gra tu la tion, s. salutation of joy Gra vi ta tion, s. act of tending to Men su ra tion, s. the art of measa the centre

uring I

Me te mor phose, v a. to change the. Im ma ture ly, ad. too soon

form Iin mo la tion, s. act of sacrificing Mis be ha viour, s. ill conduct Im pre ca tion, s. a curse

Miscen cep tion, s. a wrong notion ia tion, s. a censure

Mis re la tion, s. a false relation In ca pa cious, a, narrow

Miş re mem ber, v a. to mistake by Ja cli na tion, s, affection

trusting to the memory co he rent, a, inconsistent Mo der a tion, s, which consists free In con coc tion, s. not digested

from extremes In con sis tent, a, absurd

Mu ți la tion, s. deprivation of some In gor reçt ness, s. inaccuracy

essential paits. In cul ca tion, s. frequent admoni

N 'tion

No men cla tor, s. one who calls the In de vo tion, s, irreligion In di ca tian, s. á mark

Nomen cla ture, s. a list of names In di ges ted, a, not formed No mi na tion, s. act of appointing In dis creetly, ad. with it prudence Non con for mist, s. one who refuses In clis cré tion, s. imprudence

to join in the established wor-In fa ma tion, s. heat


the memory

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Im pul


on resistancc, s. the principat of 'Re pa ra tion, s. amends
not opposing

Re pre hen sion, s. reproof

Re sig na tion, s. act of resigning Ob jur ga tion, s. reproof

Re so lu tion, s. determination Ob ser væ tion, s. a remark

Res pi ra tion, s. act of breathing Ob tes ta tion, s. supplication

Res ti tu tion, s. act of restoring, Oe ci den tal, a. western

Re sur rec tion, s. return from the Os cu pa tion, s. employment

grave Oin ni pre sent; a. present every Re tri bu tion, s. repayment where

Re vo ca tion, s. recalling Ở pen heart ed, a. candid

Re vo lu tion, s. a change in the Oper a tion, s. agency, action

state Or di na tion, s. the act of investing

S one with sacerdotal power Sa cer do tal, a. priestly Orien tal, a, eastern,

Sa cra men tal, a. belonging to a Oi ni men tal, a. serving to decora- sacrament tion

Sa lu ta tion, s. greeting Over flow ing, s. exaberance: Sci en tif ick, a. producing demon Р

strative knowledge
Pal pi ta tion, s. beating of the heart Se mi co lon, s, half a colon
Pe cu là tion, s. robbery of the pub-- Se questration, s. retirement

Si mu la tion, s. pretence
Pe ne tra tion, s. acuteness Spe cu ka tion, 's. méntal view
Pen ny royal, s, an herb

Sple cilator, s. an observer-
Per fo ra tion, s. piercing through Spo li a tion; s, robbery
Per o ra tion, s. the conclusion Sti mu la tion, s.excitement,
Per pe tra tion, s. the act of com- Stran gu là tion, s. suffocation
mitting a crime?

Sub rep ti tious, a. fraudulently oba Per tur ba tion, s. disquiet of mind;... tained 1 &c:

Sub di vi tion, s. act of dividing Pes ti len tial, a. malignant Super lu nar, a. above the moon Po li ti ciao, s. one versed in the arts Su per sti tion, s. over nicety in relis of government

gious duties, false religion Po pu la tion; s. the number of inha: Sup pli ca tion, s. humble petition bitants

Sy co phan tick," a. flattering Pre coi cep' tion, s. previous opin


Ti tu ba tion, s. stumbling Prà de' ter mine, v a. to determine Trans for mia tion, s. change of form before hand.

Trans mu ta tion, s. change into ano Pre di lec tion, s. "partiality"

other nature si tion, s. a part of speech Tri bu la tion, s. distress Pro cla ma-tion; s. publication by T'ri bu ni tial, a. relating to a trix authority

bune Pro po'si tion, s. anything proposed

U for consideration

Un be got ten, a, eternal, not yet cre: Pro se cu tion, s. pursuit

ated Pros ti tu tion,'s. the act of setting Un col lected, a. not colected to sale for vile

purposes Un, der stand ing, S. intellectual R

powers Read mis sion, s. the act of admit- Un de serv ing, a. not having merit ting again

Un suc cess ful, a. not succeeding Recol lec tion, f. revival of memory Un suf fi ci ent, a. ina.lequate Kelax-a tion, s. abatement of ria. Un sup port ed us 90$ sustained gour



Pre po

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