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Ve ge ta tion, s. growth
Ve ne ra tion, s. awful respect

Ven tila tion, s. fanning
Vin di ca tion, s. defence
Vi si ta tion, s. act of visiting


Words of five syllables having the principal accent upon the

second and the secondary upon the fourth.


Ab ste mi ous ly, ad. tempe

E rately

E nun ci a tive, a. declarative A cu ini nated, pointed E pis to la ry, a. relating to letAd ven tu rous ly, ad. boldly ters Affection ate ly, ad. tenderly Ex ception a ble, a. liable to : A non y mous ly, ad. without objection u tor ship, s. office of an Ap pel la to ry, a. containing an executor appeal

Ex cla ma to ry, aa relating to с

exclamation Com mu ni ca ble, 1. that may Ex pla na to ry, a. containing be communicated

explanation Com mu ni ca tive, a. ready to Ex tem po ra ry, a. without pre communicate

meditation Con fe de ra cy, s. a league

F Con si de ra ble, a. valuable Fa cin o rous ness, sa wicked. Co tem po ra ry, a. living in the ness in a high degree. same age

G Con tempt i ble ness, s. vileness Gé ner i cal ly, ad. relating to Con ven tion a ry, a. acting upon genus contract

Η. Co or di nate ly, ad. acting in He re di ta ry, a. descending by the same rank

inheritance Con si de ra ble, a. valuable Il lim i ta ble, a. that cannot be Co par ce na ry, s. a joint claim bounded to an inheritance

Im meas u ra ble, a. immense D

Im meas u ra bly, ad. immensely: De clam a to ry, a. relating to Im me di ate ly, ad. without the practice of declaiming

delay De fam a to ry, a. calumnious Im me di ca ble, a. incurable De ge ne ra cy, S. departure Im mo de rate ly, ad. in an exfrom virtue

cessive degree [gance De li ber a tive, a,, pertaining Im pe ri ously, ad. with arroto deliberation

Im prac ti ca ble, as impossible De ter mi na ble, a. that may be In ac cu ra cy, s. want of exact



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In ad e quately, ad. defectively. La ci vi ous ly, ad, wantonly In calcu la ble, a. not to be com- Le git i ma cy, s. lawfulnegs of puted

birth In cen di a ry, s. who inflames Li bid i nous ly, ad. lustfully In com pa ra ble, a. above com

M parison

Me di ci nal ly, ad. physically In com pe ten cy, s. inability

Me mori al ist, s. who presents In cor ri gi ble, a. beyond cor a memorial rection

Me ri di o nal, a. southern In du bi ta ble, a. undoubted Me tho di cal ly, ad. according In dus tri ous ly, ad. diligently to order In flam ma to ry, a. having the Mu ni fi cent ly, ad. liberally power of inflaming

O In for mi da ble, a. not to be 0. be di ent ly, ad. withobe feared

dience In hos pi ta ble, a. unkind to

P strangers

Per pe tu al ly, ad. continually. In im it able, a. not to be copied Per spi cu ous ly, ad. clearly In ju ri ous ly, ad. wrongfully Po lit i cal ly, ad. with policy In na vi ga ble, a. not to be Pre li mi na ry, a. previous, & passed by sailing

something introductory In so ci a ble, a. averse to con- Pre mo ni to ry, a. previous versation

ly advising In suf fer a ble, a. intolerable Pro hi bi to ry, a. forbidding In su pe ra ble, a. invincible Pro mis cu ous ly, ad. indiscri: In tem pe rate ly, ad. immode- minately rately

Pro por tion a ble, a, adjusted In ter mi na ble, a. unbounded. by comparitive relation In to le ra ble, a. insufferable

R: In tu i tive ly, ad. by immediate Ré ci pro cal ly, ad. mutually perception

Re ver sion a ry, a. to be enjoy: In va ri a ble, a. unchangeable. ed in succession. In va ri a bly, ad. constantly

S In ve te ra cy, s. obstinacy Sig nifi can cy, s. meaning In vi o la ble, a. not to be in- Spon ta ne ous ly, ad. volunta jured

rily In voł un ta ry, a. not by will Sti pen

di a ry, s. one who

perIn vul ne ra ble, a. not to be forms a service for stated wounded

hire Ir re ve rent ly, ad. without due Sti pen dia ry, a. receiving stats respect

ed salaries L

U La bo ri ous ly, ad. with labour Un cha ri ta ble, a. wanting La con i cal ly, ad. concisely, charity briefly

Une qui ta ble, a, not just

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Un fash ion a'ble, a. not mo. Un ne ces sa ry, a. needless dish

(ous Un


la ta ble, a, nauseous Un fa vour a ble, a. unpropiti- Un par do na ble, a. not to be Un gentle man ly, ad. illiberal forgiven Un mea su ra ble, a. boundless Un cer vice a ble, a. useless Un mer chant a ble, a. not sale

V able

Victoriously, ad. triumphantly Un mit i gated, a, not softened Vo ca bu la ry, s. a dictionary. Un na tu rally ad. against na- Vo lup tu a ry, s. one given to ture

(navigated pleasure Un na vi ga ble, a. not to be


Words of five syllables having the principal accent upon the third

and the secondary upon the first.

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Ad van tage: ous ly, ad. pro- Cir 'cum am bi ent, a. encom-fitably

passing Ali men ta ry, a.- having the Cir.cum am bu late, v n. to walk-power of nourishment


[ble Al le go ri cal, a. having the Com pre hen si ble, a. intelligia?

form of an allegory Con san guin i ty, s. relation by Al pha bet i cal, a. according to blood

the series of letters Con tra dic to ry, a. inconsistent An a lyt i cal, a. that which re

with solves into first principles *Cre di bi li ty, s. claim to credit An ni ver sa ry, s. a day cele

D. brated every year,

Dic ta to ri al, a, authoritative Ana to mi cal, a. relating to-Diabo li cal, a. devilish, cursed anatomy

Dia me tri cal, a. belonging to A po plec ti cal, a. relating to a diameter

Dis s. ? Å ris. Po cracy, s. government Di u tur ni tys. length of du

in the hands of the nobles ration As tro no mi cał, a. belonging

E to astronomy

Ele men ta ry, a. uncompounded. A the is ti cal, a. belonging to E pidemical, a. existing at once Atheism

like a plague A vo ri cious ly, à. covetously. E qua ni mi ty, s. evenness of B

mind Bib li o the cal, as belonging to E qua to ri al, a, relating to thit. a library

equator C

E qui la te ral, a. having all Ca the gor i cal, a absolute

sides equal

E qui li bri um, s. equipoise Ir re du ci ble, a. not to be rea' E qui pon de rancé, s. equality duced

of weight (words Ir re fat a ble, a. not to be over E ty mo lo gy, si derivation of

thrown by argument F

Ir re mis si ble, a. not to be par: Flam ma bil i ty, s. quality of

doned being set on fire

Ir re trive a ble, a. irrecoverable Flex i bi li ty, s. pliency Ju vi ni li ty, s. youthfulness Fu si bil i ty, s. capacity of be-.

P ing melted

Pa ra bo li cal, s. expressed by G

similitude Ge ne ro si ty, s. liberality Par a dox i cal, a, of the nature Ge o gra phi cal, a. relating to of a paradox geography

Par a phras ti cal, a. not lileeral H Н


pe tu i ty, s. duration to all Hos pi ta li ty, s. the practice of futurity entertaining strangers Per spe cu i ty, s. cleárness I

Plau si bil i ty, s. speciousness 'Il le gi ti mate, a. unlawfully be- Poly syl la ble, a. a word of gotten

many syllables Im be ci li ty, s. weakness Po pu lar i ty, s, tavour of the Im ma te ri al, a. unimportant people Im ma tu ri ty, s. unripeness

Pos si bil i ty, ś. power Im per sua si ble, a. not to be Pri mo ge ni ture, s. seniority persuaded

Punc tu al i ty, s. exactness In ar ti cu late, a. not uttered Pu si lan i mous, a. cowardly with distinctness

S In ci vi li ty, s. want of courtesy Sen su al i ty, s. corporeal płeaIn con si de rate, a. thoughtlessIn con sis ten cy, s, absurdity Si mi lar i ty, s. likeness In con spi cuous, a. indiscerna- Sin gular i ty, s. some remark, ble

able quality In cre du li ty, s. hardness of Su per na tu ral, a. above nature belief

Sup ple men ta ry, a. additional In de fen si ble, a. that cannot

T be maintained

Ta ci tur ni ty, s. habitual siIn dis criminate, a. without dis lence tinction

Tes ta men ta ry, a. giving by In di vi du al, a. single


[dence In ef fec tu al, a. without effect Tes ti mo ni al, a. a written evi...' In ex cu sa ble, a. not to be excused

Un de feas si ble, a. not to be. In ge nu i ty, s. invention

annulled In har nao ni ous, a. unmụsical Un de ni a ble, a. not to be. In sup port a ble, a. intolerable gainsayed.


U ni for mi ty, s. of one fòrm
U ni ver si ty, s. where all the Vo lu bi li ty, s. fluency. of

arts and sciences are taught



Words of six syllables, accented variously.


Andi mo

mo nár chi cal, a. against the In de ter mi ná tion, s.'want of det: government by one person

termination An ti par a lýt ick, a. efficacious In dis crí mi nate ly, ad. without against the palsy

distinction Anti pes ti lén tial, a. efficacicus In dis pên sa ble ness, s. necessity against the plague

In dis pú ta ble ness, s. certainty, Cir crm ná vi ga ble, a. which may. In dís so lu ble ness, s. indissolubilibe sailed round

ty. Dis in gé ni ous ness, s. low craft In di vi du á tion, s. which makes Dis pro pór tion a ble, a. unsuitable an individual in equality

In ef fa bél i ty, s. unspeakableness Dis qua lifi cá tion, s. that disqua- In ef féc tu al ly, ad. without effects lifies

In ef féc tu al ness, s. inefficacy Ec.cle si fis ti cal, a. relating to the. In er ra bí li tý, s. exemption from church

error Ex com mu ni ca tion, s. an eccle. In ex cú sa ble niess, s. enormity not siastical interdict

to be forgiven He te ro clítical, a. deviating from In fe ri or i ty, s. lower state of digthe common rule


(meaning He te ro gé ni al, a. not of the same. In hós pit ta ble ness, s. want of nature

In hos pi tál i ty, s. S hospitality He te ro gé ne ous, a. not the same In sép a ra ble ness, s. which canHle gít ima cy, S. state of bastardy not be divided

(ing Il le gtt i mate ly, ad. not begotten In sig níf i can cy, s. want of meain wedlock

In ter róg a to ry, a. containing a * Il le git i má tion, S. the state of

question not being begotten in wedlock In vót un ta rily, ad. not by choice Im me.thó di cal ly, ad. without Ir re con cíl a ble, a. not to be remethod

conciled ; Im par ti ál i ty, s. justice equita- Ir re co ve ra bly, ad. beyond recobleness


(rule Im pos si bílity, s. that cannot be Ir re gu lár i ty, s. deviation from cone

Ma the má ti cal ly, ad. according In ar tíc u late ly, ad. not distinctly to the science of mathematicks In ar tíc u late ness, s. confusion of Me di ter rá ne an, 1 a. encircled sounds

Me di ter rá ne ous, 3 with land In con si der á tion, s. want of at- Per son i fi cá tion, s. the change of: tention :

things to persons In con tro vér ti ble, a. indisputa- Re volú tion å ry, a. changing ble

Se mi di ám e ter, s. half the diamIn cor pó.re al ly, ad. immaterially eter In dem ni fi ca tion, s. rebursement So ci a bíl í ty, s. tendency to the m de tér mi na ble, a. not to be

sociable settled

Su pe ri or’i ty, s. pre-eminence

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