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Words of one syllable explained.

Ache, s. a pain,
Act, v. a. to perform,
Act, s. something done,
Add, v. a. to join something to
that which was before,
Age, s. any period of time attri-
buted to something, as the
whole or part of its duration,
Aid, s. support.
Aim, v. a. to direct..
Aim, s. a design..
Alms, s. what is given in relief
of the poor,

Ape, s. a kind of monkey,

Ark, s. a kind of ship,

Apt, a. ready, quick,

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Art, s. a trade.

Awe, s. fear

Axe, s. with.

Bar, s. a piece of wood, &c laid


Bard, s. a poet,

Berk, s. the rind of a tree,
Barm, s. yeast,
Barn, s. a house for grain,
Bash, v. n. to be ashamed,
Bawd, s. a procurer,
Bay, s. an opening into the land.
Beach, s. a tree, a shore,
Bead, s. little balls strung to-

Bent, s, a degree of flexures
Bet, s. a wager,

Bide, v. n. to dwell,

Bite, s. a trick,

Blade, s. the sharp part of a weapon the spire of grass,

Blain, s. a blister,

an instrument to cut Bleed, v. a. to let blood,

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Block, s. a heavy piece of wood

Baa, s. the cry of a sheep, v. n. Bioat, v. a. to swell,

to cry like a sheep..

Babe, s. an infant,

Bloom, s. a blossom,

Back, s. the hinder part of the Boast, v. a. to display ones ac

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Bode, v. a. to portend,
Bold, a. daring,
Bond, s. signment,
Brad, s a sort of nail,
Brag, v. n. to boast,

Bray, v. n. to make a noise as

an ass,

Breathe, v. n. to live,
Breeze, s. a g'atre wind,
Bribe, s. a reward,

Brink, s. the edge,

[blocks in formation]

van, to be patient Broth, s. a liquor in which meat is boiled,

Brouse, c. n. to feed,
Brow, s. the arch of hair over

the eyes.

Burgh, s. a corporate town,
Buzz, v. n. to hum as bees,


Cab, s. a measure of three pints
Cage, s. an enclosure for birds,
Calm, a. quiet, v. a. to still,
Calve, v. n. to bring a calf.
Clax, s. powder made by burn-

Cant, v. n. to talk in jargon,
Care, s. solicitude,
Carp, v. n. to censure,
Cart, s. a carriage,

Carve, v. a. to cut or engrave,
Cash, s. ready money,
Cask, s. a barrel,

Catch, v. a. to lay hold of,
Cave, s. cavern,

Cause, s. that which produces

Cease, v. n. to leave off,

Cede, v. a. to yield,

Cense, s. public rates,

Cense, v. a. to perfume,

Cent, s. a hundred,

Chafe, v. a. to heat,

Chain, s. a fetter,

Chance, s. fortune,
Change, v. a. to alter,
Chant, v. a. n. to sing
Charge, v. a. to intrust,
Charm, s. inchantment,
Chart, s. a deliniation of coasts,
Chase, v. a. to hunt,
Chasm, s. a clift,
Cheer, v. a. to incite,
Chess, s. a kind of game,
Chide, v. a. to reprove,
Chill, v. a. to make cold,
Chink, s. a sinall opening,
-Choice, a. select,

Choose, v. a. to take by way

Chop, v. n. to light upon a
Chouse, v. to cheat,
Chrism, s. unction,
Churl, s. a nigard,

Chyle, s. juice in the stomach
Clash, v. a. to strike one thing
against another,

Clasp, . a. to shut with a clasp
Clear, a light,

Class, s. an order of persons,
Clause, s. a sentence,
Claw, s. the foot of a beast,
Clean, a. free from dirt,
Cleave, v. a. to divide,
Climb, v. a. to ascend.
Cling, v. n. to twist round,
Clothe, v. a. to

cloths, Coal, s. fossil,

Close, v. a. to shut,

Cover with

Clout, s. cloth for any mean use
Clown, s. a rustick,.

Cloy, v. a. to surfeit,

Clump, s. a small cluster of


Coast, s. the shore,

Chalk, s. fossil, v. to mark Coil, s. bustle,

with chalk,

Cool, a somewhat cold,

[blocks in formation]

Cramp, s. spasın,

Death, s. mortality,

Cream, s. the unctious part of Debt, s. what one owes


[blocks in formation]

Deed, s. an action,
Deem, v. n. to judge,

Deer, s. an animal

Deep, s. the sea,

[blocks in formation]

of Delve, v. a. to dig,

[blocks in formation]

Damp, s. moisture,
Damp, v. a. to wet,

Dance, v. n, to move in measure
Dark, a. wanting light,

Dart, v. a. to throw, s. a missle

Dash, v. a. to throw against,
Dash, s, collision,

when any

Date, s. the time
thing is performed,
Date, v. a. to mark the time,
Daub, v. a. to smear,
Daunt, v. a. to fright,
Dawn, v. n. to grow luminous
Dawn, s. first rise,
Dead, a. without life,

Den, s, a cavern,
Dice, s. plural of die,
Dye, or die, v a. to colour,
Dye, s. a colour,
Die, v. n. to lose life,
Dim, a. obscure,
Dent, s. a mark,
Dire, a. dreadful,
Dodge, v. n. to use craft,
Doll, s. a little girl's baby,
Dolt, s. a thick-skull,
Doom, v. a. to judge,

Door, s. the entrance of a

Dose, s. so much medicine as is
taken at once,

Dote, v. n. to have the intellect
impared by age or passion,
Dove, s. the pigeon,
Down, s. soft feathers,
Drab, s, a whore,

Draff, s. any thing thrown away
Drag, v. a. to pull along, v. n.

to trail along the ground, Drain, v. n. to draw off water, &c. s. a ditch,

Dram, s. the eight part of an ounce, a small quantity of spirits.

Draw, to pull along,

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