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Dray, s. a cart,

Dunce, s. a thick-skull,
Draul, ü, n, to utter slowly, Dung, s. excrement,
Dread, s, fear, 8. a. to lear, Dupe, s. a credulous person, E.
Dream, s.a phantasm of sleep v. a. to cheat,
n. to imagine,

Dure, v. 1. to last,
Dredge, s. a kind of net, Dusk, a. dark,
Dregs, s. the sediments of li- Dwarf, s. a man below, the

common size of men, Drain, v. 1. to empty,

Dwell, v. A. to inhabit,
Drench, s. a draught,
Drese, s. clothes, v. a, to clothe, Each, pron: either of two,
Drist, s impulse,

Far, s. organ of hearing,
Drill, v. 0. to train to arms, Earth, s. & v. (id to hide in the
Drip, v. d. to let fall in drops, earth,
Drive, v. a. to force along, Ease, s. quiet, o. a. to relieve,
Diell, s. jester, v. 1. to jest, East, s. sunrising,
Drone, s. a bue, a sluggard, Eave, s. the edge of the roof,
Droop, 0. 11. to languish. Ebb, s. the reflux of the tide

10. A. to let fall, Edge, so the cutting part of a
50. n. to fall,

knife, &c. Dross, s. Tefuse, rust,

Edge, c. (l. to sharpen, Drove, s. a collection of ani- Egs, &. ihat which is laid by nals,

fouls, from which their 9. A. to suficate in

young is produced, Drowing water,

End, s. the extremity,
V. n. to be sufficated End, v. a. to terminate,

Etch, 0. d. to engrave,
Drudge, so one employed in

lan labour,

Face, s. the visage,
Drug, s, a medical simple, lace, w. n. to come in front,
Irun, s. & v. 1. to beat a l'act, s. a thing done,

Fade, v. a. to wear ::W:
V. lio to free from mois- Tade, . n. to decy,
Гу ture,

Faii v. n. io lali ziurta
V, 11. to grow dry Fail, v. a. tu desirt,
Dry,'', noi moist,

Fain, a. giad,
Duck, s. x water fowl, Fain, ad. gladly.
Duck, 11. 6. to put under water, lain, v. n. to Wish,
Dug, s. a nipple,

Fan, a. beauukul, Luke, ú. a lugh degree of dig. Faith, s. beiiei, mity,

Falí, 0. a. &91to let drop, Dull, a. süpid,

Far, ad. at a great distance,
Dull, v. d. to blunt,

Farc., v. n. to stuff,
Dur, lo oí a brown colour, Farce, s. a representation,
Dun, s. an importunate creditor

in water,

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Fare, s. price of passage pro- Fit,

$. a paroxism, visions,

a. proper, v. a. to acoome Farm, v. a. to cultivate land

Fast, v. n. to abstain,

Fitch, s. a kind of pea,
Fast, s. abstinence from food, Fix, v. a. to make fast,
Fat, a. plump,

Flag, v. A. to lay with stone,
Fate, s destiny,

Flail, S. an instrument, for
Si offence,,
V. a. to accuse.

Flap, s. any thing hanging loose
Faun, S. a rural deity,

Flap, v. 1, to fly the wingi,
Fawn, s. a young deer, Flash, s. a sudden blaze,
Fawn, v. n. to court servilely, Flask, s. a bottle,
s. dread,

Flat, a. smooth,
Fear, V. lis to fright, Flat, s. a level,
0. n. to be afraid

Flaw, s. a crack in any thing,
Feast, s. banquet, V. d. to feed, Fleak, s. snall lock,
Feast, v. n. to eat sumptuously Fleam, so an instrument to bleed
Tee, s. reward, v. a. to bribe,

Feed, v. a. to nourish, v. n. to Fledge, v. a. to supply with feia
take food,

Feel, v. a. to perceive by the

ś. all the wool of a

Fleece, sh ep, v. io to plunder
Fuga, u. n. to dissemble, Fleet, lo swift,
Feint, $. a false appearance, Flight, s. the act of flying
Fen, s. a marsh.

Flinch, v. ni to fail,
Fence, s. guard, 7. a. to enclose Fling, v. to to throv,
Few, do not many,

20. n. to fly away,
Fib, s. a falsehood,

a. nimbie,
Field, s, a tract of ground, Flitch, s. the side of a hoy,
Fion, s. an enemy,

Float, v. 11. to swim upon was
Fifti, s the ordinal of five,

Fig, s. a fruit,

Flock, s. a company of birds or

Flood, s. a body of water,
Pilch, v.a. to steal,

Floor, s. the pavement,
Fik, 8. a thread,

Flote, v (lo to skin,
Fill, v. a. to make full,

Flout, u. c. to mock,
Filih, s. nastiness,

Flow, w. n. to run as water,
Fin, s. the wing of a fish,


0. d. to colour,
Fid, v. a. to meet with,

a. fresh,
Fint, a. not coarse, s. a forfeit, Flute, s, ainusical, pipe,
Fine, v. d. to punish by a fine, Flux, s. the act of flowing
Firin, d. strong,

Foam, s. spume,
a. the ordinal of one, Foe, só an enemy;
ad. earliest,

Foil, v. d. to defeatz

Flit, }



First }

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Toist, 9. a. to insert by furgery Front, v, n. to stand foremost, id, s. a sheep pen,

Ircin, J. (1. to contract th: Gaee toid, 7. li, to shut sheep in the Frown, Se alleok or displeasure, fold,

Fruit, s. the produce of a tree
Folk, s. people,

or plant,
Foni, s, a vessel in a church, sarons, fish,
noul, s. au idiot,


so. d. to kriss food,
Bor, prep. because,

Fund, s. stock,
L'orce, we strength, w a to compell Fur, s. askin with soft hair,
l'orel, s. a shadows Vol!a to walk Puri, v. a. to contract,
through water,

Fuse, C. d. to melt,
0. (I. to form with a l'ust, v. 1. to grow mouldy,

hamuur, s. the place, Fuzz, vivo cofily out in small 1h. re iron is beaten into shape, parucks, Fork, S. an instrument with two Fy, interj. a word of blame,

or piore prongs,
Forin, s. chape,

Gad, v. 1. to ramble about,
Forth, or a broad,

Gaff, so a harpoon,
Fosse, s. a ditch,

Gas, V. 7. to soy the mouth,
Foul, no filthy,


to profit,
Found, I do to buiki,

I v. a to prevail,

2 v. 4. to fabricate, Gall, s, the bile,
S. order,

Gall, . d. to hurt the sking
1 a. liberal,

Gart, so dress, habit
} s. a letter free from Gash, s. adec wound,

$, a mcasure,
fraud, s. deceit,

V. (l. io ineasures
Trav, s. a broil,

Gaunt, a slender,
Freak, so a sudden humor, Gauze, S. a thin siik,
Free, (I. at, libcity,

Gauk, s. a foolish fellow,
Frecce, . n. to be congealed Gay, c. merry,
with cold,

Gaze, v. 1. to look earnestly
Fresh, a, cool, not salt,

Gaze, s. intent regard,
Fret, v. a. to corrode,

Geit, s. castrated animal
Friend, s. a well wisher, Gein, s. a jewel,
s, ornam nt,

Ghost, s. the soul of anan,
svo ili

to adorn with Gift, S. any thing given,

Gix, s. a two wheeled carriage
Frisk, s. Siofich, v. n. to leap Gimp, s. silk twist,
Frith, s. a strait of the


Ghid, c.checrful,
Frock, s. a dress,

Cinde, s. a lawn,
Trom, pr:-). wwav,

Clance, s. a quick look,
75. the face,

Giars, 4. 1.. to dazzle,

v. . to stand face to Cluze; V. (1. to put glass into



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Search, v n. to make search Slack, a. remiss, loose
Seat, s. a chair

Sap, s. a blow
Scek, v a. to look for

Siste, s, a tile Stem, v n. to appear

Siive, S., a dexendant Seine, 5. a net

Sled, s, a carriage Serve, v a. to attend

Sledge s. a ricavy hammer Sct, v n. to fall below the hor- Skep, vii, to take rást izon

Sietve, so what coýurs the arm Shade, s. umbrage

Slid., v n. to pass aborgsmoothSh:ipe, s. form

ly Share, s. allotment

Slighi, a. not important Sharp, a. Keen

Slight, s. neglect, va to diareSheach,

v a. to enclose in a gard Sheathe, scabbard

Slime, s. viscous mire
Shift, v a. & n. to change'. Slope s. declivity
Shin, so the fore part of the leg Sipih, s. laziness
Shoal, s. a crowd, a shallow Stuce, S. a water gate
Sheet, s. linen for a bed

Sludge, s. mire
Shield, s, a l'uckler

Slut, s. a dirty woman
Shift, v n. to change

Smooth, a. even on the surface
Shock, s. violent concourse Smut, s. spel, olsi pity
Shop, se a place where any thing Snail, s. a siimy animal
is sold

Snap, v a. to break short
Short, ad. not long

Snatch, v a. to suize any thing Shout, s. a cry in triumph

hastily v a. to exhibit

Snerk, v n. to créer sl ly Shrine, s. a sacred repository Sneer, s. a look ol con mpt Shrink, v n. to contract into less Soil, v a. to polute

Soul, s. th vital principle Shroud, v a. to shelter, s. a coy- Sound, a. health

Sound, v

to try with the Shrub, şo a small tree

sounding line
Sick, a. aftlicted with disease Spaw, s. mineral waters
Side, v n. to engage in a party Spear, s, a long reason
Sight, s the sense of seeing Spend, v n. to take expense
Sign, so a token

Spice, S. a vegitable production
Sire, s. a father

Sjate, s. malice
Siz., s. buik, v a. to adjust Sini, s. a this piece of wood
Shein, s. krt of soread wound Sport , s. a soit porous sub-
Sketch, 5. an out line

stance Skin, s. knowledge

Spouse', s. a husband or wife Skip, v n. to bound lightly Sprain, se extension of liga; Skirt, s. th border

ments Skreun, - 10 protect

SMK, V 3. to expand Slab, s, a puddie

Sprus, s, a smais brancke

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Spring, 1 n, to arise, s. a season Swarm, vñ. to rise as bees
Sprout, s. a slıoot v n. to grow Sweat, v n. to emit moisture
Spur, s. apoint v a. to incite Sweej, v a. to clean with a
Spy, s. one sent to watch others

Square, s. a figure, v a. to reg- Swill, v a. to drink grossly

Swim, v n. to float on the wa-
Squecze, v a. to press
squint, v n. to look obliquely Swop, v a. to exchange
Squiré, s. a tiile

Siab, v a. to wound

Taint, v a. to stain, infect
Stage, s. a theatre,

Taik, v n. to speak
Stain, S. a spot

Tare, s. a weed, weight allowed
Stoke, so apost, wager

Tea, s. a weil known plant
Stall, s. a crib, a bench

Teach, v a. to instruct
Sierve, v a. to kill with hunger Tease, v a. io comb wool
Save, v a. to break in pieces Teint, s. a colour
Stcam, s. à vapour

Tind, v a. &. 1. to watch
Steel, s. iron

Tense, a. str t ed
Steep, s. a precirice

Tint, s. a solutir's lodging
Sver, s. a young bullock Tenih, a. ordinal of ten
Steer, v a. to guide

Tuxt, s. the subject of a com-,
Stein, so'a staik v 2. to stop
Stip, v n. to advance

Thanks, s. acknowledgment
Suw, v a. to boil gently Thai, s• dissolution of frost
S. ff, a. rigid, harsh

Thelt, s. the act of stealing
Sull, el. silent

Themi, s. a subject
Sint, y a. to restrain

Thence, ad. from that place
Sinop, v n. to benú down

Thick, 2. dense, gross
Storm, s. a tempest

Thief, s. one that steals
S:ove, s. a hoi house

Thieve, v n. to steal
Stiait, d. rigorous, s a narrow Thin, a. slender

Thirsi, v n. to fecl want of
Streak, s. a line of colour

Surem, s. running water Threat, s. menance
Surice, v n. to make long steps Thrilt, s. frugality
Stripe, v a. to variegate with Thrive, v n. to prosper

Throb, s. palpitation
Suff, v a. to fill full

Tight a. tense, close
Sun, 1 a. to make dizzy with a Tin, S. white metal

Tmct, s. a colour
Sick, v 1. to di aw the breast Tint, s. dye stain
Sup, v 1. to eat the eveniag Tithe, s. a tenth part

To1, s. latigue, a net
Sur.. ko certain, true

Tope, v n. to drink to excess
Swann, S. a pastoral youth Touch, s. the sense of teeling

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