Abbildungen der Seite

Dray, s. a cart,

Drawl, v. n. to utter slowly, Dread, s. fear, v. a. to fear, Dream, s. a phantasm of sleep v. n. to imagine,

Dredge, s. a kind of net,

Dunce, s. a thick-skull,

Dung, s. excrement,

Dupe, s. a credulous person, & a. to cheat,

Dure, v. n. to last,

Dusk, a. dark,

Dregs, s. the sediments of li- Dwarf, s. a man below, the


Drain, v. n. to empty,

Drench, s. a draught,

common size of men,

Dwell, v. a. to inhabit,


Dress, s. clothes, v. a. to clothe, Each, pron: either of two,

Drift, s impulse,

Drill, v. a. to train to arms, Drip, v. a. to let fall in drops, Drive, v. a. to force along, Droll, s. jester, v. n. to jest, Drone, s. a bce, a sluggard, Droop, v. n. to languish.

v. a. to let fall,

Drop, Sv. n. to fall,

Dross, s. refuse, rust,

Far, s. organ of hearing, Earth, s. v. a. to hide in the earth,

Ease, s. quiet, v. a. to relieve, East, s. sunrising,

Eave, s. the edge of the roof, Ebb, s. the reflux of the tide Edge, s. the cutting part of a knife, &c.

Edge, v. a. to sharpen,

Drove, s. a collection of ani- Egg, s. that which is laid by


[blocks in formation]

fowls, from which their
young is produced,

End, s. the extremity,
End, v. a. to terminate,
Etch, v. a. to engrave,

Face, s. the visage,
Face, v. n. to come in front,
Fact, s. a thing done,
Fade, v. a. to wear awy
Fade, v. n. to dec
Fail v. n. to fall short,
Fail, v. a. to desert,
Fain, a. giad,

Fain, ad. gladly.
Fain, v. n. to wish,
Fair, a. beautiul,
Faith, belief,
Fail, v. a.

n. to let drop,

Far, ad. at a great distance
Farce, v. n. to stuff,
Farce, s. a representation

s. a paroxism,

Fare, ș. price of passage pro- Fit, & proper, v. a. to acoom


Farm, v. a. to cultivate land

Fast, v. n. to abstain,

Fast, s. abstinence

from food,

[blocks in formation]



v. a. to fright, v. n. to be afraid Feast, s. banquet, v. a. to feed, Feast, v. n. to cat sumptuously Fee, s. reward, v. a. to bribe, Feed, v. a. to nourish, v. n. to take food,

Feel, v. a. to perceive by the

Feign, v. n. to dissemble,
Feint, s. a false appearance,
Fen, s. a marsh.

Fence, s. guard, v. a. to enclose
Few, a. not many,
Fib, s. a falsehood,
Field, s. a tract of ground,
Fiend, s. an enemy,
Fifth, s the ordinal of five,
Fig, s. a fruit,

Fight, }


v. a. to war against,

Filch, v. a. to steal,

File, s. a thread,

Fill, v. a. to make full,
Filth, s. nastiness,

Fin, s. the wing of a fish,
Find, v. a. to meet with,
Fine, a. not coarse, s. a forfeit,
Fine, v. a. to punish by a fine,
Firm, a. strong,





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Fitch, s. a kind of pea,
Fix, v. a. to make fast,

Flag, v. a. to lay with stone,
Flail, s.
s. an instrument, for
thrashing corn,

[ocr errors]

Flap, s. any thing hanging loose
Flap, v. n, to fly the wings,
Flash, s. a sudden blaze,
Flask, s. a bottle,
Flat, a. smooth,
Flat, s. a level,

Flaw, s. a crack in any thing,
Fleak, s. small lock,

Fleam, s. an instrument to bleed

Fledge, v. a. to supply with feathers,


Fleece, all the wool of a
sheep, v.a. to plunder

Fleet, a. swift,

Flight, s. the act of flying
Flinch, v. n. to fail,
Fling, v. a. to throw,
v. n. to fly away,
a. nimble,

Flit, }

[blocks in formation]

Flute, s, amusical, pipe,
Flux, s. the act of flowing,
Foam, s. spume,

a. the ordinal of one, Foe, s. an enemy,
ad. earliest,
Foil, v. a. to defeat,


[blocks in formation]


Front, v. n. to stand foremost, Irown, v. a. to contract the face Frown, s. a look or displeasure, Fruit, s. the produce of a tree or plant,


Įs. a young, fish,
Sv. a. to dress food,
Fund, s. stock,

Fur, s. askin with soft hair,
Furl, v. a. to contract,
Fuse, v. a. to melt,
Fust, v. n. to grow mouldy,
Fuzz, v. to fly out in small

Fy, interj. a word of blame,

Gad, v. n. to ramble about,
Gaff, s. a harpoon,

Gag, v. 2. to stop the mouth,
18. profit,

Gall, s. the bile,


Found, .a. to build,

v. a to prevail,

[blocks in formation]



a. liberal,

Gall, . a. to hurt the skin, Garb, s. dress, habit

s. a letter free from Gash, s. a'deep wound,

[blocks in formation]


From, prob. away, s. the face,

Gange, }

s. a measure,

v. a. to measure,

Gaunt, a slender,
Gauze, s. a thin silk,
Gawk, s. a foolish fellow,
Gay, a. merry,

Gaze, v. n. to look earnestly
Gaze, s. intent regard,
Gelt, s. castrated animal
Gem, s. a jewel,

Ghost, s. the soul of anan,

Gift, s. any thing given,

Gig, s. a two wheeled carriage Gimp, s. silk twist,

Glad, a. cheerful,

Glade, s. a lawn,
Glance, s. a quick look,

Glare, v. n.. to dazzle,

v. a. to stand face to Claze, v. a. to put glass inte

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Stem, v n. to appear

Seine, s. a net

Serve, v a. to attend

Stave, s. a dependant

Sted. s. a carriage

Sledge, s. a heavy hammer

Set, v n. to fall below the hor- Sleep, v, to take rest

[blocks in formation]

Shrub, s. a small tree

Sick, a. afflicted with disease.
Side, v n. to engage in a party
Sight, s the sense of seeing
Sign, s. a token
Sire, s. a father

Siz, s. buik, v a. to adjust
Skein, s. knot of read wound
Sketch, s. an out line
Skin, s. knowledge

Skip, v n. to bound lightly
Skirt, s. th border
Skreca, v. to protect
Stab, s, a puddie

Sleeve, s. what covers the arm Slide, vin. to pass along smoothly

Slight, a. not important

Sight, s. neglect, v a. to diaregard

Slime, s. viscous mire
Slope, s. decievity
Stoth, s. laziness

Sluce, s. a water gate
Sludge, s. mire

Slut, s. a dirty woman

Smooth, a. even on the surface
Smut, s. spet, obsqomty
Snail, s. a sumy animal
Snap, v a. to break short
Snatch, v a. to scize any thing

Sneak, v n. to creep slyly
Sneer, s. a look of contempt
Soil, v a. to polute

Soul, s. the vital principle
Sound, a. healthy

Sound, v a. to try with the sounding like

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[blocks in formation]

Steer, v a. to guide

Stein, s. a stalk v a. to stop
Step, v n. to advance
Srew, v a. to boil gently
S. ff, a. rigid, harsh

Sull, a. silent

Sunt, v a. to restrain

Stoop, v n. to bend down

Stove, s. a hot house

Storm, s. a tempest

Swarm, v n. to rise as bees
Sweat, v n. to emit moisture
Sweep, v a. to clean with a

Swill, v a. to drink grossly
Swim, v n. to float on the wa-


Swop, v a. to exchange

Taint, v a. to stain, infect
Talk, v n. to speak

Tare, s. a weed, weight allowed
Tea, s. a weil known plant
Teach, v a. to instruct
Tease, v a. to comb wool
Teint, s. a colour

Tind, va. &. n. to watch
Tense, a. strated

Tent, s. a soldier's lodging
Tenth, a. ordinal of ten

Text, s. the subject of a com-,


Thanks, s. acknowledgment
Thaw, s dissolution of frost
Theft, s. the act of stealing
Theme, s. a subject
Thence, ad. from that place
Thick, a. dense, gross
Thief, s. one that steals
Thieve, v n. to steal

Stiant, a. rigorous, s a narrow Thin, a. slender


Streak, s. a line of colour

Stream, s. running water
Stride, v n. to make long
Stripe, v a. to variegate with


Suff, v a. to fill full

Thirst, v

n. to fecl want of

Threat, s. menance


Thrift, s. frugality
Thrive, v n. to prosper
Throb, s. palpitation
Tight a. tense, close

Sun, v a. to make dizzy with a Tin, s. white metal

[blocks in formation]

Tinct, s. a colour

Tint, s. dye stain
Tithe, s. a tenth part
Ton, s. fatigue, a net
Tope, vn. to drink to excess
Touch, s. the sense of feeling

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