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[blocks in formation]

Tribe, s. a distinct body of peo- Wake, v. a. & n. to rouse from


Trice, s. a moment

Trip, s. a stumble

Troop, s. a company

Truce, s. a temporary peace

Truck, v. n. to exchange

Tun, s. a. large cask

[blocks in formation]

Waste, s. useless expense

Tune, s. harmony

Turn, v. n. to move round

Tusk, s. a long tooth


Twin, of two born at a Watch, v. n. to wake

[blocks in formation]

View, s. a prospect

Wave, s. billow

Wave, v. a. to move loosely

Wax, s. tenacious matter
Weak, a. teeble.

Wean, v. a. to put from the


[blocks in formation]

Wick, s. part of a candle Wide, a. broad

Vine, s. the plant which bears Wile, s. deceit

[blocks in formation]

Wind, s. motion of air

Wine, s. the juice of the grape

Wipe, v. a. to cleansc

[blocks in formation]

hatever word of one syllable you cannot find in the fororcing, look for it under the article of similar sounds.


Words of similar sound, spelled differently.


ya to trouble

sta liquor

ir, s. the element

Yeir, s. to estate

, s. the whole

wl, s. a pointed instrument
An, article signifying one
Ann, s. a womans name
Ant, s. a pismire
Aunt, s. an uncle's wife

Ball, s. security,
Bale, s. a bundle of goods
Bald, a. without hair
awl'd, part. cryed out
dal, s. any thing round
lawi, v n. to cry out

Bare, a. naked
Bear, s. a beast

guns. s. in musick

Base, a. worthless

Baize, s. coarse cloth
Bays, s. trees

Beer, s. drink made of malt
Bier, s. a carriage for the dead
Bean, s. a pulse

Been, part. have been
Beat, v a. to strike

Beet, s. an herb

Bile, s. a swelling
Boil, v n. as water boils
Blew, v a. did blow
Blue, a. a colour
Blight, v a. to blast
Blithe, a. gay

Board, s. a thin plank
Bor'd part. having pierced
Bold, a. confident

Bow'd, part. of the verb to bow
Bolt, s. for a door, v a to shut
Bow, a to bend

Gleam, s. lustre,

Glean, v. a. to gather what the reapers leave behind,

Glebe, s. the ground,

Glee, s. merriment,

Glen, s, a valley

Glew, & a viscous cement,
Glib, a smooth,

Glide }

and withdraw the lips, s. a.


Grist, s. corn to be ground,
Groan, v. n. to breathe as in pain,
Groat, s. four pence,

Grog, s. run and water mixed
Groin, s. the part of the belly
next the thigh,

v. n. to flow gently, Groom, s. one who takes care of,

s. lapse,

Globe, s. a. sphere,

Gloom, s. obecurity,

Gloss, s. superficial lustre,
Glove, s. cover for the hands,
Glow, v. n. to be in avicient heat
Glue, s. a. cement,
Glut, v. a. to swallow,
Gnash, v. n. to collide the teeth
Gnaw, v. a. to corrode,
Goad s. a. pointed instrument
to drive oxen,

Gold, s. precious metal,
Gorge, v. n. to fill to the throat
Gouge, s. chisel,

Gourd s. aplant, abottle,
Gout, s a. disease,
Gown, s. along robe,
Grace, s. favour v. a. to adorn,
Graft, s. a sina!l branch inserted
into the stock of a nother,
Grain, s. a single seed of corn,
Grains, s. the husks of malt,
Grant, s. a gift,

2 v. a. to hold in the hand Grasp v. n. to catch,


Grasp, s. power of seizing,


Gross, a. coarse impure,

Groi, s. à cave

Grouall, v.
Group, s. a croud,
Grouse, s. a kind of fowl,
Groat, s. coarse meal,
Grub, v. a. to dig, s. a worm,
Grudge, v. a. to envy v. n.
Grum, a. surly,
Guard, s. defence,
Guess, v. n. to conjecture,
7 v. a. to direct,

a. to lay on the

Guide, Ss. one who directs,

Guile, s. deceit,
Guilt, s. offence,
Guise, s. manner,
Gulf, s. a bay,
Guil, v. a. to cheat,
Gurge, s. whirlpooi,
Gush v. n. to flow,
Gust, s. sense of tasting,
Guy, s. a rope in a ship,


Ha, interject. a word of sur

Gray, a, white with amixture of Haak' s. a fish.


Graze, v. n. to eat grass,


Hack v. n. to prostitute,

Hack, s. a pacing horse,

5. the green colour a. Halt, v. a. to set in a handle.

Green having the colour of Hah, interject, an expression

[blocks in formation]

of sudden effort,

Hail s. frozen rain,

Half, s. one part of two,

[ocr errors]

Hall, s. a court of justice,

Halt, s. a stop in a march,

Hand, v a. to give with the hand,

Hard a. difficult,


[blocks in formation]

Hint, v. n. to bring to mind,
Hip, s. a joint of the thigh,

v. n. to play on the His, pron. belonging to him.

s. a lyre,


Harsh, a. austere,

Hart, s. a he deer,

Hash, v. a. to mince,
Hasp,. s. a clasp,

Hatch, v. n. to produce,
Hate, v. a. to detest,

Haul, v. a. to draw,

Haunt, v. a. to frequent'

[merged small][ocr errors]

Hoard, s. a hidden stock' Sv. a. to lay in hoards, s. a joint, v. a. to disable in the hock,


Haw, s. the berry & seed of Hold, interject. forbear,

Home, ad. to one's own habitation,..

Head, s. the part which contains Hone, s. a whetstone,

the haw-thorn,

Hay, s. grass dryed,

[blocks in formation]


v. 2. to make hot, Heat, s. the sensation caused by fire,

Heave, v. a. to lift, v. n. to pant, Hedge, s. fence, v. a. to enclose, Height, s. altitude,

Hell, s. the prison of the dam'd, Helm, v.a. to guide the helm, Help s. assistance,

Hem s. the edge of a garment,
Hence, ad. aw3′,

Heps, s. haw-thorn berries,
Here, ad. in this place,

Herse, s. a


Hide, }

carriage for the

v. n. to lie hid, s. the skin of an inima

[blocks in formation]

Hook, s. any thing bent in order to catch hold,

Hose, s. stockings,

Host, s. the landlord of an inn,
Hound, s. a dog for chase,
House, s. in which men live,

Howl, }
v n. to cry as a wolf,
Ss. the cry of a wolf,
Huff, s. swell, v a. to swell,
Hug, va. to embrace,s. embrace
Huge, a. great vast,

Hulk, s. the body of a ship,
Hull, s. the outer covering,
Hum, v. a. to make the noise of

bees, s. the noise of bees, Hump, s. a crooked back, Hunt, v. n. to follow the chase s. a pursuit,

Hurl, v a to drive impetiously,
Hurt, s. mischief,

Hush, interj. silent, v a. to still,
Hut, s. a poor cottage,
Huzz, y n. to murmur

[blocks in formation]

Just, a. upright, ad. exactly, Just, s. a mock encounter, Jut, v. n. to shoot beyond,


Kaw, v. n. to cry as a raven,
s. the cry of the raven,
Keel, s. the bottom of a ship,
Keen, a, sharp,

Keep, v. a. to retain,
Keg, s. a small vessel,
Kell, s, that enraps the guts,
Kelp, s, salt from the sea weed.
Ketch, s, a heavy ship,
Kibe, s. a chilblain,
Kick, v. e. to beat with the feet,

s. a blow, of the foot, Kid, s, the young of a goat, v. s.

a. to bring forth kids,

Kind, a. benevolent,

Jagg, s. a protuberance v a. to Kind, s. a race,

cut into indentures,

Jail, s. a prison,

Jam,'s conserve of fruits,
Jamb, s. the post of a door,
Jar, s. discord, a vessel,
Jannt, s. a rainble, excurtion,
Jaw, s. the cheek,.
Jay, s. a bird,

Jirk, v. a: to strike smartly,
Jirk, s. a quick lash,
Jest, s. any thing ludicrous,
Jet, s. fossil, a spout of water
Jet, v. n. to shoot forward,
Jig, s. a light tune,

Jil, s. a measure of liquids,
Jilt, s. a woman of contempt,
Jilt, v. a. to flatter,
Judge, s. one invested with
power to determine a ques-
Judge, v. a. to pass sentence
upon a person or thing,

Jump, v. n. to leap,
Jump, s. the act of leaping,
June, s. the sixth month,

King, s, supreme ruler,


Kiss, v. a, to touch with the lins Knee, s, the joint between the leg and thigh,

Kneel, v. 2. to bend the knees, Kaite, s. for cutting,

Knit, v. 2. to unite by texture,..
Kuock, v, n, to clash,

Knock. y. a. to dash together,
Knot, v. a. to perplex, to unite,
Know, v. a. to perceive,

La, interj, behold,
Lace, s. a string, v..a. to fasten
with a string,

Lad, s. a boy,
Lag, v. n. to move slowly,
Lake, s. inland water,
Lamb, s. the young of a sheep,
Lame, a. crippled, v. a. to crip--

Lance, c. a long spear,
Land, s. a country,


Land, v. P. & n to set on shore,. Lank, a. loose,

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