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Tough, s. not brittle

Tour, s. a roving journey Wast, v. a to carry through air
Tow, v a. to draw by a rope Vag, s. a merry droll
Trace, s. a footstep

Wail, v. a to moan
Trade, v n. to traffick!

Wait, v. a. to expect Trail,, v a. & n. to draw along Wait, s. ambush Trance, s. exstacy, rapture Waive, v. a. to put off Trap, v a. to ensnare

Wake, v. n. to watch Tribe, s. a distinct body of peo- Wake, v. a. & n. to rouse from ple

sleep Trice, s. a moment

Want, s. need Trip, s. a stumble

War, s hogtility Troop, s. a: company

Warm, 2. i derately hot Truce, s. a temporary peace

Warmth, s. gentle kat Truck, v. n. to exchange Warn, V. a. to caution Tun, s. a. large cask

Warp, v. n. to contract
Tune, s. harmony

Wash, v. a.' to cleanse
Turn, v. n. to move round Waste, v. a.& n. to destroy
Tusk, s. a long tooth

Waste, s. useless expense Twin, of two bom at a Watch, v. n. to wake birth

Wave, s. billow Twine, v. a. to twist,

Wave, v. a. to move loosely Twinge, s. sharp pain

Wax, s. tenacious master
Type, s. ait emblen

Weak, a. teeble

Wean, V. a. to put from the
Use, s. the act of using

breast V

Wear, v. a. lo consume
Vague, a. wandering

Wed, v. a. to marry
Van, s. the front of an army Weed, s. a useless herb
Vase, s. a vessel tor ornament Weep, v. n to shed tears
Vault, s. an arch

Weigh, to examine
Vaunt, v. a. to boaso

Well, s. a spring
Veal, s. caif's flush

Wench, ş. a young woman
Veer, v. n. to turn about West, s. the region where the
Vent, s. a passage, V. d. to emit sun sets
Verge, v. 1. to iend

Whim, s. a freak
Vice, s. wickedness

Whine, v. 1. to lament Vie, v. n. to contest

Wick, s. part of a candle View, s. a prospect

Wide, a, broad Vine, s. the plant which bears Wile, s. deceit grapes

Wind, s. motion of air
S. suffrage

Wine, s. the juice of the grape
Vow, s. a solein promise Wipe, V. ato cleanse

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tch, s, a woman of unlawful

Y arts

Yard, s. enclosed ground
0, s. grief, sorrow

Yell, s. a dreadful howling
ad, s. a plant used in dying Yelp, v n. to bark
mb, s. the place of the fætus Yeast, s. the foam of beer
in the mother

Yet, ad. beside
ot, s. custom, habit

Yew, s. a tree of, s. the thread that crosses Yield, v a. & n. to produce

Yoke, s. bondage th, s. value

Youth, s, a young man , v a. to torture

Z ap, v a. to'roll together Zeal, s. ardour enth, y a. to curl

Zd, s. the name of the letterz 'ck, v a. destruction

Zest, s. a relish ong, s. an injury

Zone, s. a girdle ly, a. crooked

the warp

zatever word of one syllable you cannot find in the presencing

look for it under the article of sinilur sounds..


TVords of similar sound, spelled differently.

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Tin to trouble
sa liquor
Cr, s. the elégnent
Teir, s. to an estate
**!!, s. the whole
Lvi, s. a pointed instrument
11., article signifying one
Inn, s. a womans name
Ant, s. a pismire
und, s, an uncle's wife

Da, s. sccurity
Bale, s. a bundle of good:

without hair aw'd, part. crye:l out

s. any thing round 1.), v n. to cry out 42, 2. naked --Beur, S. a beast

169.9, in musick

Basc, a. worthless
Baize, s. coarse cloth
Bays, s, trees
Beer, s. drink made of mait
Bier, s. a carriage for the dead
Bean, s. a pulse
Been, part. have been
Beat, v a. to strike
Beet, s. an hcrb
Bile, s. a swelling
Boil, v n. as water boils
Blew, v a. did blow
Blue, a. a colour
Blight, v a. to blast
Blithe, a. gay
Board, s. a thin plank
Bor'd part. having pierced
Buld, a. confident
Bow'd, part. of the verb to bow
Bolt, s. for a door, v á to shut
Bow, v a. to bend

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Gleam, so lustre,

and withdraw the lips, s.a. Glean, v. 4. to gather what the

sneer, reapers leave behind, Grist, s. corn to be ground, Glebe, s. the ground,

Groan, V. n. to breathe as in pain, Glee, s. merriment,

Groat, S. iour pince, Glen, s. a vailey

Gros, s. ru n and water mixed Glew, so a viscous cement, Groin, s. the part of the belly Ghib, a smooth

next the thig'la V. -1}. to flow gently, Groom, s. one who takes careof, S. lapse,

horses Globe, S. a. sphere, s

Grocs, it coarse impure, Gloom, s. obscurity,

Croi, so ü cave Gloss, s. superficial lustre, Grondv. a. to lay on the Glove, s. cover for the finds, ground, Glor, v. n. to be in avioinnt heat Group, s. a croud, Glue, so à. cement,

Crous, se a kind of fowl, Glut, v. a. to swallow,

Groat, s. course incal,
Gnash, v. n, to collide the teeth Grub, v. 2. lo dig, s. a worm,
Gnaw, v. a. to corrode, Grudge, v. a. to envy v. n. Ele
Goad s. a. pointed instrument repine,
to drive oxen,

Grum, d. surly,
Gold, s, precious metal, Gurd, s. defence,
Gorge, v. n. to fill to the throat Guess, V. n. to conjectures
Gouge, s. chisel,

2 v. a. to direct, Gourd s. aplant, abottle,


S s. one who directs, Gout, s• ao disease,

Guile, s. deceit, Gown, S. along robe,

Guilt, 5. oifence, Grace, s. favour v. a. io adorn, Guise, s. manner, Graft, s. a sinall branch inserted Gulf, s. a bay, into the stock of a notñcr, Guil, v. a. to cheat, tree,

Gurge, s. whirlpooi, Grain, S. a single seed of corn, Gush v. 1. to flow, Grains, s. the husks of malt, Gust, s. sense of tasting, Grant, s. a gift,

Guy, s. a rope in a ship, vode to hold in the hand

H. v. 1. to catch,

Ha, interject. a word of sur Grasp, s. power of seizing,

prise, Gray, à, white with amixture of Haaks. fish. black,

Hack v. n. to prostitute, Graze, v. n. to cat grass,

Hack, s. a paclig.

horse, Green 5. che green colour a. Halt, v. a. to set in a handle.

Shaving the colour of Hah, interject, an expression

of sadden effort, Griet, v. a• to salute,

Hail s. frozen raill,
Grin, set the teeth together Half, s. one part of two,


Hoa,} iner. a call,

11all, s. a court of justice, Hill, s. high grounds,
Halt, s. a stop in a march, Hind, s. a she deer,
Hand, v a. to give with the llinge, s.* joint upon which a

door turns,
Iard a. difficult,

Hint, v, n. to bring to mind, s. a lyre,

Hip, s. a joint of the thigh,
llarp V. n. to play on the His, pron. belonging to him.
harp, "

Hit, v. n. to strike,
Tlarsh, a. austere,

Hitch, s. a tie for a horse,
Tlart, s. a he deer,

Hive, s. the cell of bees,
Hlash, v. de lo mince,
Hasp,. 5. a clasp,
Hatch, v. n. to produce, "Hoard,}

2 s. a hidden stock"
Ihite, V. a. to detest,

V. 2. to lay in hoards, Haul, v. 2. to draw,


s. a joint, v. a. to disHunt, v. 3. to frequent

able in the hock, Jiaw, s. the berry & seed of Hold, interject. forbear, the haw-thorn,

llome, ad. to one's own habiMay, S. ass dryed,

lieki, s. the part which contains Hore, s. a whetstone,
tr: brain,

Hocd, s.

a coveriig for the Heal, ? v. a. to cure,

head, sv1. to grow well. Hock, so any thing bent in orIl caith, s. soudness of body,

der to catch hold, Iesp, s, inny things thrown Hose, s. stockings, together,

lost, s. the landlord of an inn,
Bear, you to perceive by the Hound, ș, a dog for chase,

House, s. in which men live,
V. 2. to make hot,


v n. to cry as a wolf, lect, S. the sensation cau

s. the cry of a wolf, sce by fire,

Huff, s. Swell, v a. to swell, Heave, v.a. to lift, v. n. to pant, Hug, v a. to embrace, so embrace

S. !Ledgre, s. fence, v.a. to enclose, Huge, a. great vast, Huishi, S. altitude,

Hulk, s. the body of a ship, Heli, s. the prison of the dam'd, Hull, s. the outer covering, Helm, v.a. to guide the helin, Hum, v. a. to make the noise of Help s. assistance,

bees, s. the noise of bees, Hien s. the edge of a garment, Hump, s. a crooked back, Hence, ad. au

Huni, v. n. to follow the chase Heps, .. baw-thorn berries,

s. a pursuit, llere, ad. in this place, Hurl, v a. to drive imperiously, Herss, s. a

a carriage for the Hurt, s. mischief, death,

Hush, interj. silent, v a. to still, > v. 11. to lie hid, Jlut, s. a poor cottage,

so the skin of an iwinat Huzz, Y no to murinud

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V n.

Hymn, s. a song,

Just, a. upright, ad. exactly, 1.

Just, s. a mock encounter,
Ice, s. congealed water, Jut, v. 1. to shoot beyond,
Ides, s a term anciently used

in counting time,

Kaw , v. n. to cry as a raven,
If, conjur c. suppose that,

of the

raven, Ile, {e a walk in a church, Keel, s. the bottom of a ship,

a. bad in any respect, Keen, a, sharp,

S. misery, ad. not well, Keep, v, 2. to retnin,
1.2, ad: within some place, Keg, s. a small vessel,
lach, so a measure of three bar- Kull, s, that enrups the gats,
ley grains,

Kelp, S, salt from the sou weed ,
Ire, S. anger,

Ketch, ?, a heavy ship,
Itch, .

a cutaneous disease, Kibe, s, a chiblain,

to feel uneasiacss, Kick, 1. 2. to beat with the feet, J.

9. a blow, of the foot, Jack, s. used for John, Kid, s, the young of a goat, v. Jade, s. a sorry woman,

2, to bring forth kids,
Jade, v a. to tire,

Kind, 22. benevolent;
Jags, s. a protuberance v a. to Kind, s. a race,

cut into indentures, King, s. supreme ruler,
Jail, coa prison,

Eiss, v. a. to touch with the lins:
Jam, s. conscrve of fruits, Knee, s. the joint between the
Jamb, s. the post of a door, les al thigh,

ar, s. discord, a vessel, Kneel, v. ??, to bend the knees,
Jannt, s. a rainblu, txcurtion, Karte, s, iór cutting,
Jaw, s. the cheek,

Knit, v. ., to unite by texture,
JX, s. a bird,

Knock, 1, 1), to clash,
Jirk, v. a: to striko smartly, Knack. y. a. to dash together,
Jirk, s. a quick lash,

Knut, v. 2. to perplex, to unite,
Jest, s. any thing ludicrous, K110w, v. a, to perceive,
Jct, s. fossil, a spout of water

Jet, V. n. to shoot forward, La, interj, behold,
Jig, s. a light tune,

Luce, so a string, V. a. to fasteis
Jill, s. a measure of liquids,

with a string,
Jilt, s. a woman of contempt, La', so a boy,
Jilt, V. d. to flutter,

Lag, v. n. to move siowly,
Judge, s. one invested with Lake, s. inland water,
power to determine a ques. Lamb, s. the young of a sheep,

Lame, a. crippled, v. a. to crip-Judge, V. a. to pass sentence ple,

upon a person or thiag, Lance, S.- a long spear,
Jump, vn. to leap,

Lan, s. a country,
Jump, s. the act of leaping, Land, v. 9. & a to set on shore,
June, 4. the sixth month, Lank, a loosen

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