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Lap, s. the loose part of a gar- Lengh, s the extent of any.

Lap, ?, i. to lick


Lent, s tire time of fasting,
Lard, so the grease of a swine, Let, v a to suffer,

Vo 2, to sufi with bacon, Lick, v a to lapaih the longue,
Large, a, buiky,

Lick, s. a blow,
Lash, s. a stroke cfa wirip, Lidl, s. a cover,
Lash, V. in to beat,

Liege, s. a sovereign lord,
Latch, s. the catch of a door, Lili, s. the union of scul and
Latch, Vocoto fhsten,

Lat, a. loudelavet,

Lift, v. a. to raise, s. art of raise
Lats, ad. alior a long time, ing,
Latl, s. a small piece of wood Light. S. the quality of transpare
10 support the tiles of a

ent medium by which we see,

Like, a. resembling,
Lathe, s the tool of a turner, Like, s. a person resembling an-
Lave, v a to wash v n'to bathe, other,
Lauch, s. à convulsion caused Like, v. ii. to be pleased with,

byinerriment, v a to dende, Lime, s. viscous substance,
Launch, v to force into the Lie, s. a slender string,

Sca, v a to put to sea, Lme, v. a. to cover on the inside
LW, s a decree;

Link,s a single ring of a chain,
Lawns a space of land, fine li- Lisk, vi a to compucnte,

Lip, s. the outer part of the
Lax, i loeso,

Lay, a to piace,

Lisp, v. n. to speak by striking
La,vn to bring eggs,

the tongue to the tecth
Lav, s á song, ú, not clerica/

Lead. s metal,

List, v. a. to enlist ,
Lead, v a to guide by the hand, Lo, interject. behold
Lead, v n to go first,

Loal, s. a burden,
Lean, a not ac,

Lord, v. a. to burden,
Lean, sf sh ununctious, Loui, s. bread,, v n to jury,

Louhe, v. a. to heat,
Lep, s a jump,

Lock, s. a lake,
Learn, v a to gain knowledge, Lock, v. n. to unite,
Leusc, s a contract,

Lodg, v. a. to place, V. n. to
Lease, v n to glean,

LEN, T a to quit, v n to leave Lag, s. a piece of wood a ma-

'chine by which the pros
Lee, s drogs,

gress of a slip is count
Leech, s a physician, a blood.

Loin, so the back of an animal
Lead, v a ic give the use of any carved out by the butcher,

Waing, wr a while, Long a. not short,


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Long, ad. to a great distance, lang, Se the itch of horses,
LO, 3. b gram i cirds, liarel, 5. ile this month,
LOS". n. to behoki, Narcis, v. no ti move in inilia
a sort dorty

tuly order, s. movement Lo, for ipinung

1:1, v. a. io spoil, 1.00; on ,

1:2.80 CHi burnches, Mari, s. a kind oi clar,

. to rule i sposi dily wiars, s. one of the pianets,

Mrh, s. a leg,

vasi?, jo ihi sikice between the
Pion between:

Thiruads et à net, v.

Mask, s. a cover, v", to disguise

the team to which the

sails are fixt, the fruit of Low,

the oak and bach, LI,

Match, s. one equal to another,
Lutt, v. b. tu cu the Nati, v. a. to ake equal,

Mate, . hu band on wile,
L!1;VÀnpul, . mvir, Maul, y. a. to brai,
Lt, vi , OEC. POSCO w sieep, law, s. the stomach,
LO, So ü small mas os maier May, so the fitch month,
LH1, s. a urge piece of any Maze, v.a. to confuse,
this to eat,

Meau, s. a drilik made of water
Lori, a to pilfer,

and honey, Lim, V. ä. to attract,

M, s.repust, Listas. carnal desire, v. n. to Meet, v. n. to come together, ,

desire eagerly,

Melt, v. a to dissolve,
LK, s. instrument of musick, Mend, y, a to repair, v. n. to
Lipti, s. water,

grow better;
Lynx, s. spotted animal, Mere, s. this only,
Lyre, s. a harp,

Merge, v.!: to sink into,

Mew, v. a to shit up, to cry as
Mace, s. an ensign, spice,

a cat,
Mad, a. disordered in mind, Mien, s. ait, look,
Niaid, s. a virgin,

. Might, s. power,
Mail, s. armour, post-bag, Niit, s. the sperm of a fisk,
Maim, v. a. to cripple, Mine, si a buffoon,
Nuin, a. principal,

Mine, pron. belunging to me,
Mize, s. Indian carn,

Mint, so the place where money Make, v. a. to create,

is coined, a plant,
Male, s. the he of any species, Minx, s. a young pert girl,
Mali; v. a. to beat with a ham: Miss' s. a title of honor to

Mall, B. a kind of hammer, Moan, y, # to grie

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young girl

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Ode. s. a poem.


Mope, v. n. to be stupid,

More, a. in greater number Oaf, s. an idiot
More, ad. to a greater degree Oak, s. a tree
Morn, s. the first part of the day Oath, s. an attestation
Mosque, s. a mahometan temple Oats, s. a grain
Mess, s. a piant

Odd, a. not even, particnlar
Mould, s. soil

Odds, s. inequality
Noult, v n. to lose feathers
Mourn, vinio grieve Of, ad. signifying absence
Much, ad. in a great degree Oil, s. unctuous matter,
Mug, s. 2 cup to drink oui of On, prep. signifying by or upon
Vamps, s. a disease

Cnce, ad, one time
Dluse, s one of the nine od- Orb, s. sphere
(deses who preside over Ounce, s. a name of weight
the liberal arts

Oust, v 2. vacate
Mute, a silent, s a letter without us not within

Ols, 2. to be indcoted.
My, pron. Lelonging to me Civ. a. to acknowledge

02, 5. a castrated bull
Nag, s. a small horse

Naine, s. appellation

acs, s. a step, v

n. to more
Nape, S. the joint of the sea

Tack,s. a bundle, v a. to fit for
Nest, s. a close habitation
Nib, s. the point.siapen. :

Se, S. one side of a leaf
Nicë, a. accura

Qielt, . colours
Nick, v a. to hit

Paint, 1. a. to celour
Nigh, ad. at no rest isiancull, s. a cloak
Node, s. a knot

fum, 5. a tree
Noon, s. the middl At Tan, S. a vessel

aug, s. part
Noose, s. a running lost ant, 11. to paipitate
Nor, conjunct. signis, in sei. Duurse, v a. to resolve a sentence

lart, S. portion
North, s. a point of 126 6029s fort, a to divide
Noce, v a. to remark

* $, V: 9. to go by
Nought, s. nothing

Puun, S. Page
Noun, s. a name

2, s. cement
Now, ad, at this time

lepihs. a wara road
Nya. to maki rod.

Porunch, s. the belly
Nul, a. torpid,

ise, s. å stop
Nu 6, s. one who irings ur a l'any, v n. to wait

child, v a. !o Ecriú dhe sick , s. the foot of a beast
Nymph, s a goddess

il, v a. to pledge
...s, hire, v a. to atone

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Peace, s. quiet

Poor, a. indigent
Peach, s. a fruit

Porch, s. an entrance
Peal, s. succession of sounds

Port, s. a a harbour
Pear, s. a fruit

Post, s. a hasty m.senger
Pearl, s. a gem

Post, v n. to travel with speed
Peck, s. the fourth - part of a Pour, v a. to emit

Price, s. value
Perch, s. a measure, v n. to sit Pride, s. insolence
as a bird

Prime, i principal
Pest, S. a plague

Print, v a. to impress
Phiz, s. the face

Priz, s. reward, v a. to value-
Pick, v a. to cull

Probe, v d. to search
Piece, s. apart

Frobe, s. a surgeon's instrument :
Pierce, v a. to penetrate Prone, a. bending down
Pike, s. a fish, a lance

Proot, s. trial
Pile, s. a heap

Prop, v a. to sustain
Pile, v a. to heap up

Prose, s. opposed to verse :
Pimp, s. a pander

Proove, v a. to cvince
Bine, s. a tree, v n. to languish Prune, v a. to lop
Pink, s. a io ver

Puff, s. a quick blast of wind,
Pipe, s. a tube

Pulse, s. the motion of an arte. Pith, s. the marrow of a plant ry, v n. to beat as the pulse Place, s. local relation,

Punch, s. a pointed instru nent
Place, v a. to fix

Put, v a. to place
Plague, s. pestilence

Plain, a. smooth

Quack, s. a bostful pretender
Plait, s. å fold

Quaint, a. nice, artiul
Pique, s. a level surface

Quake, v n. to shike
Plank, s. a thick board

Qualın, s. a sudden, fit
Plant, s. vegetable production Queer, a. odd, strange
Plat, v a. to weave

Quell, v a. to crush
Play, v n. to sport

Quick, 2. swift
Plca, s. an excuse

Quill, s. a strong feather
Plead, y il, to argue before a Quilt, s. a cover for a bed:

Quit, v a. to forsake
Please, v 2. to delight

Quite, ad, completely
Pledge, S. any thing in pawn

Pluck, v a. to pull

Race, s. a family
Plun), v a. to sound

Rack, s. the enzine for torture
Plump, 2. fat

Raft, s. afioat of timber
Poach, v a. boil slightly Rag, wn, to be in tury.
Point, s. sharp end

Rail, v a. to encios,

Poize, s. weight

Rail, v n. to us. insolent lan
Pond, s, a snail pool of water guage
Poop, s. the hind part of a ship Raise, v 2. to list

any mstal


Rak, v a. to gather

Rough, a. not smooth Ram, s. a male sheep

Round, a. circular Rm, v n. to leap about Rouse, v a. & n, to wake froin Rangt, v 2. to piare in order

rest Rouge, v 1. to love at large Rout, v a. to dissipate Rape, s. violent defloration of Route, s roads, way chastity

Row, v a. to crive by cars
Rarz, s. source

Rale, s. coromand
Inse, v a. to blot cut by rasure Rule, v a. to govern
Pasp, v a. to rub with a raspoluh, s. a piant
Inte, s. affixed pojte

Rush, v n, to move with vior Reach, v 2. to touch with the lence hand

Rust, s. the corroded surface of lin, s. a kingdom Pean, s. a bundle of

paper Rye, s. a kind of grain Keap, v a. to cut corn

S. Rear, v a. to raise

Sack, s. a large bag Reed, s. a plant

Safe, a. free from danger Reck, s. smoke, a pile of corn Sige, ai wise, s, a plant or hay s. a frame

Sail, s. a sheet, v n. to pass by Hecl, v. n. to stagger, Rins, S. the kidneys

Saint, s. a holy person Rend, v a. to tear

Sake, S. cause Rent, $. annual payment Sale, s. the act of selling „Rhyme, s. consonance of verse Şalt, a. a bounding with salt

lice, S. a kind of grain Salve, s. an emplaster Rig, v a. to dress

Sanc, a. sound Right, s. justice

San, s. the juice of plants Ring, v n. to sound as a bell Sash, s. a silken band Rense, v a. to wash,

Sauce, s. something of high relKip, v a. to tear

ish Kise, v ). to get up

Scab, s. a disease of sheep Risk, s. hazard

Scald, v a. to burn Roach, s. a fish

Scale, s. a balance, v a. to climb Roam, v n. to ramble

Scalp, s. the the scull Roar, v n. to cry as a lion Scar, s. á mark of a wound Robe, S. a gown of state Scate, v n. to slide on scates Rock, s. a great mass of stone School, s. a house of education Rock, v a. to shake

Scope, s. intention Rogue, s. a vagabond

Scorch, v a. to burn Romp, s. a rude girl

Scour, v a. to clean Rood, s: the fourth part of an Scout, s. one sent to observe the

enemy Roge, s. a flower

Scream, v-a. to cry as in terros kot, v no to putri

Sear, v a. to burn


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