Abbildungen der Seite

Bough, s. a branch
Boy, s. a young lad

Fane, s. â temple
Buoy, s. floating wood tyed with: Feign, v 1. to dissemble

Faint, a. weary
a weight

(with Feint, s. a false march Baw, s. an instrument to shoot Fain, ad. gladly Bread, s. for food

Fair, a. comely Bred, part. brought up

Fare, s. price of passage

File, s. an instrument to rub. Buy, v a. to purchase

Foil, v a. to overcome By, ad. near, prep. marking the Fir,'s. a kind of wood agent

Fur, s. soft hair of beasts Brews, v a. he breweth

Flea, s. an insect Bruise, s. a hurt

Flee, v. 1. to run away

Flew, v. n. did fly But, a particle of speech

Flue, s. soft down or fur-
Butt, s. two hogsheads.

Flour, s, to make bread

Flower, s. the blossom of planty
Call, v a. to name

Forth, ad. abroad Caul, s. net-work

Fourth, a. the ordinal of four

Fou!, a. filthy, nasty Cain, s. a man's name

Fowi, a, a bird Cane, s. a walking stick Frays s. quarrels Cell, s. a small habitation Fraise, s. a pancake Sell, v a. to dispose of

Gall, s, a bitter substanca Cite, v a. to sumnion,

Gaul, s. a Frenchman

Giomart. with gold Site, s. situation

Guilt, s. sin, crime Sight, s. the faculty of seeing Grate, s, to held coais Clause, s. a sentence

Great, a, large Claws, s. the talons of a bird Groan, s. á sigli Close, y a. & n. to shut up

Grown, part, increased

H Clothes, s. garxents

Hail, v n. to salute, 3. frtzen drops D

of rain Dane, s. a man of Dennart

lale, v a. to draw alons Deign, v 2. to vouchsafe

Hart, s. a beast Dam, s. for stopping water

Heart, s. the seat of life Dain, s. a mother

Hare, s. a beast of chase Damu, v a. to condemn

Hair, s. the tegument of the head Dear, a. of great value

Here, ad, in this place Deer', s. a beast

Hear, v n, to hearken Dew, s. the moisture of aight

Hew, v a. to cut Die, v 1. to decease

High, a. lofty Dye, y a. to colour

Hie, interject, to hasten Due, S. what is owed

Hue, s. colour Doe, s. a female decr

Hugh, s. a man's name Dough, s. paste

Him, S. that man Done, part. performed

Hymn, s. a song of praise
Dun, a. colour

Hire, s. wages

Higher, adv. more hig'ı
Er, s. a mans name

Hoar, s. a frost
Err, y n. to mistake

Whore, s. a harlot
Hole, s. a hollow placé

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Vhole, a. containing all

I 1, pronoun. myself Pye, &. the organ of sight 1, firef. within

no, s. 2 house of entertaininent Kill, v a. to deprive of life Xil), s. to dry mait &c. andre, s. a dishonest inan Nave, s. belonging to a wheel 1705;bt, s. a title of honour Wight, s. clarkness Know. v 2. to understand Known, jurt. discovered one, a. not one *O'YS, V a. de knowoth Nose, s. a part of the face

L !213, v a, to empty water &c. Buil, 1. placed bent, v r. to let out or in wator 3.vek, s. an both Lecs, s. dress of wine Lieuse s. a tenure biar, s, one who toks lies lyre, s, a nusical instrument

Oar, s. to row with
Ore, s. metal
Oh, interject. alas
Owe, v a. to be indebted
Our, pron. belonging to us...
Hour, s. sixty minutes

Pale, a. not fresh coloured
Pail, s.' l vessel
Pall, s. a funeral cloth
Paul, s. a man's name
Pain, s. torrent
Fane, s. a square of glass..
Pear, s. a fruit
Pare, v a. to cut off
Peer, S. a Lord
Fier, s. a large glass
Place, s. local existence
Plaice, s. a fishi
Plain, v.a. to inake level
Plane, s. a level surface
Plate, s. a flat piece of metal
Plait, s, a fold in a garinent,
Pray, va, to supplicate
Prey, s. a booty

Q Quean, s. a worthless woman Queen, s. a king's wife


Mlade, fikrt. finisi:ed Paidd, s, a virgin d!, S. the chief plane, s. part of a horse's neck tie, s. The he of any species Naik s. arinoir Mail, s. a hammer Mawl, v a. to beat Mean, 2. of low value Nien, behavour Meet, v n. to come together Mete, v 2. to measure Llite, s. an insect Might, s. strength Mout, v 1. to lament Todown, art. cut down Alote, s. a ditc! Blat, s. in the eye Musei, s. that nowote Tire, so a greater quality

Rain, s. water froin the clouds Feisn, v n. toʻgovern as a king len, s. part of a bridie Read, vä, did read Red, s. a colour Read, v a. to perusc Rost, s. case "Vrest, va, to force Letch, v n, to vomit Wretch, s. a miserable mortai Rime, s. verse Rine, s. a thiet Ring, v a. to strike the bells Wring, 1 a. to twist the hards Wright s. an artificer. Night, a, not wrong Write, "a. to write with a pen Rice, s, ceremoney Rre, s. a kind of deer Row, s. a rank Rond, s. the fourth part of an Rade, a. impudent Rite, v a. to fix in the memory Wrote, V 2. did write

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New, a. not old,
Kiev, fart, he know
Nuoskit, a. corri;-

mugit, s. 107 Not, à 11t, of negation K90, ,62 mplicate in kuchs

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Rough, a. not smonth
Ruf, s. neck cloth

Sail, s. belonging to a ship
Sale, s. selling
Scene, s. belonging to a stage
Seen, part, beheld
Seas, s. great water's
Sees, v a. he sees
Sent, v a. ordered away
Scent, s. a smell
Site, s. situation
Cite, v a. to summon
Sight, s. open view
Sloe, s. a fruit
Slow, a. not speedy
Sow, v a. to scatter seed
Sew,' v a. to join with a needle
Sole, s. part of the foot; a fish
Some, s. a part
Sum, s. the whole
Son, s. a male child
Sun, s. the source of ligit
Sore, s. an ulcer
Soar, v 13. to mount upwards
Stare, v n. to look earnestly
Stair, s. a step
Stear, s. a young bullock
Steer, v a. to guide
Stile, s. a set of steps
Style, s. manner of writing
Straight, a. direct
Strait, s. a narrow pass

Taks, s. small nails

Tax, s. an impost
Talc, s, the end
Tail, s. a story
Team, s. of horses, ecc
Teem, v 1. to bring young
Threw, v a. from the rerb to throw
Through, ad. from one side to the

Their. pro. belonging to them
There, ad, in that place
'Throne, s. a seat of state
Thrown. v a. cast down
The, an article, put before a nouri
They, pro, the plural of he she or
Time, s. wlien
Thyme, s. an herb

Vail, s, a curtain
Vale, s. a valley
Veil, s. covering
Vain, a. ineffectual
Vane, s. to shew the course of the

Vein, s. a blood vessel
Vice, so wickedness


Wade, v n. to walk through water
Waid, a. crushed
Weighed, part. of the rerb to weirl
Ware, s. merchandize
Wear, s. the act of wearing
Waste, v a. to spend
Waist, s. the middle
Wood, s. trees, &c.
Would, the jireterite of wid


Words of two syllables accented upon the first

Abbey, s. a monastery

Actor, s. he who performs 25 Ah ject, a. contemptible

tion Ab sence, s. the state of not being Ad der, s. a serpent present

Ad junct, s. something united Ab sent, a. not present

Ad vent, s. the space of four WCS Ac cent, s. the marke to regulate the before Christmas

pronunciation of syilables Ad verb, s. a part of speec's A cid, a. sour, sharp

Ad verse, a.calamitous
A corn, s. the oak

Af flux, s. the act of flowing
A cre, s. a quantity of land Ag ate, s. a precious stone
A crid, a, of a hot biting taste : A gent, s. a deputy actor
Action, s. a state opposite to rest A gue, s. a kind of fever
As tive, a, busy, quick

A lien, S. a foreignem


Bea gle,


Alum, s. a kind of incineral

Bar ber, s. one who shaves, am ber, s. guamous substance Bare ly, ad. only, mercijos Am ble, v 1.40 pace

Bar gain, s. contract, in ple, a large

Bar ley, s. a grain Iin jiv, ad.largely

Bar rei, s. a vessel Aach r, s. an iron to fasten a ship Bar ren, a unfruitful sin gel, s. a spirii

Bar ter, y a. & n. to trafic An ger, s. rage

Bash ful, a, modest Angle, s. a corner where two lines Ba sin, s. a vessel meet

Bas tard, s. a xurious child An gry, a. displease!

Bate inent, s. dimunition in them, s. a holy sons

Bat ter, s. a mixture of ingredients in tick, a. odd

Bat tle, s, a fight Apple, s. a fruit

Baw dy, a. obscene Ajt ly, ad. properly

S. a liound Irbor, s. a bowOT

Beard ed, a. having beard Ar dent, a. hot, fiy

Bea ver, s, the name of a beast ir gue, v a. & n. to reason

Bud lam, s. a house for mad people.
Armour, s. defensive arms Brid, a. confined to bed
Art ful, 2. cunning, skilful

Berl stead, s. the frame of a bed
Artist, s. ai curious workruan Be hire, s. a case for bees
Art less, a. simple, hotiest

B.tch mast, s. the fruit of the beech: asperi, s. a tree

tree Atom, s. a small particie

Bee tle, s. an insect Aw ini, a. torrible

Beg gar, s. one who begs R., s. a lie passing throagh a Be ing, s. existence

body on which it mag revolve Bel dam, s. an old hag A zure, a, bite clore:

Bel fry, s. a place for bells

Bellows, s. used to blow the fire. Babe, vn, to talk idly

Bi ble, s. the sacred book Pa bisi, a.childish

Bil let s. a ticket Back wards, all toward the back,

Bil low, s. a rolling wave Bad ger, S. an annual

Bind ing, s. bandage Badly, aci, rot well

Birth right, s. the right by birth Borte, v a. to confound

Bi shop, s. one of superior order os 325 gage, s. furniture,

the church Kas pipe, s. a musical pipe

Blad der, s. a pustule Bai kif, s. a subordinate oificer Blame less, a. innocent Balance, s. a pair of scales

Blan ket, s. a vooller cover Preinl, a. sorrowful

Bla 201, v a. to embellish Hullad, s. a song

Bleak ness, s. coldness Bal Imst, so weight in the botton of a Ble mish, s disgrace ship

Bless ing, s. divine favour Ballot, s. a ticket

Blind fold, v a. to blind the eyes Baln y, a. fragrant, soft

Blind ness, s. want of sight Balsem, s. ointingat

Blith somie, a. cheerful Ban vlage, s. a binding

Block head, s, a stupid fellow ban ish, va, to drive away

Blood y, a. cruel Bure ful, a. destructie

Blub ber, s. the oily part of a whale Rank rupt, s a broken person Blud geon, s. a short stick Danner, s, a fias

Biun der, s a mistake $quet, s. a feast

Blus ter, v n. to storm Ban tet, v a. to rally

Beg gle, v 1. to hesitate dap ti-t, s. one whibaptisos Bog sy, a. swampy

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Bold en, v a. to make bokl

Bux om, a. wanton
Bold ness, s. courage

Buy er, s. one who buys
Bol ster, swto support the head Buz zard, s. a black head
Bond age, s. captivity
Bon fire, s. a fire made for triumph Cab bage, s. vegetable
Bon net, s. a kind of cap

Ca bin, s. a sinall room
Bno by, s. a stupid fellow

Ca ble, s. a great rope Boo ty, s. plunder

Ca dence, s the fall of the voises Bor dier, s. the edge of any thing Ca di, s a magistrate in Turkey Bo som, s. the breast

Cai tiff, s, a kuave Bow els, s. the intestines

Cal dron, s. a kettle Brace let, 9. an ornament for the Call ing, s. vocation

Cal lous, a. hard Braca ish, a, saltish

Calm ly, ad. mildly Bran dish, v a. to wield a sword. Cam brick, s. fine linen Bra zier, s. a worker in brass

Cam el s.

beast Bras sy, a. partaking of brass Cam let, s. a kind of stuff Brave ly, ad. courageously

Cam phire, s. a' gum Break fast, s. the first meal of the Can cer, s. a crab fish day

Can did, a. white
Breast plate, s. armour for the breast Can dour, s. purity of mind
Breast work, s. works thrown up by Can ker, s, a corrosion
the defendants,

Can to, s. a section of poems
Breath ing, s. aspiration

Can ton, s. a division of land
Brew er, s. one who makes beer Ca per, s. a dance
Bride groom, š. a man newly mar- Ca pon, s. a cock

Cap ture, s. a prize
Brim stone, s. sulphur

Car cass, s. a dead body Bri ny, a. salt

Care less, a. without care Bris ket, s. the breast of an animal Ca ret, s. a mark thus (A) Brisk ly, ad. vigorously

Car nage, s. slaughter Brist ly a, beset with bristles Car nal, a. fleshy Brittle, a, fragile,

Carp ing, a. captious, Bro ker, s. a factor

Car rot, s. a garden root Broth el, s, bawdy house

Cart er, s. who drives a cart Brow beat, v a. to depress with stern Car truge, S s. a case for por looks,

Car tridge,

der Bru mal, a. belonging to the winter Cary ing, s. sculpture Bru tal, a. savage

Cask et, s. a box of jewels Bub ble, s. a small watery bladder Cas sock, S. a close garment Buck ler, s. a shield

Cas tor, s a beaver Buck ram, s. stiff cloth

Cas trate, v a. to geld Bug bear, s. a frightful object Catch poll, s. a sergent Build er, she who builds

Cav ern, s. a hollow under ground Bul kv, a. of great size

Ca vils, s. frivolous objections Bur nish, v a. to polish & n. to grow Ca vil, v n. 'to raise objections bright

Cause way, s. a raised way Bush el s. a measure

Caus tick, s. a burning application Bush v, a. full of bushes

Cau tion), s. prudense Bus kin, s. a kind of half bood Cease less, a. perpetual Bus tle, s, a tumult

Ceiling, s. the inner roof
But ler, s. a servant

Cel lar, s. a room under ground
But ter, s, the unctious part of milk Ce ment, s. union
But tress, so a prop

Cen ser, &, fer poenge

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