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Pa lace, s. a royal house

Peb ble, s. a small round stone Pale ness, s, want of lustre

Pec cant, a. guilty, offensive Pallet, s. a small bed

Pe dant, s. one rain of learning Pal lid, a. pale

Ped lar, s. a dealer in small matters Pal my, a. bearing palins

Peer age, s. the dignity of a peer Pal sy, s. a privation of motion or Pee vish, a. petulant seeling

Pen cil, s. to write with Paltry, a. worthless, sorry

Pen dant, s. a jewel hanging from Pamper, v. a. to glut

the ear Pam phlet, s. a small book Pen dent, a. hanging weight Pan dect, s. the whole of any sci- Pen ny, s. a small coin

Pen sion, S. an allowance for services Pan der, s, a pimp, a procurer * Pen sive, a. thoughtful Pan ick, s. sudden fear

Peo ple, s. a nation Pan nel, s. a kind of saddle

Pep per, s. a spice
Pan ther, s, a wild beast

Per fect, a. complete
Pan try, s. a room for prorisions Per il, s. danger
Pa pal, a. belui ging to the pope

Per ish, v n. to come to nothing;
Par cel, s. a small bundle

die Parch ment, s. skins dressed for per jure, v.a. to forswear writing on

Per son, s. a human being
Tar don, v. a. to forgive

Pert ly, ad. briskiy
Fa rent, s. a father or mother Pert ness, s. petulance
Pa ring, s. that which is pared off Pet ty, a. small, little
Par ish, s, the charge of a secular Pew ter, s. a kind of metal

Phan tasm, s. vain thought
Park er, s. the keeper of a paik Phan tom, s. an apparition
Par iey, s. oral treaty

Pha sis, s. the changes of the modus Par lour, s a room to receive com- Phea sant, s. a wild cock pany

Phe nix, a fabulous bird Par ry, v. n. to feece

Phi al, s. a small bottle
Parsley, s. å plant

Phil ter, s. which causes love
Pars nip, s. a valuable esculent plant Phren sy, s. madness
Partial, a. inclined to favour one Phthis iek, s. a consumption

Phy sick, s. medicine, a purge
Part ly, ad. in some measure

Pica, S. a kind of type Part ner, s. a partaker

Pic kle, $. preserre of fruits &c. Par ty, s. a number in the same Pil fer, v. a. to steal

Pil grim, s. who travels on a religi Pas chal. a. relating to Easter

ous account Pas sage, s. act of passing

Pil lar, s. a column Pas sion, s. anger, zeal

Pi lot, s. one who steers a ship ?'as sive, a. unresisting,

Pilot, v a. to steer a ship Pays port, s. a permission to pass Pin cers, s. an instrument for draw Pass time, s. sport, amusement

ing nails, &c. Pas tor, s. a shepherd

Pin guid, a. fat, unctuous
Pas try, s. the act of making pies Pin ion, s. a wing, y. a. to bind
Pas ture, s. feecling ground

Pin nace, s. a boat belonging to a Pa tent a. open to the perasal of all

ship P'a tent, s. a writ conferring some Pi eus, a. religious exclusive right

Pi rate, s. a sea robber Pat tern, s. specimen

Pis ces, s. a sign in the zodiaco Pay ment, s. the act of paying

Pis tol, s. a small gun Peace ful, e quiet

Pitch er, ş. a water por

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Pitch y, a. smeared with pitch Pot tage, so any thing boiled for
Pi ty, s. compassion for pain food
Pla cid, a. gentle, quiet Pot ter s. a maker of pots
Plain nuss, s. sincerity

Poul try, s. domestick fowls
Plain tiff, s. one who begins a Pow er, s. authority
law suit

Practise, s. custoinary use
Plain tive, a. complaining Prat tle, v n. to talk lightly
Plan et, s. a moving star Pray er, s. petition
Pian ter, s. one whọ sows Pre cious, a. valuable
Plas ter, s. glutinous matter Preg nant, a. breeding
Play fui, a. sportive

Pre lude, s. something which Ple vin, S. a warrant

shows what is to follow Pli ant, a. bending

Pre script, s. direction Plot ter, S. a conspirator Pre sence, s. state of being pre Plov er, s. lapwing

sent Plu mage, s. feathers

Pre sent, s. a gift
Plumb er, s. who works on lead Pres sure, s. gravitation
Plump ness, s. fullness

Pre text, s. pretence
Plun der, v a. to pillage Pret ty, a. elegant, neat
Plu ral a. more than one Priest hood, s, the office of a
Po et, s. a writer of


priest Point er, s, that points out Pri mate, s. the chiefeclesiastick Poi son, s. deadly venom Prim er, s. a small book Poi song v a: to infect with poi. Prim rose, s. a flower

Pri son, s. a strong hold
Po ker, s. a fire iron

Pri son, v a. to confine
Po lar, a. belonging to the pole Pri vate, a. not open
Pol ish, v a. to brighten Priv y, a. private
Pon der, y à & n. to consider

Pro bat, $. an official copy Pon tiff, s. a priest

Pro bate, S of a will Pony, s. a small horse

Pro cess, S. tendency, course s. poverty

Proc tor, s. a manager Pop py, s. a plant

Pro duct, so something produced Po rous, a. having pores

s. advantage, Por poise,

, the sea hog

v n. to benefit

Pro gress, s. course, order
Port er, s, a gatekeeper Pro ject, s. contrivance :
Por tion, s. a part, a fortune Pro logue, s. preface
Po ry, a. full of

Prom ise, s. declaration Post age, so what is paid for the Prom ise, v a. to make decian, carriage of letters

tion Post er, s. à courier

Promp ter, s. a reminder Pos ture, s. situation

Pro noun, s. a part of speech

, a Po tent.a. powerf

Pro phet, s. one inspired
Pros trate, a. lying at lengo


Poor ness,

Pro fit, }

Por pus,


Proy est, s. the chief cía bądy Qui et; } . pepose

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apeaceable Prow 655, s. bravery, valour

s • Proy', s. agency of another Quin sy, s. inflamation in the Pratike, s.Tacuicl wisdom

throat Psa misi, s. s.riter of ps. Ims Guit tance, s. a discharge

, Psai ier, s, a psalm bouk Guo rum, s. a bench of justices Pui ück, a, common io all Quo ta,'s, a share to each Pub tish, v a. to make, known Quo tient, s. the remainder Puck er, 5. wrinkle

R. Put fy, a. windicillent

Rab ber, v a. to pair down
Pul let, so it your

Rab bi, ?

So doctor of the Pul pous, 2. soit

Rab bin. S ji W$ * Punch ton, 5. '1 measure Rabbit, s. Murry animal

& Pun gent; 2. chip, acrid Rab ble, s. à tumuliuous crowd Pun ish, 17, to cirastise

Rack et, E. a confused noise Pu ny, a young, petty

Rad ish, s, a root: Pup p', s. a whep

kaffle, s. a kind of lottery Pur chast, v kto buy

Rafter, s. timbers of a house Pure Dess, 8 cicarness

R?i ment, S. clothes &c. Purjk, 2. red tincture as with Rai ny, 2. showery blue

Rui sini, z. a dried grape Pus tuk s. a smll swelling kaliy, vào to put in order for Puwid, a. roicn, corrupt

gain Put ty, s. a kind of cement Ram part, s. a wall round a for

v2.10 con found Puz zle,

ufied place
posts be confounded Ran dom, s. hazard

Ran ger, s. a rover
Quid rart,

instrument kan kie, v n. to fester for measu!!), a iourth part Rapine, s. plunder Quad rute, a. having tour equal Rapture, 8. extacy'. sides

Rare ly, ad. seldom
Qua kers, s. a religious sect Ra vage, v a. to lay waste
Quair ih, a. seised with lan- Ready, a. prepared

Re bo, s. who opposes lawful "P, SE the winount

authority a cuina

Re cord, s. * register
van a hate

ke suge, s. sheiter
fui khazart

Te gress, s. pissage back
Quå vei, shahe voice leash, So Site
Que ri, vt

Ben dor, v: to return

make alive Res cuè, si dtriverance Quickis,


Rc spi, v d. to relieve Quick sana,

Ris gl, v n to move backwart Quick ness, üv tvilx

and forward
Ri gid, a. severe, stiff




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Quick Cany

elig sand

king level

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Ri gour, S. severity

Saw yer, S. who saws timber
Ring let, s. a curl

Scab bard, s. a sheath
Ri pen, v n. to grow tipe Sca ly, a. covered with scales
Ri val, s. a competitor

Scan dle, so offence
Ri vrt, v a, to fasten with rivets Scan ty, a. sinall, narrow
Rob her, s. a thief

Scar let, s. a red colour
Rock et, s. a fire work Scep tre, s. an ensign of royalty
Ro guish, a. knavish

Schę lule, S. aninventory Roll er, s. a round stone for ma- Sche mer, s. a contriver

Scho lar, s. a man of lettere Room y, a, spacious

Si ence, s. knowledge Rot ten, a. putrid

Scis sion, s, the act of cutting Rough ness, s. harshness

Scorn ful, a: insolent Round ness, s. circuity

Scoundrel, s. a villain Rub bish, s. ruins of a building Scram ble, vn. to climb

up Rude ly, ad. in a rude manner. Scrib ble, v. n. to write with Rup ture, s. a breach

Out care Rush y, a. full of rushes

Scru pic, s. doubt Rus tick, a. rural

Scul lion, s. an under servant Rus ty, a. covered with rust Stulp ture, s. carved work S

Scur vy, s. a disease Sa ble, a. dark

Sea son, v a.

to give a relish Sa cred, a. holy

Se cret, a. private Sad den, v a. to make sad Sec tor, s. a mathematical ia

a Sad ly, acl. sorrowfully

strument Safe ty, s, freedom from danger Sei sure, s. the act of seizing Sage ly, ad. wisely

Sei dom, ad. rarely Sai lor, s. a seaman

Sel vage, s. the edge Saint like, a, like a saint Sem blance, s. likewise Sa lad, s. food of herbs

Se nate, s. a council Salm on, s. a kind of fish Sen try, s. a watch Salt ern, s. a salt work

Se quel, s. conclusion Salt ish, a. somewhat salt Se raph, S. an angel Sap py, a. juicy

Se rene, a, placid, calm Sar casm, s. a taunt

Ser vant, s. one in subjection Sa tan, S. a wicked spirit Ser vile, a, slavish Satch el, s, a school boy's bag Se rum, s. the watery part of Sa tire, s. censure of folly

the blood Sa vage, a. wild, cruel, s. a bar. Ses sion, s. assembly of senators

barian Sau cer, s. a Chine platter Saucy, a. petulent

Sex ton, s. a church officer Sa viour, s. redeemt.

Shackle, v a. to fetter Saun ter, v.n. to wander idly Sha dow, s. a shade Sa Four, v to have a taste Shag sy, a rough

Set tle,} va: to fix in a place

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Shal low, a. not deep

Snake root, s. a medicinal herb Sham bles, s. butchers stalls Snuf fers, s. used in clipping Shape ly, a. well formed

the burned wick of a can. Shar pen, v. a. to make sharp dle Shar per, S. a tricker

So ber, a, temperate
Shat ter, v. a. to break

So cial, a, fainiliar
Sheep fold, s. inclosure for sheep So lace, s. comfort
Sheep ish, a. over modest So lar, a. belonging to the sun
Shil ling, s. a silver coin So lemn, a. awful
Short ly, ad. quickly

So lid, a. compact
Short ness, s. brevity

Sol vent, a. able to pas Show er, s. a fall of rain

Son net, s. a poem Shrewd ness, s. cunning Sor did, a. mean, filthy, Shud der, v. a. to quake with Sor row, s. grief, pain fear

Sot tish, a. stupid Shuf fe, s. a trick

Sound ness, s, healthy Sic kle, s. a reaping hook Sour ness, S. acidity Sick ly, a. langiid

Spa cious, a. wide, room Side long, a. oblique

Spe cios, s, a sort
Sight ly, a pleasing to the eye Spe cious, a. showy
Sig net, s. a seal

Spee dy, a. swift
Silk en, a. made with silk Spend thrift, s. a prodiga
Sil ly, a. foolish

Spicy, a. aromatic
Sil van, a. woody

Spi rit, s. the soul of man Sim ple a. plain

Spite ful, a. malicious Si new, s. a nerve

Splen did a, showy Sin ful, a. wicked

Spokes man, s. a speaker
Syr rup, s. juice of herbs

Sport ful. a. merry
Si zer, s. a rank of students Squan der, v a. to spend
Skep tic, s. who pretends to Sta ble, a. fixed, steady

doubt of all things Stag nant, a. still Skil ful, a. knowing

State ly, a, angust Skir mish, s. a fight

Sta tieks, s. the science of Skit tish, a. wanton

weighing bodies Slan der, s. false invective Sta tion, s. office Sla vish, a, servile

Sta tue, s. an image Slen der, a. not thick

Sta ture, s. the height of an anSlip per, s. a kind of shoe

imal Sloth ful, a. lazy, idle

Sta tute, s. a law Slov en, s. a nasty fellow Stea dy, a. fixed Slough y, a• boggy

Steel yard, s. for weighing
s. duliness

Steep ness, s. declivity
Slug gish, a. lazy, idle Stee rare, s. the act of steering
Smooth ly, ad. evenly

Stiffness, s. rigidity
Smo ther, Y. á, to sufocats Stig ina, s. a mark of infamy

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Slow ness,

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