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s sume, v a. to take

Be gone, interject. go away As sure, v a. to give confidence be guile, v a. to delude als tringe, v a. to draw the parts Be half, s. profit, support. together

Be have, v n. to conduct ones nel tone, v n. to answer for

self At tach, v 2. to arrest, to seize Be head, v a. to cut off ones head It tack, s. an assault

Be hold, v.2. to view, to see nii tain, v a. to gain

Be lief, s. credit given to what At taint, v a. to degrade

we know not


OU At tempt, v a. to venture se an seves essay

Be long, v n. to be the property Attend, v a. to regard, v. n. to of give attention

De lov, prep under in place At tost, v a. to bear witness Be moan, v a. to lament At tire, s. clothes, dress Be neath, ad in a lower place, at tract, v a. to drw, to allure

Frep. under A vail, v a. to profit, 6. advan. Be night, v a. to involve in tage

darkness A venge, v a. to punish Be nign, a. kind, liberal

de ver, y a.. to declare positively Be numb, v a. to make torpid A vert, v. a. to turn aside

Pe queath, v a. to leave by will „1 vouch, v a. to afirm

Be reare, v do

to take away A vow, v a. to declare

from. I wait, v a, to expect

Be seech, v a. to entreat
A wake, v n, to break from Be side, prep, near

Besides, ad. over and above
I ward, v a. to adjudge Be sot, v a. to infatuate
A while, ad. some time Be stow, v a. to give

Ee speak, v a. to crder before Ba boon, s. a large monkey

hand Turkish viceroy Be stride, v a. to step over Le calm, v a. to still the elem- Be times, ad. seasonably

Be tray, v a. to discover the preterite of be- Be wail, v a. to bemoan

Be ware, v n, to regard with Le cause, conjunct, for this rea- caution

Bro cade, s. variegated silk Le deck, v a. to adorn

C Be dew, v a. to moisten gently. Ca bal, s. a secret science of the De fall, v n. to happen

Hebrew ribbins Be fit, v a. to be suitable to Cajole, v a. to flatter, to soothe Be fore, ad. sooner than Cal cine, v a. to burir to a ca.x Be friend, v a. to favour

v 1. to become a calx Peget, v a, to generate Cam paig), s. open level ground Le ging v a, to do the first act

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Bash aw,

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Con trita?

Ca'nine, 2. of the properties of Con front, v a. to stand face to a dog

face Ca reer, s. full speed, race Con found, v a. to perples Ca ress, v a. to endear, to fon- Con fuse, v a. to disorder dle

Con fute, v a. to disprove Car touch, s. a case for holding Con join, v a. to unite balis

Con jure, v a. to summon in x Cas cade, s. a water fall

sacred name
Cha grin, s. ill-humour Con nect, v a. to join
Chas tize, v 2. to punish Con nive, v n. to wink at
Com plain, v a. to lament Con sent, v n. to agree to
Com plaint, s, à disease Con sign, v 2. to transfer
Com plete, 2. perfect, full Con tempt, s. scoin
Com ply, y n. to yield to Con tend, v a. to strive
Com pose, v a. to put together Con test, v a. to dispute

in order

Con trast, v a. to place in oppor Com posed, a. calm, serious

sition Com press, v a. to embrace

V a. to intent Con ceal, v 2. to hide

Con vene, v 2. to call together Com prise, v a. to contain Con verse, v n. to discourse Con cede, v a. to admit Con vert, v a. to.change Con ceit, v a. to imagine, s. a Con vey, v a. to carry of thought

Con vict, v a. to prove guilty Con ceive, v a. to understand Convoke, v 2. to call together Con cent, s. harmony

Co queite, s. a vaia girl Con cer, v a. to relate, se affair, Con volve, v a. to roll together's business

Cor rect, v a. to chastise
Con cert, v a. to settle

Cor rupt, v a. to illect
Con cise, a. brief, short
Con ciude, v a. to decide. De camp, v ni to more o

ofy Con cur v

n. to meet in .one Da cant, v a. to pour off: point

De cay, v a. to decline Con demn, v a. to censure De cease, s. cleparture from life Con dense, v a. to make closer De ceit, s. fraud, Con diga, a. suitable

De ceive, v a. to doluce Con dole, v n. to lament in oth- De claim, vn, to harangue ers' sorrow

De coy, v a. to entrap, Se allureCon duce, v n. to promote

ment Con duct v a. to lead

Dc crease, v n. to grow less, v do Con fess, v a. to disclose

to make less Con fest, a. known, open De crease, s. the state of gronka Con fide, i na to trust in

ing less Con fine, v a. to bound

Dè cree, s. an edict, a lawy Con firm, v a. to settle

De duce, v a. to draw froih Con form, y a, to comply De duct, Y a. to subtract

De mean,

Dis creet,

Le fect, s. want, fault

De vice, s. contrivance
De fence, s. vindication De vise, v a. to contrive
De fend, v a. to protect De void an einpty, vacent'.
Le file, v 2. to pollute, s. a nar. De vote, v a. to dedicate.
row passage

De vour, v a. to destroy
De fine, v a. to explain

De vout, a. pious De flour, v a. to ravish

Dif fuse, v a. to pour out De fraud, v 2. to cheat Di gest, y'a. to range in order De fray, v a. to pay expenses De late, v a. to extend De grade, v a. to lessen Di rect, a. straight Dilav, v a. to put off


arın, v a. to spoil of arms 'Demain, 2

Dis band, v a. to dismiss S. 2 patrimonial es. Dis burse, v a. to lay out money De mesne

[tate. Dis card, v a. to put away De mand, s. a clain

Dis cern y a. to distinguish De mise, s. decease

Discharge v a, to perform De pand, v n. to hang from

a. prudent De plume, v a, to strip of fca- Discuss, v a. to examine thers Dis (lain, v a. to scorn, S.

con De port, v a. to carry

teinpt De pose, v a. to lay down Lis case, s. distemper De press, V 2. to humble Dis gorge, vas to discharge by De prive, v a. to bereare

the mouth De pute, y 2. to commission Dis grace, so shame De ride, y a. to mock Dis guise; S. a counterfeit Des cant, vn. to discourse co- Dis-gust. s. aversion v a. to of piously

De come
to come down

Dis like, v.a. to disas, proye
De sert, v a. to forsake Dis may, v a. to terrify
De sign, v a. to purpose

Dis miss, v a. to send away
De sire, s, a wish to obtain Dis mout, V 1, to alight from a
D s patch, s. hasty execution hoise
D. s pise, v 2. to scorn

Dis play, 9 a. to exhibit to view Despite,e. malice

Dis please; v ac to offend Despoil, v a. to rob

Dis pose, v a. to employ to any De spond, y 1. to lose hope end, oil. lo bargain Le stroy, v a, to lay waste. D's praise, y a. tp blime De tach, v a. to seperate


prove, o 2010 comfute e tnil, v a. to give an exact Dis puta, un, to coniesť account

Dis seni, n, to differ
De izin, v.a. to withhold Dis soiva, oa, to be inclted
De tect, v a. to discover Dis suade, v a. to clive rt from
De test, V. 2. to hate

Dis tract, v 2. to poplex-
De traci, v a. io calumniate Dis train, v 2. tseize
De trude, v a. to thrust down. Dis tiusi, s. difudence

, .

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to pass

Dis turb, v a: to perplex

Escape, v n. to get out of danger, Di rert, v a. to turn aside

a timely flight Di vest, v a. to strip

E spouse, va, to marry Di vorce, v a' to seperate man and Es sav, va. to attempt wife

E state, s. condition of lifeDi vulge, v a. to publish

Es teem, v a. to set a value, s. reg Dra goon, s. a horse-soldier

gard E

E strange, v a. to withdraw
E duce, y a to extract from

E vent s. incident
Ef fect, s. consequence, v a, to bring E vert, v a. to destroy

Ex act, a. nice, accurate
Eject, v a. to cast out

Ex act, v a. te require E lude, v a. to escape

Ex alt, v a. to raise, to elevato Em boss, v a. to engrave

Exceed, v a. to outgo Em broil, va. to disturb

Ex cell, vai to surpass E mit, v.9, to send forth

Except, v a. to leave out, En pale, v. a. to fence in

Excess, s. superfluity
Ein-ploy; v a. to exercise

Excise, s. a duty, a tax
En act, v a. to per form, s. purpose Excite, v a. to rouse
En cimp, v a. & 17. to pitch tents Ex claim, v a. to cry out
En clase, v a. to fence in

Ex clude, v a. to shut out
En dear, r a. to make beloved Excuse, v a. to extenuate an offences
Ea dict. v a. to prosecute

Excuse, S, an apology
En dow, v a. to enrich with portion Exempt, v privilege
En dure, v a. to bear

Exert, v a. to use an effort
En force, v a. to strengthen Ex hale, y a to draw out vapours
En gage, v a. to make liable or sub, Ex haust; va. to diminish totally

Ex hort, v a. to incite by words En hance, v a. to advance

Ex ile, v a. to banish En join, v a. to direct

Ex ist, v. n. to be, to have a being Enjy, v a. to feel with pleasure y n.. Ex pand, via. to spread out to live in happiness

Ex panse, s. extension.
En large, v a. to make greater Fx pect, v a. & n. to wait for
En list, v a. to enter into military Expel, v a. to drive out

Ex pense, s. cost, charges
Enough, 's what is sufficient

Ex pert, a. skilful.

[last Enrage, v a. to irritate

Ex pire, v a. & p. to breathe the En rich, v a. to make rich

Ex ploit, s. an achievement
En rol, v a. to leave in writing Ex plore, v 4. to search into
En shrine, v a. to preserve sacred Ex port, va, to send over sea
Bu site, v a. th deprive of liberty Ex pose, v Iny open
En sué, v a &. n. to follow

Ex pound, v a. to explain
En sure, v a. to secure any thing Ex punge, v a. tn blot out
En tail, v.a. to fix the descent of an Ex tend, v a. to stretch out.

Ex tern, a. outward
In throne, v a. to place on a throne Ex tinct, a. extinguished
En sice, v a. to allure

Ex tort, v a. to wrest from.
En tipe, 1, undivided

Ex tract, v a. to draw out
En tonb, v a. to put into a tomb Ex treme, ai outmost
En irup, v a. to eusnare

Ex ult, v 1. to pai ce
En treat, v to solicit

F Equip, v a. to furnish.

Fare well, ad. act of departure hrase, v a. to destroy

Fa tigue, s. wearidesse v a. to ttre
Fore bode, v 1. 10 foretell


Fóre cast, v a. to provide against In dow, v a. to portion
Fore go, v a. to resign

In duce, v a. to persuade
Pore know, v a. to foresee

In due, v a. to invest with
Fore stali, v.a. to anticipate In dulge, v a. to favour
Fore warn, v a. to caution

In ert, a. motionless, dull
Furth with, ad. immediately Iu fer, v a. to induce, to drave

In firm, a. feeble, weak
Gal lant, sa lover, wooer

In fix, v a. to drive in
Gaz etto, s. a news-paper {tures In flame, v a. to set on fire
Gri mace; s. a twisting of the fea- In fiate, v a. to swell with wind
In flect, v a. to bend

(ment Hal loo, interj. to shout aloud In flict, v a to impose as 2 puniska Hal loo, v a. & n. to encourage with In form, v a. to instruct shouts

In fract; v a. to break Har poon, s. a bearded dart In fringe, va. to violate Here by, ad. by these means In fuse, va. to instill High way, s. a great road

In graff, v a. to plant a sprig of one I:

In graft, tree in the stock of angs Il lude, v a. to deceive

ther Il lume, v a. to enlighten

Io gress, s. entrance
Im brown, v a. to make brown In gulph, v a. to swallow up
Im brue, v 2. to steep,

In herë, v n. to exist in something Im bue, v a. to tincture deep

else Im burse, v a. to pay back

In herse, v a. to enclose in a monus Im merse, v a. to put in water

ment Im mence, a. unlimited

In hume y. a. to bury Im muie, v a. to confine

In ject, ~a, to cast in Im pair, va. to diminish

In join, v a. to command
Im park, v a. to enclose

In lav, va, to insert
Im piirt, v a. to communicate In nate, a. natural, inborn
Im péach, y a. to accuse

In quire, v. a. to ask about
Im pearl, v a. to dress in pearls In sane, a. not sound in mind
Im pel, v a. to drive on

In scribe, v a. to write on any thing Im plant, v a. to infix

in scuip, v-a. to engrave Im plore, v a. to supplicate In sert, v. a. to put in order Im ply, v a, to comprise

In shrine, v a. to place in a shrine Im port, y a to carry from abroad Il sist, v n. to maintain positively Im pose, v a. to enjoin, s. to com- In snare, var to entrap mand

In spect, v a. to look over Im press, v a. to print

In spirë, v a. to animate Im print, v a. to mark

In stall, v a. to advance to any office Im pugn, v a. to attack

In stead, pren: in room of Im pure, a. unchaste

In stil, va. to infuse by drops Im pute, v.a. to attribute

In stinct, s. natural tendency In cense, v a. to provoke

In struct, y a. to teach In cite, v a. to stir up

In sult, v a. to treat with contempt In cline, v n. to lean to

In tend, v a. to regard
In clude, v a. to comprehend In tense, a, vehement
In crease, v a. to make greater, s. In tent, a. anxious, s. a design

In ter, v a. to lay in the ground! In crust, y a to cover over

In thrall, v a. to enslave
In kleed, ad. in reality, in truth In tire, a. whole
In lent, va. to mark counterparts

In trench, v a. to fortify
n digp, a. unworthy

In trigue, s. a ploty v n. to form plots

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