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Al der man, s. the magistrate of a Bale fully, ad. sorrowfully corporation

Ba nish ment, s. the state of an exile Al co run, s. Mahomet's book Bar ba cue, s. a hog dressed whole Al ge bra, s. a kind of arithmetick Bash ful ness, s. modesty Alien ate, v a. to transfer property Bas í lisk, s. a serpent Aliment, s. food, nourishment Bat te ry, s. the act of battering “Al ma nack, s. a calendar

Bat tle ment, s. a strong wall Al mo ner, s. an officer of charity Beau te ous, a, elegant in form Altitude, s. height

Beau ti fy, v a. to adorn Am ber gris, s. a fragrant drug Bed la mite, s. a mad man Ambi ent, a. surrounding

Beg gar ly, a. mean, poor, ad. mean Am i ty, s. friendship,

ly Am o rous, a. inclined to love Beg ga ry, s. indigence Am pie ness, s. largeness

Bel we ther, s. a sheep with a bell Am plify, v a. to enlarge

Be ne fice, s. advantage
Amplitude, s. largeness

Re ne fit. s. a kindness
Am pu tate, v a. to cut off a limb Ber ga mot, 's. a sort of pear
An a lyze, v a. to resolve

Bes ti al, a. brutal An ces, tor, s. from whom one de- Bi ga mist, s. one having two wives cends

Bi got ed, a. prepossessed in fovou: Ancient ly, ad. in old times

of something An di ron, s. irons belonging to a Bi go try, s. blind zeal grate

Bit ter ness, s. acidity of taste, An ec dote, s. a pleasing story

Blus ter er, s. a Swaggerer
Ani mal, s. a living creature Bxis te rous, a. violent
Annu lar, a. like a ring

Boun da ry, s. limit, bound
Answer er, s. one who answers Boun te ous, a. generous
An ti pope, s. one who usurps the Bra ve ry, s. courage

Brev ia ry, s. the daily service of the
Anti quate, v a. to make obsolate Church
na nxiously, ad. solicitously Brick lay er, s, a brick-mason
Ap a thy, s. freedom from passion Bro ther hood, s. fraternity
Apish ly, ad. like an ape

Bur den some, a.grievous A po logue, s. a contrived story. Butch e ry, s. the trade of a butcher Architect, s. a builder

But ter fly, s. a pretty insect Arduous, a. difficult

C Arga ment, s.reasoning

Ca len dar, s. a register Aries, s, one of the signs of the zo- Ca len der, s. for dressing cloth (iiack

Calum ny, s. slander Ar ma ment, s. naval force

Can did ly, ad. fairly Armo rer, s. who makes armour Can dle mas, s. the feast of purificaAr mo ry, s. a place for arms.

tion Ar rant ly, ad. corruptly

Candle stick, s. that holds candles Arro gant, a. haughty,

Can ni bal, s. a man eater Art fully, ad, with art

Can on ist, s. ą professor, of the caArtichoke, s. a plant

non law Article, s. a part of speech, a clause Ca no nize, v a. to declare one a Au gu ry, s. prediction from omens saint Aw ful ly, ad. with reverential fear Can on ship, s. an ecclesiastical beAwk ward ly, ad. inelegantly

nefice B.

Ca pi as, s. a writ of execution Ba che lor, s. an unmarried man Car di nal, s. a principal Back bi ter, s. one who speaks ill of Care ful ness, s. yigilence

the absent

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Cocoa nut



Ga su ist, s. one who settles cases of De le gate, v a. to send away s. a conscience

deputy Ca te chist, s. on who instructs by Den i zen, s. a free man question and answer

Den si ty, s. closeness Ca vi ty, s. hollowness

De pre date, v a. to pillage Cau te rise, v a. to burn with an De pu ty, s. a lieutenant iron

De sig nate, v a. to point out Ce le brate, v a. to praise

De so late, v a. to lay waste, a. laid Cen tu ry, s. a hundred years

waste Cham ber er, s. a man of intrigue Des ti ny, s. invincible necessity Chas ti ty, s. purity

De tri ment, loss, damage Cheer ful ness, s. alacrity

De vi ate, v n. to go ont of the way Cho co late, s. liquor made of the Di a dem, s. a crown

Di a lect, s. manner of expression Chris tian name, s. a name given Di a phragm, s. the midriff at the font

Di a ry, s. à journal Chy mi cal, a, relating to chymis- Dif fer ence, s. a dispute

Di fidence, s. listrust":
Cin na mon, s. a spice

Dig ni fy, v a. to advance
Cir cum stanice, s. accident, state Dig ni ty, s. a rank of eleyation
Co mi cal, a. diverting

Di li gence, s, industry
Com pli cate, v a. to compound Di mi ty, s, cotten cloth
Com pli ment, s, act of civility Di o cese, s, a bishop's jurisdiction
Con se crate, v a. to make sacred Diş so nance, s. disagreement of
Consequence, s. that which fol sousds-

Di vi dend, s. a share Con ti nent, a. chaste

Diz zi ness, s. siddiness Con ver sant, a. acquainted with Doc tri nal, a. Containing doctrine Co pi ous, a. abundant

Do cu ment, 5. precut Cor di al, a, sincere

Dog ma tize, v 31. to assert posiCoun ter plot, s. artifice,opposed to tively artifice

Dow a ger, s. a widow with a join Cour te sy, s. civility

Cre di tor, s. one who gives credit Drow si ness, s. sleepiness
Cre du lous, a. ready to believe Drud ge ry, s. mean labour
Cri ti cize, v a. to censure

Du el ist, s, a combatant
Cru ci ble, s. a chymist's pot Dul ce mer, s. a musical instru:
Crys tal line, a. transparent
Cu bi cal, a. like a cube

Du ra ble, a. lasting Cul pa ble, a. criminal

Du te ous, a. obedient Cul ti yate, v a, to improve Du ti ful, a, respectful Cu ri ous, a. inquisitive

Dy nas ty, s. a government Cur vi ture, s. inflexion

Dys u ry, S. difficulty of making
Cy ni cal, a: charlish
Cy no sure, s. the north star


Ear li ness, s. quickness
Dain ti ness, s. delicacy

Ear nest ness, s. eigerness Dal li ance, s. fondness

Ec sta cy, s. rapture Dam na ble, a. wicked

Ed i fice, s. a fabrick
Dam ni fy, v a. to injure

E du cate, v a. to breed up
Dan ger ous, a, hazardous Effigy, s. an image
Das tard ly, a. cowardly

Ef flu ence, s, a flowing from
De cen cy, s. propriety

Eg lan tine, s, a rose
De di cateva, to consecrate E le ment, s, air, fire &c



E go tism, s. the frequent use of Fe de ral, a, relating to a league. speaking of oneself

Fee ble ness, s. infirmity E le phant, s. a beast

Eeign ed ly, ad. not truly El e yate, v a. to raise

Fel low ship, s. association
El o quent, a. oratorial

Fe minine, a. female, sost
E ma nate, v n. to issue from Een ci ble, a. capable of defence
Em "bas sy, s. a public message

Fer ti lize, v a. to make fruitful
Em bry o, s, the child in the womb Fic cle ness, s. inconstancy
E me rald, s. a green stone

Fil thi ness, s. foulness
Em pe ror, s. one superior to a Fi ne ry, s. splendour

Fi ni cal, a. foppish
En pha sis, s, stress of voice. laid Fir ma ment, s. the sky.'

upon a word or sentence Fish mon ger, s. a dealer in fish En mi ty, s. malice

Fis tu la, s. an ulcer
En ter prise, s. an attempt Fla ge let, s. a small flute
En ti ty, s. real being

Flat ter er, s, a wheedler
En vious, a, grudging

Flat te ry, s. false praise Ep i curean, s. a man of luxury

Flex i ble, a. pliant E pi sode, s, a digression in a poem Fluc tu ate, vn. to roll to and fro Ep i taph, s, an inscription upon a Fo lio, s. a book whose sheets are, tomb-stone

doubled once only E qui page, s. furniture

Fop. pe ry, s. affectation of show E qui ty, s. justice, right

For ci ble, a. strong Es cu lent, a, eatable

Fore čas tle, s. part of a ship Eu pho ny, s. a pleasing sound For ma list, s. one who prefers forn, Ex cel lent, s, of great virtue

to reality Ex i gence, s. want, need

For mal ly, ad. precisely Ex u dus, s. a departure

For mer ly, ad. time past Ex or cism, $. abjuration

For ti fy v a. to strengthen Ex pi ate, v a. to atone for

For ti tude, s, courage Ex plicate, v a. to unfold

For tu nate, a. successful, lucky Eye ser vice, s. that service done For ward ness, s. assurance under inspection

Fos ter child, s, a child raised by a. Eye wit ness, s. an ocular evidence woman not its inother F

Frac tion al, a. belonging to a broFa bu lous, a, feigned

ken member Fac to ry, s. a house of traders Fra gran cy, s. sweetness of smell Fa cul ty, s. ability, power

Frau dulence, s. deceitfulness Faith ful ness, s. honesty

Free hold er, s. who holds free land Fal co ner, s. one who trains'hawks Fre quen cy, s. concourse Fal li ble, a, liable to err

Fre quent ly, ad. often times I'a mi ly, s. ráce, tribe

Fret ful ness, s. peevishness
Fasci nate, v a. to bewitch

Fri gid ly, ad. coldly, dully
Father hood, s. the quality of father Fruc tu ous, a. fruitful
Fa ther ly, a. paternal

Fui ling mill, s. a mill for scoutFa thoin less, a. without bottom

ing cloth
Fawn ing ly, ad, in a cringing man- Ful mi nant, a. thundering

Ful mi nate, v 11. to thunder
Fe al ty, s. duty due to a Lord Fuga cious, a. fleeting
Fea si ble, a. practionable

Febri fuge, s. medicine to expel Ga lax y, s. the milky way
the fever

Gallant ly, ad: bravely, nobly Fe cu lence, s. muddiness

Gal lo way, s. a horse fourteen. Fe cu lent, a, foul, dregsy

hands high

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Går den er,s, a cultivator of gardens Hor ri ble, a, dreadful
Gár ni ture, s. furniture

Hor ribly, ad.' dreadfully
Car ru lous, a. talkative

Hos pi'tal, s, a place for sick Ga ther er, s. a collector

Hu ma nist, s, a gramarian Ge ne rate, v a. to beget

Hu ma nize, v a. to soften Ge ne rous, a. munificent

Hu mo rous, a. jocular Gen ti lism, s. heathenisin

Hu mor some, a. peevish Ger mi nate, v n. to sprout

Hus bau dry, s. tillage Gid di ness, s. inconstancy Hy a cilith, s. a plant Glob u lar, a. round, spherical Hy dro mel, s. honey & water Glom er ate, v a. to gather into a Hy po crite, s. one who deceitfully ball

pretends Gloom i ness, s, want of light

Good li ness, s. grace, elegance I dle ness, s. la ziness
Gorge ous ly, ad. splendidly I dol ize, v-a. to 'adore
Gor man dize, v a. to feed ravenous- Ig ne ous, a. firy

Ig no rance, s. want of knowledge Go vern ancé, s guidance

lg no rant, a. uninstructed Gra cions ly, ad. kindly

Im i tate, v a. to counterfeit Gra du al, a. by degrees

Im mi nent, a. impending Gra du ate, v dignify with de- Im ple ment, s. instrument grees

Im pli cate, v a. to entangle Gra ne ry, š. a store-house

Im po tent, a, weak Gra nu lous, a. full of little grains - Im pre cate, v a. to pray for evil Grate ful ness, s. gratitude

In ci dence, s. accident Gra tu late, v a. to greet with joy In ci dent, a. fortuitous Gra vi ty, s. weight

In ci dent, s. something happening H

beside the mean design Ha bi tant, s. a dweller

Inscre' ment, s. increase
Ha bi tude, s.custom

Iu di cant, a, showing
Hand bas ket, se a portable basket In di gence, s, want
Han di craft, s. manual occupation In di gent, a. poor, needy.
Har bin ger, s. a forerunner In di go; s. a plant for dying
Har di ness. s. stontness

In do lence, s. laziness
Har le quin, s, a buffoon

In fa moss, a.scandalous Har mo nize, v a. to adjust in order In fa my, s. scandal Has ti ness, s. speed, hurry In fan cy, s. the first part ni life Haugh ti ness, s. pride

In fan try; foot soldiers Heart i ness, s. sincerity

In fe rence, s. a conclusion drava Héà ven ly, ad: in a heavenly man- from arguments ner, a. like heaven

In fi del, s. an unbeliever He ca tomb, s. a sacrifice

In fi nite, a, unbounded Heed ful ness, s. caution

In ju ry, s.

nischief Hei nous ly, ad, wickedly

In lan der, s. a dweller from the sca He rald rý, s, the art of a herald In no cence, e, purity Hë re sy, s, private opinion In no cent; a. free from guilt Her mi tage, s, the cell of a hermit In-so lence, s. contemptuous pride Hes i tate, v n, to be doubtful In stant ly, ad. immediately His to ry, s. a relation of facts In sti gaté, v a. to urge to iil, Hi ther to, ad, lo this time

11 sti tutë v a. to establishi Hoʻli ness, s, sanctity

In stru ment, s. a tool Ho mi cide, s, manslaying

In su lar, a, like an island Hom i ly, s, a disccurse read to a In te ger, a.''


In tellcct, understanding

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In ter course, s. commerce

La mi na, s, thin plate In ter est, v a & n. to concern, S. Land hold er, s. who holds land advantage

Land job ber, one who buys and sells: In te rim, ad. in the meantime.

land In'ter val, s. space between Land la dy, s. the mistress of an inn la ti mate, a. familiar, s. a near ac- Land wait er, s. a custom-house of.. quaintance

ficer In ti mate, v a. to hint

Lan guid ly, ad. weakly In tri cate, a. perplexed

Lan guish ment, s. a state of pining
In vi ous, a, impassible,

La pi date, v a. to cast stones
In vo cate, v. a. to call upon La si tude, s. weariness
In ward ly, ad. in the heart La ti ral, a. belonging to the side
Irk some ness, s. tediousness La ti nist, s. one skilled in latin
I ro ny, s. a mode of speaking La ti tude, s. breadth
Ir vi gate; y a. to water

Latter ly, ad. of late
Ir ritate, v a. to provoke

Lau da ble, a. praise worthy
Is chu ry, s. stoppage of water Lau da bly, ad. deserving praise:
Is ling glass, s. fine glue

La ven der, s. a plant
Island er, s. inhabitant of an island Laugh a ble, a. exciting laughter

Laugh ing stock, s. an object of rie
Jea lousy, s, mistrust

dicule Jeo par dous, a. dangerous Law fully, ad. legally Jeo pard y, s. danger

Law giv er, s. a maker of laws Jes sa mine, s. a Power

Ijax a tive, a. purgative
Joy fully, ad gladly

Lax i ty, s. looseness
Ju bi lee, s. publick festivity La zily, ad. idly
Ju ni or, a. younger

Le che rous, a. lewd, lustful
Ju ni per, s. a plant

Le che ry, s. lewdness Ju ry man, s. one impannelled on a' Lec tu rer, s, one who teaches lecs jury

tures Jus ti fy, v.a. to viudicate

Legalize, y a. to authorize

Le gal ly, ad. lawfully
Kal en dar, s. (written calendar), Le gi ble, ad. easy to be read
an account of time

Le ni ent, a. assuasive Kid nap per, s. one who steals hu- Le ni tire, a. emollient man beings

Le ni ty, s. mildness
Kid Bey bean, S, a kind of pulse Le pro sy, s. a distemper
Wil der kin, s. a small barrel Let ter ed, a. educated
King fish er, s, a bird

Level er, s. one who makes evetti.
Kids wo man, s. a female relation

Le ye ret, s. a young hare Kitch en majd, s. a scullion,

Le vi ty, s. lightness
Bina very, s. dishonesty

Lex i con, s. a greek dictionary:
Knå vish ly, ad. fraudulenty: Li be lous, a. defamatory
Know jog ly, ad. with skill

Li be ral, a, beuntiful

Li ber tine, s. who lives without le-
Ia bial, a. httered by the lips

strairit La bour er, s. che employed in Li ber ty, s. freedom coarse work

Li bra ry, s. a collection of books La by rinth, s. a maze

Lic ker ish, a. delicate of taste
La ce rate, va. to tear

Li ga ment, s. thắt connects the.
Jachry mal, a. generating tears parts
Leac te ous;.a. milky

Li ga ture, s. à bandage
La dy ship, s. the title of a lady: Lig ne ous, a, made cf wood.
La i ty, s. the common people,

Like li hood, s. appearance

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