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Lim pid ness, s. clearness

Mu nu script, s, a written book Li ne al, a. of a direct line

Ma ple tree, s. a sugar-tree: Li ri ment, s. balsom

Ma ra time, a. relating to the sea Li o ness, s. a she lion

Mar ma lade, si a conserve of quinz Li qui fy, v a. to melt

ces and sugar Li qui date, v a, to clear

Mar ma lade, s. made of the pulph List less ly, ad. without thought of quinces and sugar Li ta ny, s. prayer

Mar shal sea, s. a royal prison Lite ral, a. according to the letter Mar shal ships s. the cffice of marLi ti gant, s. one engaged in a law.-- shal suit

Mar vel lous, a'. wonderous ? Liti gate, va. & n. to manage in a Mas cu line, a. of the male kind law-suit

Ma son ry, so the work of a mason Li tur gy, s. a form of prayer

Mas sive ness, s. weight Live li hood, s. means of living Mas ter key, so that opens many Live liness, s. vivacity

locks Liv 'er grown, a. having a great Master peice, s. a capital perform,

liver Li ve ry, trimmed clothes given to Match a ble; a. equal, suitable servants

Ma tri cide,s. the killing of a mother Lof ti ly, ad. on high

Mea ger ness, s. leanness Lof ti ness, s. height

Med dle some, a. intrusive, Lo gi cal, a, according to logick Me di cine, s. physick Logi cian, s, a teacher of logick Me di um, s. a middle state Lone li ness, s. solitude

Me mo ry, s. recollection Lot te ry, s. chance

Men di cant, s.'a beggar Lout ishly, ad. with the air of a Me ni al, a. like a servant clown

Men stru al, a. mcnthly Loy al ty, s. fidelity

Men tally, ad. belonging to the Lub ber ly, ad. awkwardly

mind Lu cra tive, a. gainful

Mer can tile; a. trading Lu di crous, a. sportive

Mer ci ful, a. tender, kird Luke warm ness, s. indifference

Mer ci less, a, without mercy Lu na tic, s. a mad-man

Mer ri ment, s, gayety, mirth Lus ti ness, $. stoutness

Me ta phor, s, a word turned from . M

its original meaning Ma ce rate; y. a. to make lean Me tho dise, v a. to regulate Ma chi nal, a. relating to a machine Me tho dist, s, a physician by theoMa chi nate, v a. to plan

ly, a very religious sect Mac ke ral, s. a sea fish

Met tle some; a. lively Má cu late, v a. to stajn

Microscope, s. an instrument by Ma gis trate, s. a justice of peace

which small objects are viewed Mag ni fy, v a. to extol

Mid ship man, s. a sea officer Mag ni tude, s. greatness

Migh ti ly, ad. powerfully Ma la dy, s. a disease

Mil li ner, s. one who sells ladies Ma la pert, a. saucy

dresses Ma na cles, s. a chain to tie the Mi ne ral, s, fossel hands

Mi ni ken, a. small Ma nage ment, 's. conduct :

Mi nis tér, s. an agent, v a. and me Ma na ger, S. one who directs

to attend Mau ci pate, y a. to enslave Mi no taur, §. a beirg half man and Man slaugh ter, s. the killing a per

half bull son without intent

Mi nis try', s. fice, service Man tu a, s. a Lady's gown Mis chiev ous, a, burtful


Mi se ry, s. wretchedness

Neg a tive, a. denying, s. a particles Mi ti gate, v a. to soften

of denial Mit ti mus, s, a warrant

Neg li gent, a. heedless Mo de rate, a. temperate v a. to re- Neigh bour ly, a. kind, civil ad. with strain

Mo des ty, Š. chastity, decency Ne o phyte, s. a convert
Modicum, s. a small portion Ne sci ence, s, ignorance
Mọ di fy, v a. to shape

Ne ther most, a. lowest Mo du late, v a. to form sounds to Night en gale, s. a bird certain keys

Nim ble ness, s. activity Mol li fy, v a. to soften

No ble ness, s. greatness Mo nar chy, s. the government of a Noi some ness, s. offensiveness. single person

No mi nate, v a. to appoint Mo nu ment, S. which preseryesNo ta ble, ä. remarkable memory

No ta bly, a. remarkably Mo ra list, s. one who teaches the No ta ry, s. one who protests bills duties of life

[gage No ti fy, v a. to make known Mort ga ger,s, he that gives a murt. Notion al, a. ideal Mor ti fy, v a. to destroy vital qual- No ve list, s. innovator ities v n. to corrupt

No vel ty, s. newness Mo ther ly, a, like a mother, ad. as Now a days, ad. the present time. a mother

Nox ious ness, s, hurtfulness -
Move a ble, a. that may be moved Nu bi late, v a. to cloud
Moun tai nous, a. full of mountains Nu cle us, s. kernal
Mud di ness, s. foulness

Nu di ty, s. naked parts
Mul ber rý, s. a tree and fruit Nul li fy, v a. to make void
Mul ti form, a. of many shapes Num ber less, a. without number
Mul ti ply. v a. to increase in num- Nu me ral, a. relating to number

Nu me rous, a. containing many Mur der ous, a. cruel, bloody Nun cio, s, the Pope's embassador Mus ca dine, s, a sweet grape Nun ne ry, s, a house for nuns Mus cu lous, a. full of muscles

Nur se ry, s. a place for children Mu si cal, a. harmonious

O Mus sul man, s. a Mahometon : Oaf ísh ness, s. dullness Mus ter roll, s. a register of forces Ob dn rate, a. hard of heart Mu ta ble, bject to change Ob e lisk, s. a piece of marble with Mu ti late, v a. to deprive of essen- four faces, and lessening upo: tial parts

wards like a pyramid Mu'ti nous, a. seditious, turbulent Ob li gate, v a. to bind by contract Mu ti ny, s. sedition

Ob li quy, s. slander
Mu tu al, a. reciprocal

Ob so lete, a. disused
Mys te ry, s. something above rea- Ob šti nate, a. contumacious

Ob stru ent, a. hindering

Ob vi ate, v a, to prevent
Nar ra tive, s. a relation.

Ob vi ous, a. open, exposed Nar row ly, ad. closely

Oc ci dent, s. the West Nas ti ness, s. filth, dirt

Oc cu pant, s. one in possession Na tion al, a. publick.

Oc cu py; v a. to possess Na tu ral, a, according to nature, s. O chre ous, a. consisting of ochre a. fool, idiot

Oc ta'gon, s. a figure of eight sides Naugh ti ness, s. wickedness Oc cu lar, a, known by the eye Nå vi gate, v a. to sail

Occu. list; s. who professes to cure Nau ti cal, a. belonging to sailors distempers of the eyes Nec ta rine, s. à fruit

O di ous, a. hateful Neg li gence, s. leedlessness O do rous, a. fragrant

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Offering, s. a sacrifice

Pa ra dox, s. a tenet contrary to res
Of fi cer, s. a man in command

ceived opinion
Of ten times, ad. many times Pa rat lel, s. resemblance
O mi nous, à. foreshowing ill Para pet, s. a wall breast high
On e rate, v. a. to load, to burden, « Pa ra phrase, va. to translate loose-
O pen ing, s. an aperture

Open ly, ad. publickly

Pa ra site, s, a flatterer
Open ness, s. plainness

Pa ra sol, s. an umbrella

pe ra, s. a poetical fiction Pa ren tage, s. extraction
O pe rate, v. n. to act

Pa rity, s. equality
Opiate, s. a medicine to cause sleep Par lia ment, s. the court of Great
O pi um, sua medicine

Op po site, a. placed in front Par so nage, s. the benefice of a pa-
Op ta tive, a. expressive of desire rish
Oral ly, ad. by word of mouth Par tially, ad. in part, not totally!
Or a tor, s. a publick speaker Par ti cle, s. a very small part of a
Or de al, s, a trial by fire or water

great substance
Or der ly, a. regular, ad. methodi- Par ti san, s. an adherent to a party

Pas sa ble, a. allowable
Or di nance, s. rule, prescript Pas sen ger, s. a traveller
Or di nate, y a. to appoint

Pas si ble, a. susceptible of impresa
Or ga nist, s. one who plays on the sions

Pas sive ly, ad. with a passive nature
Or ga nize; v a. to unite all the parts Pass o ver, s. a jewish feast
Orient, s. the East

Pas to ral, a. rural like
Ori fice, s. an opening

Pas tu rage, s. grazing land
O ri gin, s. beginning

Pa tro nage, s. support, protection
O ri sons, s. prayers

Pa tro nize, vai to protect
Or na ment, s. embellishment Pau ci ty, s. fewness in number
Or re ry, s. an instrument which re- Pawn bro ker, s. who giyes money

presents the heavenly bodies en pledges
Or tho dox, a. sound in doctrine Pay a ble, a. due.
Os tra cism, s. voting by shells Peace a ble, a. quiet
Ova ry, s, the seat of impregnation Peace ful ly, ad. mildly
Out law ry, s. one deprived of the Pea san try, s. the country people
protection of the laws

Pe dan try, s." ostentation of learni" Out ward ly, ad. externally

ing Own er ship, s. rightful possession Pe des tal, s. the lowest part of a pil. P

Pa ci fy, v a. to appease

Pe di gree, s. lineage
Pa ga nism, s. heathenisin

Pee vishness, s. fretfulness
Pa gan try, s. show, pomp

Pen du lous, a, hanging
Pains tak ing, a. laborious,

Pen du lum, s. a part of a clock
Pa la tiné, a. possessing royal privi- Pe ne trate, v a. to pierce

Pe ni tent, a. sorrowful
Pal li ate, v a. to extenuate

Pen sion er, s. a dependent
Pal pa ble, a. plain

Pen sive ly, a. sorrowfully
Pal pa bly, ad. plainly

Pen ta teuch, s. the five books of Mo-."
Pal pi tate, v a. to flutter
Pan o ply, s. complete armour Pen te cost, s. a feast among the
Pan to mime, s. mimickry

Par a ble, s. a similitude

Pe nu ry, s. want, poverty
Pa ra digm, s. example

Per fo rate v a. to pierce through pa ra dise, ş. a place of felicity Pe ri lous, a, stangerous



Perju ry, s, false swearing

Pre fe rence, s. estimation of one aPer se cute, v a. to punish

bove another
Per son age, s. a person of eminence Pre mi um, s. a reward offered
Per so nal, a. belonging to a person Pre science, s. foreknowledge
Per so nate, v a, to represent Press ing ly, ad. with force
Per tinence, š, propriety

Pret ti ly, ad. neatly, elegantly
Per vi ous. a. admitting passage Pre va lence, s. superiority
Pes te rous, a. troublesome

Pri ma ry, a. first
Pes ti lence, s. a plague

Prin ci pal, a. assential, s. the chief Pes ti lent, a, malignant

Prin ciple, s. the first element Pe tri fy, v a. to change to a stone Pri vi lege, s. publick right, v a. to Pet ti ness, s. smallness

grant Pe tu lance, s. pevishness

Pro ba ble, a. likely Phạr ma cy, s. the art of preparing Pro fi gate, a. abandoned, s. medicine

shameless wretch Phi lo mel, s. the nightingale Pro pa gate, y a. to spread Phleg ma tick, a. abounding in Pro per ty, s. peculiar quality phlegm

Pro phe cy, s. a prediction Phy si cal, a. relating to nature Pro phe sy, v a. to predict, v n. toʻ Pil fer er, s. one who steals

preach Pilgrimage, s. a journey of devo- Pro phe tess, s. a female prophet tion

Pro se lite, s. a convert Pil la ger, s. a plunderer

Pro so dy, s. a part of grammar Pil lo ry, s. a punishment

Pros ti tute, v 2. to sell to wicked Pin mo ney,s. a wife's pocket money Pit e ous, a. mournful,

Pros ti tute, a. vicious for hire, s. a Pitiless, a. wanting pity.

Pla cable, a. willing to be appeased Pro vi dent, a. cautious
Pla cid ly, ad gently, mildly Prox i mate, a. near, immediate
Plau si ble, a. specious

Puber ty, s. ripeness of agePleas ing ly, ad, in a pleasing man- Pub lish er, s. who makes publick

Pul vi rize, va. to reduce to powder Ple na ry, a. full, complete Purch as er, s. a buyer Ple ni tude, s. fullness Plen ti ful, a. abundant

Quac ke ry, s. mean acts in physick Ple o nasm, s. redundance of words Quad ran gle, s. a surface of four Pli a ble, a, flexible, easy bent

right angles Poig nan cy, s. sharpness

Quad ra ture, s. the act of squaring Poi son ous, a, venomous

Quad ru ped, s. an animal having Po li tick, a. political, s. a politician,

four feet Po li ty, s. a form of government

Quad ru ple, a. four fold Po pe ry, a. belonging to the Pope Qua li fy, v a. to make fitPopu lace, s. the common people

Quan ti ty, s. bulk, or weight Po pu late, v n. to breed people Quar rel some, a. inclined to brawls Por ce lain, s. chinaware

Quench a ble, a. that may be quencha Por cu pine, s. a hedgehog

ed Por te rage, s. the price of carriage. Ques tion less, ad. certainly Port li ness, s. dignity of mien

Quick silver, s. a natural fuid miPos it ed, a. placed, ranged

neral Pos i tive, a. real, absolute

R Pos si ble, a. that may happen

Ra di ance, s. lustre Post hu mous, a. after death Ra di ant, a. shining Prac ti cal, a. relating to action

Ra di us, s. the semi-diameter of Pre si dent, s. a governor




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Rap tu rous, a. ecstatick

Sac cha rine, a. haying the qualities
Ra ti fy, v a. to confirm
Ra tion al, a. agreeable to reason Sa cred ness, s. holiness
Ra ye nous, a. voracious

Sa cri fice, v a. & n. to offer to heaBa vish er, one who takes by vio- ven, s. what is offered to heaven lence

Sa cri lege, s. the robbing of a Re cent ly, ad. newly

Re ci pe, s. a medical prescription Sa cris ty, s. an apartment in a
Re con cile, v a. to compose differ- church

Sa li ent, a, leaping, jumping
Rec ti fy, v a. to reform

Sa li vate, v a. to purge by the sali-
Rec ti tude, s. uprightiess

val glands
Rec to ry, s. a parsonage,

Sal low ness, s. yellow paleness
Re flu ent, a. running back

Sa na ble, a. curable
Re gen cy, s. authority

Sa na tive, a. healing
Re gi men, s. care in diet,& living Sanc ti fy, v a. to make holy
Re gi ment, s. a body of soldiers un- Sanc ti ty, s. holiness
der the same colonel

San he drim, s. a jewish council
Re gis ter, s. a record

Sa ni es, s. thin matter
Re gu làr, a. agreeable to rule Sa ni ty, s. soundness
late, v a. to adjust

Sa pi ence, s. wisdom
Re la tive, s. a relation

Sa pi ent, a. wise, sage
Re no vate, v a. to renew

Sas sa fras, s. a kind

of tree
Re pro bate, v a. to disallow Sa tel lite, s. a small planèt revolving
Re qui site, a. necessary

round a larger
Re si dence, s. place of abode Sa ti ate, v a. to satisfy, to glut
Re si due, s. remainder

Sa ti rist, s, a writer of satire
Re ti nue, s. a train of attendants Sa ti rize, v a. to censure in satire
Re tro grade, a. going back, v 1. to Satis fy, v a. to content
go backwards

Sa tu rate, vä, to fill full
Re tros pect, s. a looking behind Sa tur day, s. the seventh and last
Ri vel ry, s. loose jollity

day of the week
Re ve pue, s. an income

Sa tur nine, a. gloomy
Re ve rence, s. respect


2 vage ly, ad. cruelly
Re di cule, s wit causing laughter Sau ci ness, s. impudence
v a. to deride

Sav ing ly, ad. with parsemony
Righ te ous, a. just, équitable Sa vo ry, s. a plant
Re gid ly, ad. stiffly

Sa vour ry, a. pleasing to the smell or
Rigo rous, a. strict, severe

Ring lead er, s head of a riotous Sax i frage, s. a plant

Scan da lize, v a. to defame
Ri si ble, a. exciting laughter Scan da lous, a. disgraceful
Ritu al, a. ceremonious, s. a book of Scan ti ly, ad. sparingly

Scan ti ness, s. want of space
Rival ry, s emulation

Sce ne ry, s the representation of
Ri val ship, s, the state of a rival the place in which an action
Ri vu let, s. a small brook

is performed
Rob be ry, s. theft by force

Sci mi tar, s. a short sword
Rose ma ry, s. a plant.

Scin tillate, v n. to sparkle
Ruy al ist, s. an adherent to a king Scorpi on, s. a venomous creature
Roy al ly, ad. in a kingly manner Scru pu lous, a, cautious
Roy al ty, s. kingship

Scru ti nous, a. captious

Scru ti ny, s. inquiry, search
Sacred ly, ad. religious'y

Scur ri lous, a, approbrious

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