Abbildungen der Seite

Scul le ry, s. a place where kettles Sim ple ton, s. a silly mortal and dishes are kept

Sin ful ly, ad. wickedly Sea far ing, a. travelling by sea Sin gle ness, s. simplicity Se cond ly, ad. in the second place Sm gu lar, a. single, not complex Se cret ly, ad. privately

Sın is ter, a. unfair, Sec ta ry, s. one who divides from Si tu ate, a. placed, fixed establishment

Size a ble, a. bulky Se cu lar, a. worldly

Ske le ton, s. the bones of a body Se di ment, $. what settles at the

preserved in their natural order bottom

Skil ful ly, ad. with skill.. Se du lous, a, diligent

Slan der er, s. one who belie's ano; Seem ing ly, ad. in appearance

ther Seem li ness, s. decency

Slan de rous, a. calumnious. Se gre gate, v a. to set apart Sla vish ness, s. servility, Se mi nal, a, belonging to seed Sien der ly, ad. slightly Se na tor, s. a publick councellor Sloth ful ly, ad. with sloth Sense less ly, ad. stupidly Slo ven ly, a.' negligent of dress, ad. Sen si ble, a. having the power of in an inelegant manner

perceiving by the senses Slug ish ness, s. sloth Sen si tive, a. having sense but not Sol dier ly, a. martial like, s. a boreason

dy of military men Sen su al, a. carnal

Sol em nize, v a, to celebrate Sen ti ment, s. thought

So li tude, s. a lonely life Sen ti nel, s, one who keeps guard So phis ter, s. a subtle disputant Se pa rate, v a. to disunite So phis try s. fallacious argument Sep tu ple, a. seven times as much Sor ce ry, s. magick Se pul ture, s. interment

Sor row ful, a. mournful, sad Se ra ptiim, s. angels of one of the So ve reign, a. suprtine in power heavenly orders

South er ly, a. towards the south Se ri ous, a. grave, solemn Spe ci fy, v a. to mention Ser pen tine, a.winding like a ser Spe cu late, v a. to consider attenpent

tively Ser vi tude, s. slavery

Spe cu lum, s. a looking-glass
Set tle ment, s. a colony

Sphe ri cal, a. round
Se ven fold, ad. seven times Spi rit ed, a. lively
Se venth ly, ad. in the seventh place Spi rit less, a. dejected
Se ver al, a. many, s. a state of par Spi ri tous, a, refined

Spite fal ness, s. malignity
Sha dow y, a. full of shades Splen e tick, a. fretful
Shal low ness, 3. want of depth Spright li ness, s, liveliness
Shame less ness, s. impudence Spu ri ous, à. counterfeit
Shape li ness, s. beauty of form Spur ri er, s. one who makes spure
Sheep ish ness, s. bashfulness Squan der er, s. a spendthrift

. Shep her dess, s. a woman who Sta mi na, s. the solids of a human tends flocks

body Show e ry, a. rainy

State li ness, s. grandeur Sig ni fy, v a. to mean

Sta. tion er, s, a book-seller Sign io ry, s. lordship

Stead fast ly, ad. firmly Si lent ly, ad. without noise

Ste ri lize, v a. to make barren Sil li ness, s simplicity

Stig ma tize, v a. to mark with in Sun ilar, a. resembling

Si mo ny, s. the baying of church Stin gi ness, s. covetousness

Sti pu late, v n. to contract:
Stock job ber, s. who deals in stocks

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Seran gu ry, s. difficulty of urine at. Tame a hle a, susceptive of tamins tended witli pain

Tangible, a. perceptible by the Strength en er, s. which makes touch strong

Task mas ter, 6. who imposes tasks Stre nu ous, a. zealous

å ble,'a, that may be taxes! Stre pe rous, a. noisy

Teach a ble, a. docile
Stub born ness, s. obstinacy

Tegii ment, s. cores
Scu di ous, a. contemplative

Te le graplı, s. an instrument to
Stu pi fy, v a. to make stupid

convey intelligence by signals Stur di ness, s. stoutress

Te le scope, s. a glass for viewStut ter er, s. a stammerer

ing distant objects
Scy gi an, a, hellish

Tem pe rance, s, noderation
Sua vi ty, s. sweetness

Tem pe rate, a. modcrate
Sub ju gate, v a. to subdue by force Tem po ral, a. measured by time
Sab'se quent, a. following

Te na ble, a. that may be held
Süb si dy, s. aid in money

Tem po rise, y 1. to comply with
Sub sựi tute, s. one put in place of the tinies

Ten den cy, s. direction towards an Sub tle ty, s. artfulness

Suc cu lent, a, juicy

Ten der ly, ad, kindly
Sud den ly, ad. unexpectedly Te nu ous, a. ihin, small
Suf fer ance, S. pain, patience Ter ina gánt, s. a scold
Suf fer er, s, one who suffers Ter ri lile, a. dreadful
Sui ta bie, a, fitting

Ter ri bly, ad. dreadfully
Sui ta biy, ad. agreeably

Ter i er, . a dog that goes under
Sul len ress, s. inóroseness

ground for his gamle
Sul phur ry, a. like sulphur

T'es ta ment , s. a will
Sum ma ry, a. short

Tes ti fy, va, to witness
Sump tu ous, a. costly

Tes ti bess, s. moroseness
Sun di al, s. a plate on which the Thanks giv ing, $. cclebration of
shadow points the hou

Sup ple ment, s. an addition The o ry, s. speculatirn
Sun pli calit, s. an humble petition. There a bout, ad, near

Thiev e r'y, s. practice of stealins
Sup pli cate, v n. to implore Tho rough fure, s. a passage witir.
Sur ge ry, s. the act of curing by
manual operations

Tho rough pace a. complete
Sur li ness, s. moroseness

Thrif ti ness, s. frugaiity
Sur ro gite, v a. to put in the place Til la ble, a. ärable
of another, s. a deputy Time serv ing, a, complying

with Sword play er, s. a feucer

present power Sy ca inore, s. a tree

Tim orous, a. feirful Sullo sist, s. ai argument compc- Title page, s. the page that CCAsed of three propositions

tains the title of a book
Sym me try, s. harinony

Ti tu lar, a. nominal
Syou pa thy, s. fellow feeling Toil son jess, s. wearsomress

Tole rance, s. act of enduring
Tib la turc, s. painting

To le rate, rå, to allow
Tibular, a. formed in tables Toropi tude, s. state of being mo
Ta cit ly, ad, silentiy

Tår fe ?, s. thiu' sik

Toward ly, ad. compliant with cu.
Ta lis man, s. a magical character Trac ta ble, a, manageable
Talk u tive, a. loquacious

Trai to rous,"a. treacherous
Ta ina vird, s, a tree,

Trench e rous, a, faitliless

out stop

pei sous


Treach e ry, s. perfidy"

Ven tu rous, a. bold Tri an gle, s. a figure of three an- Ver be rate, v a. to beat gles

Ver di greise, s wist of bras Tri ni ty, s. the union of the three Ve ji fy, v a. to confirm

Ve ri ly, ad. in truth 'Trcu ble some, a. vexaticus Vic to ry, s. conquest 'C'ru cu lent, a. barbarous

Vigi lance, s. watchfulness Trum pe ter, s. who sounds a trum- Vigi lant, a. watchful pet

Vi gor ous, a, forcible Trus ti vess, s. fidelity

Vi li fv, v a. no defame Tu na Sle, a, musical,

Vil la ger, s. one living in a villago Tur bu lence, s. tumuit

Vil la nous, a, base
Tur bu fent, a. violent

Villa ny, s. baseness
Tur pen tine, s. the gum of pine Vinci ble, a. conquerable
Tur pi tude, s. baseniess

Vin di cate, v a. to justify
Tu ielar, a. protecting

Vi ne gar, s. an acid liquor Two hand ed, a. large

Vi o late, v a. to injure
Tym pa num, s. the drum of the ear Violence, s. förce
Tym pa ny, s. a swelling

Vi o let, s. a flower
Ty ran nize, v n, to play the ty- Vir ginal, a. pertaining to a virgin

Vir, tu oủs, a. morally good
Ty ran ay, s. cruel government Vir

u lence, s. poison U

Vir u lent, a. malignant
Trg li ness, s. deformity

Vi si bly, ad. plainly
Vice rate, a. to disease with sorcs Vi si tant, s. one who goes to see
Clti mate, a. the last

another Un der most, a. the lowest

Vi ti ate, v a. to spoil Un te late, v nato move as a ware Vi tre ous, a. glassy Unity, s. concordi

Vi tri a, s. mineral salt U ni verse s. the general system of Vi vi ly, v a. to inake alive things

W Up right ly, ad. honestly

Was ge ry, s. sarcastic gayety urgency, s. pressure of difficulty Wake tulness, s. want of sleep sú al, a. customary

Wa rily, ad. cautiously U su ry, $. money paid for the use Wa vi ness, s. caution of money

Wa ter fowl, s. fowl that lires Uten sil, s. av instrument

& about water Ut ter ly, ad, fully

Water mill, s. a mill turned by wa

ter Va can ch, s. vacuity

Water work, s. a play of fountains Va gran cy, s. wandering

Wear i dess, s, lassitude Va li ant, a. sinut

Wear i some, a. tedious
Ya lo tous, d. brave

Well a day, interj alas!
Vad cuish er, s. a conqueror West ward ly ad. towards the west
Va pu rous, a. fumy

Wilder ness, s. a desert
Väri ance, s. disagreement Wil fully, ad. on purpose
Vauit ing ly, aci, boastfully Wind ing slicet, si in which the dead
Ve se tate, v 1. to grow

are en wrapped Vele mence, s. fürcü

Wise a cre, s. a fool Vend i ble, a. saleable

Wish fully, ad. earnestly
Veno mous, a. poisonous

Wist ful ly, ad. attentively
Ve ile rate, vai to rercrence Wo fully, ad. sorrowfully
Vene ry, s. unchaste inre, disease. Won drous ly, ad. sirangeiy
Vintilate, v a. to live with wind Hocu, pa geon, S. a wild pigeon



Worm eat en, part a. gnawed by
Wor ship per, s. who worships
Wor thily, ad. suitably
Wrath ful ly, ad, furiously
Wretch er ly, ad. meanly
Wrong ful ly, ad. unjustly,

Yel low ish, a. somewhat yellow
Yeo man'ry, s. the collective body"

of yeomen
Yes ter day, s. the day last past, ad

on the day last past Youth fully, ad. in a youthful man



Words of three Syllables acce.uted upon the second

A ban don, v a. to resign

Ac know lege, v a, to olin A base ment, s. depression Ac quit ment, s. act of acquitting Aber rance, s. an errour

A cros tick, s. a poem Aber rant, a. wandering from the A cute ly, ad, sharply right way

Ad di tion, s. the act of adding:
A bet ment, s. the act of abetting Ad he rence, s. attachment
A bet ter, s: he that abets

Ad just ment, s. regulation
Abid ing, s. continuance

Ad mis sion, s. admittance Ab iu tion, s. a cleansiug

A dop ter, s. who adopts i A bol is!, v a. to annul

A dop tive, ai that may be adopted A bor tion, s the act of bringing. Ad van tage, s. profit forth untimely

Ad ven ture, s. accident *
A bor tive, S. untimely birih, a. Ad ris er, s. he who advises

brought forth before due time Af lec tion, s. love, kindness Ab rup ness, s. violent and sudden Affec tive, a. that which affects separation

Affi ance; v a. to betrcth, s. a mar Ab ruptness, s, sud denness

riage contract Ab scis sion, s.a cutting off Affic tion, Š, calamity Ab scon der, s. one who absconds Af fic tive, a. painful AD ster gent, a, having a cleansing Affran chise, va. to make free quality

Af fu sion, s. a pouring out Ab struse ly, ad with difficulty A fore hand, ad previously Ab struse ness, s. difficulty Ag gres sion, s. the commencement A bun dance, s. a great plenty

of a quarrel A bu sive, a. apt to abuse

Ag gres sor, s. an invader Ac cep tance, s. i reception with Ag ni tion, s. acknowledgement approbation

A gree ment, s. concord Ac ception, s. the received sense of A lem bick, S. a vessel used in stil.. a word

ling Ac ces sion, s. increase

Al li sion, s. the act of striking on Ac com plice, s. a partaker

body against another in Ac com plish, v a. to fulfil

Al lure ment, s. cnticement Ac cor dance, s, agreement.

Allu sive, a. hinting at something." Ac cor dant, a. willing

Al migh ty, a. of unlimited power Ac coun tant, s. a computer Al rea dy, ad. at or before the prese, Accurs ed, a. execrable

cnt time Ac cus er, s, one who accuses, Al ter nate, a. reciprocal, s, vicis Accus tom, v a. to habituate

situde A chiev er, s. who performs

A mas ment, S. accumulation A chieve ment, s. performance A maz ing, partio. wonderful


power of

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Ambition, s. desire of prefer- As sum tive, a. which is as

ment Am bi tious, a. aspiring As su rance, s. confidence A mend medt, S. change for As ton ish, v a. to confound the better

with fear A merce ment, s. a fine A tone ment, s. expiation, A inuse ment, s. entertain- At tach ment, S. adherence ment

At tain ment, s. acquisition An noy ance, so that which an- At ten ciance, s. service noys

Atten dant, są one who attends. Ap par el s. dress

Atten tion. s. heeding
Ap pa rent, a.. plain

At ten tive, a. heedíul
Ap pear ance, s. semblance Al tor ney, s. a lawyer
Ap peas er, s, who pacifies At traction, s. the
Ap pen 'dant, 1 s. something drawing
Appen dix

added A rouch er, s. he that avouch; Apprentice, s. che bourd for

sumetime to another, in Au ro ra, s. the morning twi.

order to itarn his trade light Ap pro ver, s. one that approves Au then tick, a. having authors Arch dea con, s. one


ity plies the bishop's place Au tum nal, a. belonging to the Ar raign meut, $. a charge

Autumn Ar range ment, s. the putting

B in order

Bal co ny, s. a frame before Ar rear age, s. the remainder of the window of a room an account

Bal sa mick, a. unctuous. As cen dant, s. elevation, a Ban dit ti, s. a company of out

superiour As sail ant, so he who attacks Bap tis mal, a. pertaining to As sault er, s. one who assaults baptism another

Be fore hand, ad. prerious As sem blage, s. a cellection of Pe got ten, participle of beget individuals

Be ha vior, s. manner of actAs sem ble, v a. to bring to

gether, vin. to meet to Be hold er, s, a spectator

Be lea guer, v a. to besiege
As ser ter, s, a maintainer Be liev er, s. he who believes
As ses sor, s. an assisting judge Be lov ed, a. dcar
As sign er, s. he who assigns. Be tray er, s. a traitor
As sigu ment, $. appointment Bi section, s. the cutting into
As sis tance, s. help

two As sis tant, s. a helper Bis sex tile, s. a leap year As sump tion, s. the taking to Brown stu dy, s. gloomy medias one's self



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