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Im bit ter, v a. to make bitter In duce ment, s. motive
Im bold en, v a. to encourage In dul gence, s. fondness
Im bo som, v a. to hold on the In dul gent, a. kind

In fec tion, s. contagion
Im mense ly, ad. infinitely In fer nal, a. hellish.
Im mor al, a. wanting natural In fla tion, s. flatulence

In flee tion, s. a bending Im mor tal, a. free from death In fic tive, a. laid on as a pura Im par tial, a. equitable

ishment Im patient, a. not able to endure In for mant, s. one who gives Im peach ment, s. hindrance

information Im pel lent, a: an impulsive In frac ţion, s. a breach power

In fringe ment, s. violation Im pen dent, a. hanging over In gres sion, s. an entering Im pli cit, a. entangled In ha bit, v a. & n. to dwell Im poi son, * a. to kill with poi. In he rent, a. existing in

In hu man, a. cruel Im

por tant, a. weighty In hu mate, v a. to bury Im port er, s. one who imports. In jec tion, s. a casting in goods &c.

Initial, a. placed in the begii. Im posture, s. a cheat

ning Im pres sion, s. a stamp

In junc tion, s. order Im pri son, y a. to confine In quiry, s. search Im prop erg a. unfit

In scription, s. a written title Im prove ment, s. instruction In sip id, a. without taste Im pul sive, a. impelling In sol vent, a. not able to pay Im pure ly, ad. with impurity In spec tor, s. a superintendant Im pur ple, v a. to make red In sta ble, a. inconstant In ac tiye, a. idle, sluggish

In tention, s. purpose In car nate, a. clothed with ffesh In tently, ad. eagerly In cau tious, a, unwary

In tes tine, a. internal In cen sor, s. one who inflames In trench ment, sia fortification In cen tive, s. incitement

with a trench In ces sant, a. continual In tru sion, s. encroachment In cisi on, s. a cut, a wound In va lid, a. of no weight, weak.. In cite ment, s. motive

In vec tive, s. censure In ci vil, a. unpolished In ven tor, s. a contriver In clusive, a. comprehending In version, s. change of order In constant, a, changeable

J In cum bent, a. resting upon Ja pán ner, s. one skilled in jaz In

cum ber, v a, to embarrass In

cur sion, s. an attack Je june ness, s. poverty, dryness In cur vate, v a. to bend Jews mal low, s. an herb In den ture, si a covenant

L In dig nant, a. angry

La men ter, s. he who mouras


pan work

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Li ba tion, s. Offering of wine to Ob struc tion, s. hinderance some Deity

O struc tive, a. hindering Logician, s. a teacher of logick Ob tru sion, s. the act of obe Long wind ed, a. tedious

truding Lo qua cious, a, full of talk Ob tuse ness, s. bluntness M

Obum brate, v a. to shade Ma gi cian, s. one skilled in ma- Oc ca sion, s. Occurrence gick

Oc clu sion, s. a shutting out Maid ser vant, s. a female ser. Oc to ber, s. the tenth month vant

Of fence ful, a. injurious
Ma jes tick, a. august

Of fence less, a. innocent
Ma le fick, a. mischievous Of fen sive, a. displeasing
Ma li cious, a, intending ill

Or gan ick, a. instrumental Me dal lick, a. pertaining to Quf bra zen, v ai to out do in medals

impudence Momen to, s. something to help Out land ish, a. foreign the memory

Out rage ous, a. violent Mis con štrue, v a. to interpret

P wrong

Pa ter nal, a. fatherly
Mis fashion, v a. to form wrong Pa the tick, a. moving
Mis for tune, s. calamity Patrician, s. a nobleman among
Mis ma nage, v a. to manage ill the Romans
Mis pris ion, s. a mistake Pa vil ion, s. a tent
Mis u sage, S. an ill use Pe dan tick, a. ostentatious of
Mo les ter, s. one who disturbs learning
Mu ta tion, s. change Per cep tion, s. power of per-

Nar cis sus, s.'a daffodil Per cus sion, s. a stroke
Nar ra tion, 6. a relation Per di tion, s. destruction
Nar ra tor, s. a relater

Per fi dious, a, treacherous
ga tion, s. a denial

Per for mance, s. execution Noli tion, s. unwillingness Per for mer, so

one who per Non sol vent, a. not able to pay forms No vem ber, s. the eleventh Per mis sion, s. grant of liberty

month of the year Per ni cious, a. destructive Nu tri tion, s. nourishment Per spective, a. optical {ion o

Per sua sion, s. a confined opinOb jec tion, S. an opposition Per sua sive, a. having the powe Ob jec tor, s. one who objects er of persuading Ob la tion, s. an offering Per verse ly, ad. peevishly Ob lique ly, ad. not directly Per version, Soin a change Ob nox ious, a. liable to punish

Pe ti tion, s. request Ob scure ly, ad. not clearly Ple bei an, s, one of the lower Oba ser-vance, s, attention

order of people






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Plum pud ding, s. a pudding Pro tec tion, s. a defence

made with plumbs Pro tec tor, s. a defender
Por ten tous, a, ill boding Pro trac tion, s. delay
Pos ses sion, s. having in one's Pro vin cial, a, relating to a pro-
own power

Pos ses sor, s. owner

Pro vi sion, s. a stock
Pre caution, s. preventive mea- Pru den tial, a. prudent

Pu tres cent, a growing rotten
Pre cau tion, v a. to forwarn

Pre ce dence, s. priority Quan da ry, s, a doubt
Pre ce dent, a. going before Qui es cence, s. repose, rest
Pre cep tive, a. containing pre- Qui es cent, a. lying at repose

Quin tes sence, s. the virtues of
Pre cep tor, s, a teacher

any thing extracted
Pre cise ly, ad. accurately Quota tion, so the act of quoting
Pre ci sion, s. exactness

a passage from an author
Pre dic tion, s. prophecy Rap tu rous, a. ecstatick
Pre fer ment, s. advancement Fie ac tion, s. reciprocation of
Pre fi gure, v a. to represent be- action
fore hand

Re ces sion, s. retreating
Pre pon der, v a. to out weigh

Reci sion, s, the act of cutting of

Pre sump tion, s. confidence Re ci tal, s. repetition
Pre ten tion, s. a claim

Re cur ence, s. a return
Pre vail ing, a. predominant Re dem tion, s. ransom
Pro bos cis, s. the trunk of an ke dun dance, s. superfluity

Re dun dant, a superfluous
Pro ce dure, s, proceeding Re flection, s. censure
Pro ces sion, s. a formal train Re fresh ment, s. relief
Pro con sul, s. a Roman oficer Regard ful, a. aventive
Pro cum bent, a. lying upon Re gard less, a. heedless
Pro cu rer, s. a pander Rejec tion, s. a casting off [rly
Pro duc tion, s. fruit

Re join der, 8. answer to a
Pro duc tive, a. fertile Re li gion, s. reverential piety
Pro fes sion, s. a calling, Re li gioas, a. pious
Pro fu sion, s. extravagance

Re lu cent, a. shining,
Projec tile, a. impelled forward Re lue tani, a, unwilling

S. a body put in motion Re main der, s. what is left
Pro lif ick, a. fruitfu!

Re mem ber, v a. to bear in
Pro mo tion, s. advancement mind
Pro nul gate, v a. to publish Re iniss ness, s. negligence
Pro por tion, s. cqual degree, Ren coun toy, s, a sudden com-

v a. to adjust by compara- bat
tive relation

Renew al, s. renovation
po sal, s. an offer

Re plev en, s. writ giving repos-
Pro rup tion; s. a bursting out, session

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He ple vin, v a. to put in pos- Spe cif ick, a. peculiar to the session again

species Re pri sál, s. something seized Stag na tion, s. cessation of mo

as a compensation for rob- tion

Sto mach ick, a. relating to the
Re pub lick, s. a commonwealth stomach

pug nance, s. reluctance Sub dea con, s. the deacon's Re pug nant, a. reluctant

servant Re pul sive, a. driving off Sub mer sion, s. the act of drowRe pur chase, v a. to buy again

ning Rescis sion, s. the act of cutting Sub mis sive, a. humble off

Sub réc tor, s. a rectors viceRe sem blance, s. likeness

gerent Resem ble, v a. to compare

Sub px na, s. a writ command. Re sist less, a, not resisting

ing attendance Re spect ful, a. full of outward Sub scrib er, so one who subcivility

scribes Re splen dent, a. bright Sub scrip tion, s. any thing unRe spon dent, s. one who an- derwritten

Sub trac tion, s. the taking of a Re spon sive, a. answering

part from the whole Re stric tion, s. limitation Suc ces sion, s. right of inheriRe strin gent, a. binding

tance Re ten tion, s. the act of retain- Suc ces sive, a. following in oring

der Re tire ment, s. private abode Suc cinct ly, ad. briefly Re traç tion, s. recantation Sure foot ed, a. treading firmRe tri bute, v a. to pay back ly Re venge ful, a. vindictive Sur pass ing, a. excelling Re ver sion, s. right of succes- Sur pris ing, a. wonderful sion

Sur ren der, v a.& n. to yield Re vil


š. one who reviles Sur rep tion, s. surprise Re yis al, s. re-examination Sus pen sion, s. interruption Re vision, s. review

T Re volt er, s. one who change's Te na cious,a. holding fast sides

Ter rif ick, a. causing terrour Ro man tick, a. wild

Teu ton ick, a. spoken by the Ro ta tion, s. succession

ancient germans S

Thence for ward, ad, from that

time Sen sa tion, s. perception Tor na do, s. a hurricane Se rag lio, s. a house of women Tor pe do, s. a fish whose touch kept for debauchery

benumbs Sę vere ly, ad, painfully Tor pes cent, a. growing torpia Sin cere ly, ad. honestly




pe tre, s. nitre

I'ra du

cer, s. a calumniator Un gen tle, a. harsh, rude Tra duction, s. propagation Un gent ly, ad. harshly Tra jec tion, s. the act of dart- Un gra cious, a. unpleasing ing through

Un great ful, a. unthankful Trans ħi gure, v a. to trans- Un hand some, a. ungraceful forin

Un hap py, a. wretched Trans gres sion, s. violation Un hope ful, a. leaving no room Trans la tion, s. removal

to hope 'Trans mis sion, s. the act of Un hurt ful, a. harmless sending away

Un kind ly, a. unnatural, -ad. Tre men dous, a. dreadful

without affection Trı bunal, s. the seat of a judge Un know ing, a. ignorant Tri un phant, a. victorious Un law ful, a. contrary to law U

Un learn ed, a. ignorant Un ci vil, a. impolite Un peo ple, v a. to depopulate Un clas sick, a. not classiek Un plea sant, a. troublesome Un clois ter, v a. to set at large Un pli ant, a. not easily. bent from a monastery

V Un come ly, ad. not comely Vex a tious a. troublesome Un court ly, a, inelegantot man- Vi bra tion, s. the act of move.

ing with quick returns Un crowd ed, a. not straitened Vice ge rent, s. a lieutenant by want of room

Vin dic tive, a. given to reUn daunted, a. unsubdued by venge fear

W Un err ing, a. certain

Well wish er, s. one who wishUn fad ing, a. not liable to wither

What ev er, pron. any thing Un faith ful, a. perfidious When ev er, ad. at whatsoever Un feel ing, a. insensible

time Un fer tile, a. unfruitful Where ev er, ad at whatsoever Un friend ly, a. not kind

place Un fruit ful, a. not fertile With stand er, s. an opponent Un fur nish, v a. to deprive Wrong head ed, a. having a Un gain ly, a. awkward

perverse understanding Un gard ed, a. careless


es well


Words of three Syllables accented upon the third Ad ver tise, v a. to make pub- Ar ti san, s. professor of an art lick

с (great guns Appre hend, v as to conceive Can no nade, vai to batter with

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