Lancaster and York: A Century of English History (A.D. 1399-1485)


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Seite 78 - Beaufort had been the mainstay of his house ; for fifty years he had held the strings of English policy, and • done his best to maintain the welfare and honour of the nation. That he was ambitious, secular, little troubled with scruples, apt to make religious persecution a substitute for religious life and conversation ; that he was imperious, impatient of control, ostentatious and greedy of honour, — these are faults which weigh very lightly against a great politician, if they be all that can...
Seite 515 - For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office ; so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.
Seite 279 - Thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, Amend your ways and your doings, and I will cause you to dwell in this place.
Seite 317 - My father had been king of England, possessing his crown in peace all through his reign ; and his father my grandfather had been king of the same realm. And I, when a boy in the cradle, had been without any interval crowned in peace and approved as king by the whole realm, and wore the crown for wellnigh forty years, every lord doing royal homage to me, and swearing fealty as they had done to my forefathers ; so I may say with the Psalmist, " The lines are fallen unto me in a pleasant place, yea...
Seite 374 - He filled however for many years, and not altogether unworthily, a place which never before or after was filled by a subject, and his title of King-maker was not given without reason. But it is his own singular force of character, decision and energy, that mark him off from the men of his time.
Seite 377 - And, for that entent, the same nyght they pight them in a fielde, in a close even at the townes ende ; the towne, and the abbey, at theyr backs ; afore them, and upon every hand of them, fowle lanes, and depe dikes, and many hedges, with hylls, and valleys, a ryght evill place to approche, as cowlde well have bene devysed.
Seite 147 - Christendom, what laud, what worship, honour, and manhood, was ascribed of all nations unto the people of this realm whilst the kingdom's sovereign lord stood possessed of his lordship in the realm of France...
Seite 170 - The lords referred the question to the judges, who said, after deliberation, that " they ought not to answer to that question, for it hath not been used aforetime, that the judges should in any wise determine the privilege of this high court of parliament ; for it is so high and so mighty in his nature, that it may make law, and that that is law it may make no law ; and the determination and knowledge of that privilege belongeth to the lords of the parliament, and not to the justices.
Seite 357 - Edwarde 1111th regnede, the peple looked after alle the forseide prosperytes and peece, but it came not ; but one batayle aftere another, and moche troble and grett losse of goodes amonge the comone peple...
Seite 485 - What were they worthy to have, that compass and imagine the destruction of me, being so near of blood unto the king, and protector of his royal person and his realm.

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