Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Mine Proprietors, Engineers, Shipbuilders, Scientists, Capitalists ..., Band 54

Knight and Lacey, 1851

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1C March

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Seite 383 - Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that what I claim is (d).
Seite 333 - Act during the past year, and such report shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament within fourteen days after the making thereof if Parliament is then sitting, and, if not, then within fourteen days after the next meeting of Parliament.
Seite 294 - ... a notice of any objections on which he means to rely at the trial of such action...
Seite 294 - ... and at the trial of such action or proceeding by scire facias no evidence shall be allowed to be given in support of any alleged infringement or of any objection impeaching the validity of such letters patent which shall not be contained in the particulars delivered as aforesaid...
Seite 293 - ... disclaimer or such alteration as shall extend the exclusive right granted by the said Letters Patent; and such disclaimer or memorandum of alteration being filed by the said clerk of the patents and enrolled with the specification, shall be deemed and taken to be part of such Letters Patent, or such specification, in all courts whatever...
Seite 294 - ... certified by the judge before whom the trial was had to have been proved by such plaintiff or defendant respectively without regard to the general costs of the cause ; and it shall be lawful for the judge before whom any such action shall be tried to certify on the record that the validity of letters patent in the declaration mentioned came in question ; and the record with such certificate being given in evidence in any suit or action for infringing the said letters patent...
Seite 334 - ... months the like powers, rights, and privileges as might have been conferred upon him by letters patent for such invention, issued under this Act, and duly sealed as of the day of the date of such application ; and during the continuance of such powers, rights and privileges under this provision, such invention may be used and published without prejudice to any letters patent to be granted for the same ; and where letters patent are granted in respect of such invention, then in...
Seite 122 - Nicole, do hereby declare that the nature of my said Invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, are...
Seite 334 - Acts of the session holden in the fifth and sixth years of King William the Fourth, chapter...
Seite 143 - That the former tedious and uncertain modes of steeping are superseded by one perfectly certain with ordinary care. 4. " That in consequence of a more complete severance of the fibres from each other, and also from the bark and boon, the process of scutching is effected with half the labour usually employed.

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