Municipal Engineering, Band 40

Municipal Engineering Company, 1911

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Seite 137 - No law shall be passed by the general assembly granting the right to construct and operate a street railroad within any city, town, or incorporated village, without requiring the consent of the local authorities having the control of the Street or highway proposed to be occupied by such street railroad.
Seite 175 - Forms shall be free from warp, and of sufficient strength to resist springing out of shape. All mortar and dirt shall be removed from forms that have been previously used. The forms shall be well staked to the established lines and grades, and their upper edges shall conform...
Seite 94 - For each new batch of spheres used the chemical analysis must be furnished by the maker, or be obtained by the user, before introduction into the charge; and unless the analysis meets the above specifications, the batch of spheres shall be rejected. The Test.
Seite 419 - Place 1 gram of pure bitumen in a "platinum crucible weighing 20 or 30 grams and having a tightly fitting cover. Heat over the full flame of a Bunsen burner for seven minutes. The crucible should be supported on a platinum triangle with the bottom 6 to 8 cm. above the top of the burner. The flame should be fully 20 cm. high when burning free, and the determination should be made in a place free from draughts. The upper surface of the cover should burn clear, but the under surface should remain covered...
Seite 422 - Reports are to be made on individual fractions. In making such reports it is to be distinctly understood that these fractions do not necessarily refer to individual compounds. In other words, the fractions between 210 and 235 degrees will not necessarily be all naphthalene, but will probably contain a number of other compounds. The distillation should be a continuous one, and should take about forty-five minutes.
Seite 514 - The apparatus for distilling the tar oil or creosote must consist of a stoppered glass retort similar to that shown in diagram, having a capacity as nearly as can be obtained of eight ounces up to the bend of the neck when the bottom of the retort and the mouth of the off-take are in the same plane. A nitrogen filled mercury thermometer of good standard make, divided into full degrees centigrade, must be used in connection therewith.
Seite 422 - The thermometer should be inserted in the retort with the lower end of the bulb one-half inch from the surface of the oil, and the condensing tube attached to the retort by a tight cork joint. The...
Seite 357 - It is a general and undisputed proposition of law that a municipal corporation possesses and can exercise the following powers and no others: First, those granted in express words; second, those necessarily or fairly implied in or incident to the powers expressly granted; third, those essential to the declared objects and purposes of the corporation — not simply convenient but indispensable.
Seite 451 - THE STRENGTH OF OXY-ACETYLENE WELDS IN STEEL," by Herbert L. Whittemore, has just been issued as Bulletin No. 45 of the Engineering Experiment Station of the University of Illinois. This bulletin gives the results of...
Seite 93 - ... from the center each way. .The rivet holes shall be countersunk on the face of the liner and the rivets shall be driven hot and chipped off flush with the surface of the liners. These liners shall be inspected from time to time, and if found loose shall be at once re-riveted.

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