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11 For the greatness of thy, 10 So that a man shall say, mercy reacheth unto the hea. Verily, there is a reward for the vens, and thy truth unto the righteous; doubtless there is a clouds.

God that judgeth the earth. 12 Set up thyself, O God, above the heavens, and thy

EVENING PRAYER. glory above all the earth.

| Psalm 59. Eripe me de inimicis.

DELIVER me from mine Psalm 58. Si vere ulique.

enemies, O God; defend me ARE your minds set upon from them that rise up against righteousness, 0 ye congre- me. gation ? and do ye judge the 20 deliver me from the thing that is right, o ye sons wicked doers, and save me from of men?

the blood-thirsty men. 2 Yea, ye imagine mischief 3 For lo, they lie waiting for in your heart upon the earth, my soul; the mighty men are and your hands deal with wick- gathered against me, without edness.

any offence or fault of me, O 3 The ungodly are froward, LORD. even from their mother's womb; 4 They run and prepare as soon as they are born, they themselves without my fault; go astray and speak lies. arise thou therefore to help me,

4 They are as venomous as and behold. the poison of a serpent, even 5 Stand up, O Lord God of like the deaf adder, that stop- hosts, thou God of Israel, to peth her ears;

visit all the heathen, and be not 5 Which refuseth to hear the merciful unto them that offend voice of the charmer, charm he of malicious wickedness. never so wisely.

16 They go to and fro in the 6 Break their teeth, O God, evening, they grin like a dog, in their mouths; smite the jaw- and run about through the city. bones of the lions, O LORD: let 7 Behold, they speak with them fall away like water that their mouth, and swords are in runneth apace; and when they their lips; for who doth hear? shoot their arrows, let them be 8 But thou, O LORD, shalt rooted out.

have them in derision, and thou 7 Let them consume away shalt laugh all the heathen to like a snail, and be like the scorn. untimely fruit of a woman; and 9 My strength will I ascribe let them not see the sun. unto thee; for thou art the God

8 Or ever your pots be made of my refuge. hot with thorns, so let indigna- 10 GOD showeth me his nation vex him, even as a thing goodness plenteously: and God that is raw.

shall let me see my desire upon 9 The righteous shall rejoice, mine enemies. when he seeth the vengeance ; 11 Slay them not, lest my he shall wash his footsteps in people forget it; but scatter the blood of the ungodly. them abroad among the people,

and put them down, O Lord, divide Sichem, and mete out our defence.

the valley of Succoth. 12 For the sin of their mouth, 7 Gilead is mine, and Manasand for the words of their lips, ses is mine; Ephraim also is the they shall be taken in their strength of my head; Judah is pride: and why? their preach- my law-giver; ing is of cursing and lies.

8 Moab is my wash-pot; over 13 Consume them in thy Edom will I cast out my shoe ; wrath ; consume them, that Philistia, be thou glad of me. they may perish, and know that 9 Who will lead me into the it is God that ruleth in Jacob, strong city? who will bring me and unto the ends of the world. into Ēdom ?

14 And in the evening they 10 Hast not thou cast us out, will return, grin like a dog, and O God? wilt not thou, O GOD, will go about the city.

go out with our hosts? 15 They will run here and 11 O be thou our help in there for meat, and grudge if trouble ; for vain is the help of they be not satisfied.

man. 16 As for me, I will sing of 12 Through God will we do thy power, and will praise thy great acts; for it is he that shall mercy betimes in the morning; tread down our enemies. for thou hast been my defence and refuge in the day of my

Psalm 61. Exaudi, Deus. trouble.

| HEAR my crying, O GOD, 17 Unto thee, O my strength, give ear unto my prayer. will I sing; for thou, O GOD, 2 From the ends of the earth art my refuge, and my merciful will I call upon thee, when my GOD.

heart is in heaviness.

| 3 O set me up upon the rock Psalm 60. Deus, repulisti nos.

• that is higher than I; for thou O GOD, thou hast cast us out, hast been my hope, and a strong and scattered us abroad; thou tower for me against the enemy. hast also been displeased : 0 4 I will dwell in thy taberturn thee unto us again. nacle for ever, and my trust

2 Thou hast moved the land, shall be under the covering of and divided it: heal the sores thy wings. thereof, for it shaketh. I 5 For thou, O LORD, hast

3 Thou hast showed thy heard my desires, and hast given people heavy things; thou hast an heritage unto those that fear given us a drink of deadly wine. thy name.

4 Thou hast given a token for 6 Thou shalt grant the king such as fear thee, that they may a long life, that his years may triumph because of the truth. endure throughout all genera

5 Therefore were thy beloved tions delivered : help me with thy 7 He shall dwell before God right hand, and hear me for ever; O prepare thy loving

6 God hath spoken in his mercy and faithfulness, that they holiness, I will rejoice and I may preserve him !

8 So will I always sing praises and robbery; give not yourunto thy name, that I may daily selves unto vanity : if riches perform my vows.

increase, set not your heart upon them.

11 GOD spake once, and THE TWELFTH DAY.

twice I have also heard the MORNING PRAYER.

same, that power belongeth PSALM 62. Nonne Deo ?

unto GOD; MY soul truly waiteth still 12 And that thou, LORD, art upon God; for of him cometh merciful ; for thou rewardest my salvation.

every man according to his 2 He verily is my strength work. and my salvation; he is my defence, so that I shall not! PSALM 63. Deus, Deus meus. greatly fall.

O GOD, thou art my God; 3 How long will ye imagine early will I seek thee. mischief against every man ?! 2 My soul thirsteth for thee; Ye shall be slain all the sort of my flesh also longeth after thee, you; yea, as a tottering wall in a barren and dry land where shall ye be, and like a broken no water is. hedge.

13 Thus have I looked for 4 Their device is only how thee in holiness, that I might to put him out whom God will behold thy power and glory; exalt; their delight is in lies ; 4 For thy loving kindness is they give good words with their better than the life itself: my mouth, but curse with their lips shall praise thee. heart.

5 As long as I live will I 5 Nevertheless, my soul wait magnify thee in this manner, thou still upon God; for my and lift up my hands in thy hope is in him.

name 6 He truly is my strength, 6 My soul shall be satisfied, and my salvation; he is my even as it were with marrow defence, so that I shall not and fatness, when my mouth

praiseth thee with joyful lips. 7 In God is my health and ng Have I not remembered my glory, the rock of my might; thee in my bed, and thought and in God is my trust. upon thee when I was waking ?

8 0 put your trust in him 8 Because thou hast been alway, ye people ; pour out my helper ; therefore under your hearts before him ; for the shadow of thy wings will I God is our hope.

rejoice. 9 As for the children of 9 My soul hangeth upon men, they are but vanity ; the thee; thy right hand hath upchildren of men are deceitful holden me. upon the weights ; they are 10 These also that seek the altogether lighter than vanity hurt of my soul, they shall go itself.

under the earth. 10 0 trust not in wrong 11 Let them fall upon the


edge of the sword, that they

EVENING PRAYER. may be a portion for foxes.

Psalm 65. Te decet hymnus. 12 But the King shall rejoice in God; all they also that swear THOU, O God, art praised by him shall be commended; for in Sion; and unto thee shall the mouth of them that speak the vow be performed in Jerulies shall be stopped.


2 Thou that hearest the Psalm 64. Eraudi, Deus.

I prayer, unto thee shall all flesh HEAR my voice, O God, income. my prayer ; preserve my life 3 My misdeeds prevail from fear of the enemy.

against me: O be thou merciful 2 Hide me from the gathering unto our sins. together of the froward, and 4 Blessed is the man whom from the insurrection of wicked thou choosest, and receivest doers;

unto thee: he shall dwell in thy 3 Who have whet their court, and shall be satisfied with tongue like a sword, and shoot the pleasures of thy house, even out their arrows; even bitter of thy holy temple. words,

| 5 Thou shalt show us wonder4 That they may privily shoot ful things in thy righteousness, at him that is perfect: suddenly O God of our salvation; thou do they hit him, and fear not. that art the hope of all the ends

5 They encourage them- of the earth, and of them that selves in mischief, and com- remain in the broad sea. mune among themselves, how 6 Who in his strength setthey may lay snares ; and say, teth fast the mountains, and is that no man shall see them. girded about with power.

6 They imagine wickedness, 7 Who stilleth the raging of and practise it; that they keep the sea, and the noise of his secret among themselves, every waves, and the madness of the man in the deep of his heart. people.

But God shall suddenly 8 They also that dwell in shoot at them with a swift the uttermost parts of the earth arrow, that they shall be shall be afraid at thy tokens, wounded.

thou that makest the out-goings 8 Yea, their own tongues of the morning and evening to shall make them fall; insomuch praise thee. that whoso seeth them; shall 9 Thou visitest the earth, and laugh them to scorn.

I blessest it; thou makest it very 9 And all men that see it plenteous. shall say, This hath God done; 1 10 The river of God is full for they shall perceive that it is of water : thou preparest their his work.

| corn, for so thou providest for 10 The righteous shall rejoice the earth. in the Lord, and put his trust 11 Thou waterest her furin him; and all they that are rows ; thou sendest rain into true of heart shall be glad. I the little valleys thereof; thou

makest it soft with the drops proved us; thou also hast tried of rain, and blessest the increase us, like as silver is tried. of it.

10 Thou broughtest us into 12 Thou crownest the year the snare; and laidst trouble with thy goodness, and thy upon our loins. clouds drop fatness.

11 Thou sufferedst men to 13 They shall drop upon the ride over our heads; we went dwellings of the wilderness, through fire and water, and and the little hills shall rejoice thou broughtest us out into a on every side.

wealthy place, 14 The folds shall be full of 12 I will go into thine house sheep; the valleys also shall with burnt-offerings; and will stand so thick with corn, that pay thee my vows, which I they shall laugh and sing. promised with my lips, and

spake with my mouth, when I Psalm 66, Jubilate Deo.

was in trouble, O BE joyful in God, all ye 13 I will offer unto thee fat lands ; sing praises unto the burnt-sacrifices, with the inhonour of his name; make his cense of rams ; I will offer praise to be glorious,

| bullocks and goats. 2 Say unto God, 0 how 14 O come hither, and hearkwonderful art thou in thy works; en, all ye that fear God; and I through the greatness of thy | will tell you what he hath done power shall thine enemies be for my soul. found liars unto thee.

| 15 called unto him with my 3 For all the world shall mouth, and gave him praises worship thee, sing of thee, and with my tongue. praise thy name,

16 If I incline unto wicked4 O come hither, and behold ness with mine heart, the LORD the works of God; how wonder- will not hear me. ful he is in his doing towards 17 But God hath heard me, the children of men !

and considered the voice of my 5 He turned the sea into dry prayer. land, so thạt they went through 18 Praised be God, who hath the water on foot; there did not cast out my prayer, nor we rejoice thereof.

turned his mercy from me. 6 Ae ruleth with his power for ever; his eyes behold the

Psalm 67, Deus misereatur. people; and such as will not GOD be merciful unto us, believe, shall not be able to and bless us, and show us the exalt themselves.

light of his countenance, and be 70 praise our God, ye peo- merciful unto us; ple, and make the voice of his | 2 That thy way may be praise to be heard ;

known upon earth, thy saving 8 Who holdeth our soul in health among all nations. life; and suffereth not our feet 3 Let the people praise thee, to slip.

O God; yea, let all the people 9 For thou, O God, hast | praise thee.

our fech health" upon tour way

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